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Hi, Could we change the bookk size : W/H ? How could we do that ? Regards.

Well, it is supposed to be a “little” book! But you can change it by altering the css, and width settings on the jquery. You will also then have to enlarge the psd file, i’m not sure how well this will enlarge without losing definition.

Many thanks :)

Thank you, I’m a web designer myself, but just making a quick site for my mothers wedding, would rather pay small change and save the hours of work.

Beauty of a design.

Thank you :)

Nice template. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thank you

Bought template today and here it is My wife is is very pleased :) Thank you Jo and please like it

I’m glad that you enjoyed customizing the theme. Don’t forget to give it a star rating, many thanks!

Nice!!! Is there an autoplay for this template? I don’t the user to click on right or left arrow to go to next page or previous page.


No sorry there isn’t.

Hello. Thanks for making this template. Is there a way to get the timer at the end of the webbook to countdown in realtime?

Thanks, mate. One more question. Is it possible to create a link to a certain page within the book? I’ve modified the “contact us” page to a “rsvp” page and I’d like the guests directed to that page, without flipping through the whole book, simply by clicking the RSVP ticket.

No sorry I don’t think that’s possible. Why not move the contact page to the first page? ( just a thought :) )

Ha, good call. Thanks again!

Before I can purchase this template… I need to know what are the basic language knowledge that I must know to work with this template…

You will need to know how to edit html code.

Hey… Im working with your template and its very nice, and easy to modify… But I have some questions about it (technical question because Im a begginer in HTML and CSS)... I ask the question here or a support email?... Thansk a lot!

Hi, it’s best to contact me through my profile page.

hi, great theme, i want to buy this but just want to ask one thing:

can i remove the flowers background and keep the brown design background which comes when the page loads? if this is possible, please tell me how and will buy the theme.


Yes it’s a transparent png overlay so you can just remove it and also you can have any background colour. Hope this helps. :)

thanks going to buy it today, also can u advice me for any music player plugin with this theme. Would love to have music play in the background ;)


Hi, I’m not too familiar with music player plugins but I’m sure that you’ll find a good one on CodeCanyon.

hi, There is a version for wordpress?

No sorry.

Hi, Are you planning any wordpress pluggin (would like to buy it but have a wordpress site)?

No sorry I don’t think we are.

hi, am planning buy this theme, but i can modify with dreamweaver on my site..?

Hi , I would buy the template , but have a question, I have my site and want to work with Dreamweaver, I can change and ride through FTP . It supports the page to see the cell

Hi, i love ur work! : ) May i know how to add in dot navigation instead off left & right button ?


Hi, the navigation are images .. so you would have to make your own to replace these ones.

How to start the page 1 from left ?

the first left page is just a background image. The first page is on the right hand side.

I found your “Little Wedding Book – HTML5 Template” on and I’m thinking about repurposing it for an online novel I developed many years ago ( However, I’d need to make the book element much taller. I see that you provide the original Photoshop files so it sounds like I could change all the artwork.

Just a few quick questions. Do you still support the theme? I see it hasn’t been updated in several years. Also, are there any “gotchas” that would create significant barriers to utilizing your theme as an actual novel? I have 15 chapters that include hundreds and hundreds of pages, but I’m also an experienced web developer so I’m hoping I can modify your theme for my needs.

I appreciate any advice you’re willing to provide!


panatha Purchased

Hello, I have bought this wedding book and does not work the contact form. I have read the PDF instructions but not working.

Please help me. Thanks for all

Hi there, do you have another email to try?