Our Magazine - Magazine WordPress Theme

Our Magazine - Magazine WordPress Theme

A powerful WordPress theme special for online magazine, community, network or any site with rich content. It is modern, clean, and sexy ~

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Our Magazine comes with 2 color variations, a slider for headline news, auto image resizing, advance theme option. It also provide a highly demand user link feed to allow your reader to submit news, example http://psd.tutsplus.com/ and http://kailoon.com.

Our Magazine provides unique page templates for archives, full page (no sidebar) and normal page. You also can display your feed count in text. It required php5, simplexmlelement and curl enable (for the feed count).

If you are looking for a community/magazine which is powerful, easy to navigate, modern and flexible. This will fit your requirements. Check out the live demo for more details.

Update (9 March 2013)Version 3.7

Mainly update to support WP 3.5 and clean up some old functionality that didn’t support by new API / WP template tags.

  • Theme option bug fixed.
  • Improve theme option stability.
  • Remove theme update notifier due to code depreciation
  • Remove RSS counter due to Google stop supporting this feature
  • Upgrade the code to meet the WP new standards.
  • Change the slider to simple fade slider using cycle script.
  • Get rid of timthumb script which could cause vulnerability to your site.

Update (15 March 2011) Version 3.6

Files modified: style.css, admin_layout.php, functions.php, update_notifier.php
  • WordPress 3.1 compatible.
  • Theme update notification improved.

Update (6 Jan 2010 ) Version 3.5

Files modified: style.css, admin_layout.php, admin_functions.php, theme_options.php, functions.php
  • add a new file – update_notifier.php
  • Theme update notification improved.

Update ( 24 November 2010 ) – Version 3.24

Files modified: style.css, admin_layout.php
  • Theme option bug fixed.

Update ( 7 November 2010 ) – Version 3.23

Files modified: style.css, admin_layout.php, tt_admin.js, admin_function.php, sidebar.php, core/style.css, theme_options.php

  • Fix the theme option layout in IE, improve the compatibility and adjust some CSS.

Update ( 25 August 2010 ) – Version 3.22

Files modified: style.css, admin_function.php

  • Fixed error when viewing attachment page.

Update ( 10 August 2010 ) – Version 3.21

Files modified: tab-cat.php, style.css, admin_layout.php

  • Fixed a typo in tab-cat.php which affect the post thumbnail from function properly.
  • Fixed WordPress Editor conflicts.
  • Improve documentation regarind customizing theme.

Update ( 28 July 2010 ) – Version 3.2

Files modified: admin_functions.php, style.css, admin_layout.php

  • Added the function to auto check for theme updates.

Update ( 27 July 2010 ) – Version 3.1

  • Improved exceprt – now it will disabled all formatting and exclude image from excerpt.
  • You can also set the length of the excerpt.
  • CSS fixed – fix hover stage (sidebar) for the dark version.
  • WordPress MU compatible.

Massive Update! ( 20 July 2010 )

  • New <storng>Framework</storng> added
  • Localization!
  • Added 3 new Nav Menu
  • Refined overall design ( higher header and footer) and typography, re-structure files, restyle some elements.
  • Improve SEO, now H1 only appear on front page or home. H1 will be the article title in single post page.
  • Fix Jquery implementation so it will not conflict with plugins.
  • Related Posts with thumbnails.
  • You can choose how the related posts work, either based on tags or categories.
  • Improved user link feed. Now it is using custom comment which is more stable and flexible.


  • JFlow – Slider using jquery
  • Dropdown menu
  • User Link Feed – Readers can submit links
  • Unique page template for pages, archives, search result, author, user link feed etc.
  • Feed counter in text
  • No need to key in any custom field value, custom input field is already provided. Simply key in the url/image path when writing a post.
  • Ad Management system.
  • Smooth Tabbing system
  • Unique design for comment area. Comments and tracbacks separation using tabbing.
  • Social links ( Digg, Stumble, Delicious etc )
  • Threaded comment ( up to level 3) and paged comments supported
  • Custom Theme Option Page with custom styling and easy to use
  • Widget Ready
  • CSS/XHTML validated
  • Compatible to all major browsers