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Scrolling does not work on Safari 6.0.5

That would be the theme forest bar :) Please click remove to view the site normally.


Hey there! If you’re having any troubles viewing the demo, be sure to remove the Themeforest bar guys :)

Jesus! Firing them out! Good look with this it looks great!

Haha, cheers dude :) Actually this one’s been in development for quite a while!

Nice, very nice! But the tag allows you to scroll to the right breaking the responsiveness :)

Good luck with sales

Cheers dude! :) I’d just forgotten to clear those accordion columns, thanks for that, all perfect now :)


Looks great !! GLWS :-)

Thanks a bunch :)

Nice theme, dude! Good Luck with Sale!!! ;)

Beautiful template!

Thanks, I really like this one :)

This looks amazing, will be buying this soon.

Wow, awesome :) Thanks so much!

Hi! I buyed, and download, this theme and i have a problem: in Firefox 24.0, not have scrollbar, scrollin not work. Thanks for Your answer.

Hey there,

I’m uploading an update right now, but if you open /css/style.css and find the styles for ‘body’, change;

overflow-y: hidden;


overflow-x: hidden;

Cheers! :)

Changes to css work. But on single-portfolio-gallery.html is an error too. There a the numbers (1 2 3) visible on the layout.

Hey there,

Thanks! :) New CSS:

.rslides_tabs li a {
text-indent: -99999px;

Hi, is it possible to make the left menu static on the page? Thanks

Hey there,

this could be achieved with some CSS work, but you’d need to be considerate of content running off the screen on small screen heights / mobile devices.


Work great, fast. I would please check on “Hover” part on gallery’s pictures some browser not show correctly, such as default browser on Galaxy Note II, Chrome on iPad. That will be great. Thanks.

Thanks! :) Made a note of that and looking into it!


AMAZING template and AMAZING support! Thank you so much! :bigsmile:

Wow, thanks so much! :)

Thanks, work good! Cheers

Is the theme easy to put on a CMS?

I think he can do the job for my website but i really need to but it on ExpressionEngine


The template is just pure HTML/CSS so it’s as easy to convert as any other HTML/CSS template out there.

I’ll be working on converting this to WordPress and MODX shortly :)


Hi TommusRhodus,

I bought the Other Theme, but it’s not working on my Wordpress site. I am hosting through BlueHost. Is there any way I can get this to work on wordpress? You mentioned above you are converting to wordpress, can I get that download or do I need to purchase again?

Hey there,

Answered your ticket also, Other is not a WordPress theme, it’s a HTML/CSS template. The WordPress theme version will be released as a separate file on themeforest in a few weeks.


I love the template and want to purchase it but I have special impair users that would use the site. Is this site accessible? Does it meet WCAG 2.0 standard?

Hey there,

Honestly, the site has not been checked against these guidelines, but has been built with best practice in mind wherever possible.

I’ll review the WCAG recommendations and see if there’s anything that needs updating in a future template update.


I will keep an eye out for the update

Amazing template! Is there any chance to make it for a Wordpress?

That will be coming in a few weeks :) Keep your eyes peeled, I can’t wait to turn this into WordPress :)


Hey there, I’m tying to change the color of the menu | navigational bar.

Hey there,

Try something along the lines of;

body { border-top: 25px solid #000000; } 

Cheers! :)

Dude, your man thx! amazing theme just rated 5 stars

Awesome, thanks! :)