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OutBox - We think outside of the Box

OutBox - We think outside of the Box

OutBox - We think outside of the Box - 1

OutBox is an awesome start for those who always wanted to have a creative but still professional looking websites. It can be used for companies, agencies and by any professional worker who wants to standout from the average look and feel.

OutBox offers a clean, elegant, professional and modern look through its 15 PSD files, designed specifically for the web. Most of the files are based on a fixed-screen concept (1920×985 px), but it is also available as a single-scrolling page, easy to customize and edit.


OutBox offers 15 PSD files:
  • 12 Large screen PSD files (1920×985 px)
  • 3 Single-Scroll Pages (1920x +7000 px)
Fixed Screen (1920×985 px):
  1. Home page
  2. Lateral Menu
  3. About Us
  4. Skills
  5. Services
  6. Portfolio
  7. Single Project
  8. Team
  9. Clients
  10. Blog
  11. Blog’s Article
  12. Contact
Single-Scrolling page:
  1. Single page
  2. Single page – Blog’s Article
  3. Single page – Single Project


  • 15 PSD files;
  • Active and Hover data included;
  • Layered files;
  • Clean and modern Design;
  • Custom made Grid System (18 column 70px – Space of 28px);
  • Easy to customize;
  • Ready to use;

Fonts used:

  • Abril Fatface
  • Lato

Files which are NOT included:

  • All the icons in “Services” page;
  • All the photos;


All the pictures were provided by
  • Unsplash.com
  • Apple Inc.
  • Graphic Design icon | “design” by Garrett Knoll from the Noun Project
  • WordPress Setup icon | “Gear” by libberry, JP from the Noun Project
  • Responsive Design icon | “Adaptive Web Design” by Andrey Vasiliev from the Noun Project
  • E-Commerce Development icon | designed by Matteo Della Chiesa