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I created a custom field called partner_id for the Partner logos so I can reorganize them by something other than date, but where would I indicate to reorder them by partner_id? Everything I’ve tried gets overridden by the date order. Thanks!

Hello! What custom field do you mean? You can reorder only by the publish date.

I created the field using the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, but if I want to change the theme file so it will reorder the posts by this field, which file would I modify?

You have to modify the custom post type, partners.

Hi mad_dog!

I have some issues with your template and would like to know how to solve that.

1- There’s an error in your Diagram

2- The Featured Posts seems to have a lack of coding. If we set the display as Number of Posts:4 / Posts per line:3, the featured image doesn’t resize for the 3 posts/row display. No matter if we have 3 or 4 posts, the featured image size is always at 258×153. So if we wanna use the 3 posts/line, image quality is seriously affected because it is zoomed in to 358×212. If we do the test with different screen sizes, mobile, tablet etc., the issue is repeated. Even if we use a 4 posts per row, if you look at it on mobiles, the image is poor quality due the zoom-in effect.

Is there a way we can simply change the 258×153 image that the theme generate?

Will this fix this quality issue?

Btw, nothing to do with the WP media settings.

3- Alternative text: Logo, Apple_Icons, Featured Images. Anything we can do to have the Alt text?

Thanks in advance!

Ok mad_dog! Let’s hope the update will be out shortly. Thanks again mad_dog!

Btw mad_dog thanks for the featured images fix. I modified it a bit as well to add the alt text attribute and also to make the featured image clickable to redirect to post.

Line 202 (alt text)

$featured_image_full = '<div class="img_block wrapped_img"><img src="' . $featured_image_url . '" alt="'.$recent[" post_title="" /><div class="img_inset" /></div>';
Line 217 (image link to post)
a href="' . get_permalink($recent["ID"]) . '">'. $featured_image_full .'

So that way, Image redirect to post and alt text is not missing.

Got it.

Hi Mad_Dog!

First thanks for the minor bug fixes! Didn’t look at the Featured Image if it been fixed but I’m pretty sure that if not, a fix will be made soon.

I have a question Mad_Dog! Instead of the LayerSlider plugin, can I use out of the box Slider Revolution instead? Give me your opinion on that! Thanks!

It is font icons, which looks much better and take less time to load

Hi mad_dog! The only font icons I’m seeing is for the shortcode iconboxes. All the other icons like those in the social bar(top and bottom page), those in the contact page are all single images like this:
.ico_header-facebook:after {
  background: url(../img/icons/ico_social-facebook.png) no-repeat 0 0;

I did the css sprite and now I’m having an overall score of 95% instead of 88% and only about 6 icons were in use on my site.

It looks like this theme used another way to display the icons :(

I’ve installed the theme three times and tried to import the sample data and it’s just not working. I’ve built quite a few sites and this theme is giving me fits. Help please. Very disappointed.

Hello! It sounds really strange, please provide your wp-admin details and we will take a look. You can send them via a contact form on our TF profile page.

Hello All, So, I’m working wight he demo content and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why my slider template that I created isn’t showing up on the site. I created the template, changed the template on the home page from default to my slider and updated. What am I doing wrong? I’ve created about a gazillion sites and can’t figure out why I’m an idiot?

Hello! Please be patient, you can provide us with your wp-admin details and we will check it. You can send the info using the contact form on our TF profile page. While sending the info, do not forget to specify the issue that you have.

BTW, for anyone planning on purchasing this theme, their customer service and support is great.

My slider isn’t sliding. I didn’t change any settings and now it’s dead. Also, how do I remove the “Discover elegant solutions….” up on the right hand side top?

Hello! Maybe you did something wrong in the settings.

Your theme has been great. One question, how do I change the font color/size within the pricing table?

Hello! Thanks for your kind words. It uses the global color, but you can add custom css.

I need control which Workers and Parthners appear on page

Hello! Please be more specific. Thanks

IMHO everyone needs the shortcode allows to list Workers (parthners) by category. Or, at least, shortcode for comma seperated list of Workers (parthners).

We do not have such a shortcode, you can use only module within the pages.

Shortcodes do not work in pagebuilder’s Tabs. Is it normal?

It does not work, because it supports only plain text.

Can i disable breadcrumbs comments, author and date publication ?

It’s possible, please post this tech related request on our help forum

is the theme compatible with PHP 5.4?

Yes, it is.

Can you make this theme compatible with Wordpress 3.6 version? if so i’ll buy a lot from you immediately with the extended license

Hello! Do you want to down-grade compatibility?

Is this theme compatible with latest version of WordPress, which is 4.3.1? every time I update WordPress there are numerous errors. So I assume not. What is the latest version of your theme available, this info is not listed anywhere that I can see on your theme page. I would recommend you do so. I have version 1.6 of your theme.

I just updated the theme to version 1.8 and then I tried to update WordPress to 4.3.1 but I got the errors below and had to revert:

Notice: The called constructor method for WP_Widget is deprecated since version 4.3.0! Use __construct() instead. in /home/humanzone/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3457

Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /home/humanzone/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php:3457) in /home/humanzone/public_html/wp-content/themes/output/functions.php on line 837

It appears you have deprecated code in functions.php as above. Can you let me know the fix?


OK, its just a warning notice, and I was able to stop it from showing by making wp-debug, false in wp-config.php. so Im good thanks!

That’s great

Hi mad_dog, We have purchase this theme while ago and we are currently facing an issue to have the WPML language selector code insert to the mobile menu where when user using the mobile device online can still change language of the website. Can you please assist to provide where or what should I do to achieve that. The code I try to insert as follow: <?php do_action(‘icl_language_selector’); ?>

Thank you for your help. IT Staff.

Hello! Please send the website credentials to support[at] Our team will check what we can do to help you. Best regards

Still enjoy the theme.

Thanks :)

Thanks for all the great support over the years! But I need a bit of help on 2 items. 1) I’m using sidebars. I have the ‘Search’ and ‘Calendar’ widgets up and all was fine. Now, they hide behind the slider. How can I fix it? 2) I’ve included the Yost SEO plugin for help in… well, seo. However it seems that Yost isn’t seeing/recognizing any of the copy in the toggle, text areas, etc. and isn’t working well with the page titles or pretty much anything. I’m not sure what to do here. Should I just remove the Yost plugin and hope your theme can get the rankings I’m trying to reach for my client or what? Please help!

Hello! Please post those questions on our help forum but please note that your support expired.

I’m getting “TypeError: $ is not a function. (In ’$(“document”)’, ’$’ is undefined)” in admin.js on the backend of my site. Ive disabled all plugins and cleared cache, etc and it still remains. can you help?

Please send the website credentials to support[at]

email sent. thanks for the help

Ok. We will check it.

hi there, I have tried to download the content demo a number of times. At first, it just spun, now it stops, as if its finished but there is still no content. What can I do to get this?

What page are you referring to? What tool do you use and how it works? It sounds really strange because if you see the text on the page then it can be indexed, we generate simple HTML code.

i used and my seo plugin both showed me as having no content on the page

Hello! Unfortunately, the admin panel doesn’t display the details, but it doesn’t mean that SEO plugin will not parse the modules for ‘content’. The Builder content is fully available for search engines. Please fill a page with the required content and view source code.

Are You going to update the theme?

Thanks for choosing our product

What about a Layer Slider plugin security…’s ver. 4.6 that is included….and there is already 6.1.6 version available

You can download the main zip file, the plugin has been updated. Thanks