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Very nice project! congratulations;)

Excited to use theme. Thanks for the great work. Could you check to see if there is a CSS issue on using the sticky header. When I resize the window for mobile devices it looks like there is a 15px padding issue.

Working locally, but here are screen shots. nonsticky – sticky – (gray bottom) mobile sticky –

If I add in Firebug it works: #main_content .container { padding: 65px 0; position: relative; }

But full size something happens. Thanks!!!

Thanks for the purchase!

That’s just the nature of the sticky header. The jQuery for the sticky header gives the header a set pixel width so if the screen is resized, it’ll start looking a bit funky. If you resize then refresh it’ll look fine.

The sticky header is disabled completely on mobile devices. Users aren’t typically resizing their browsers as they’re browsing your site so you shouldn’t have anything to worry about… However, I’ll put this in my notes to see if I can find a more graceful solution for if people DO resize their browsers.

Does that help? And could you open a thread in my support forum with any other issues you have?

Well noted on all accounts. Excellent news! Many thanks.

Great. And I’d appreciate a 5 star rating on the theme if you haven’t done so already. =)

Pre-Purchase question: Does the theme includes .po files for translation? This theme is really great!

Glad you like it!

Yes it does! It has an en_US.po file. No other translations yet. If you buy and translate it I’d appreciate if you could send over whatever other language files you create =D

Any way to get videos in the homepage slider?

Not currently, no. I plan on looking into that in the future.

There is the space for a video a little lower on the homepage, though.

HI, I just tried to upload your theme, but the install failed and replied this message.

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed”

Could you advise on what to do next.


Thanks for the purchase!

You’re uploading the wrong file. Unzip the main download file and inside of that you’ll find an file. You can upload that one. There’s also a help file that will walk you through setup.

I am such an idiot. Thanks.

Haha. It’s a common mistake. Happens a few times a week. Don’t worry about it.

I’d appreciate a 5 star rating on the theme once you get it up and running too! Thanks!

Hello, I have a pre purchase question I have been looking at your work and I want to add this theme. However I only have a little knowledge of html coding so is this user friendly for beginners and are we able to change the first page slider pictures? And last does your donate button work with pay pal or is that a coding I will need to add. Thanks so much for your help

Thanks for the interest!

This is a WordPress theme so you shouldn’t need to do any coding at all. Everything can be handled through the admin panel. You simply upload your photos for the slides in the ‘slides’ section, and for the donate area there’s a textarea in the theme options you can paste any link in. PayPal works great.

The included help file will walk you through setup.

Thanks so much for your prompt response and help your awesome!!!!

Sure thing!

I am getting an error on the homepage: Warning: getimagesize() [ function.getimagesize ]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration in /home/zoo/public_html/wp-content/themes/outreach/header.php on line 50

Warning: getimagesize( [ function.getimagesize ]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /home/zoo/public_html/wp-content/themes/outreach/header.php on line 50

I got my hosting company to fix the php.ini file so no biggy. Although the donate button is showing the shortcode now. Any ideas what that may be?

That Logo issue has come up a few times – I’m going to document it soon.

A shortcode won’t work in the donate area; You need to use an actual URL link.

Also, I just responded in the support forum. Let’s keep the support in there, please ;)

Yeah I will keep it in there, sorry was locked up in a hotel room in Costa Rica! Thanks for the great theme though, looking forward to implementing it now I am back in the states.

I was wondering what happened to you.

Just responded in the support forum =)

Hello, I have just downloaded this theme however I’m having a problem with the theme I loaded it in my word press but its coming up blank. Am I doing something wrong? I don’t see the pictures like it shows on the demo and everything on the page says the word false and I saved the file file. to my desktop and then I uploaded it to WordPress and i get a blank screen. Can you help me with this ? I have located the help file but it doesn’t give me clear information as to what to do. Maybe I’m looking into the wrong file. Thanks so much for your help

You uploaded through the WordPress dashboard theme uploader and activated the theme and everything’s blank? Blank as in a white screen?

Have you installed and activated the Options Framework plugin?

Thanks for your response no at first last night I did not install and activate the options framework plugin, but now I have this morning should this help? and also I kept the file ziped and then I loaded the page and the little picture slider was blank but I can see the social media icons at the bottom and thats all Im guessing I might be loading it wrong or it may be that I didn’t have the plug in i have no clue im teaching my self how to do all of this with like tutorials so thanks for your patience.

So when you say blank you mean “no content”?

There was also an outreach.xml file included that has filler content. In your dashboard you can go to Tools > Import and import that and it’ll load your site with filler content (along the lines of the demo).

You also need to then go to Appearance > Theme Options and set all of your options for the theme. The help file walks you through this part.

If you help on something specific, please open a thread in my support forum and I can help you out there.

Pre-purchase question: Can different pages have different sidebar content or do all the pages have to have the same sidebar content? How flexible is the sidebar area?

There’s an Overall Sidebar, Pages Only Sidebar, and Blog Sidebar. There’s not an option for ‘per page’.

I hope that helps!

Are PSD files available for this theme?

No there’s not. The theme was built mainly in browser and is mostly CSS .

Hi I can’t see your demo site through Theme Forest – I can see other themes

That’s strange. It’s working for me…

Here’s the direct link:

Hi Pre-sales question here.

Can I change the ‘signup’ form to include a name and phone number? If so, how hard is it to do? (limited skills in the PHP /HTML dept.).


That’s actually a plugin and not part of the theme. The theme just styles that particular plugin. It actually does have a name field which I hide, so I can help you show that if you purchase; just open a thread in my support forum. The phone won’t be possible though. Not unless you use a different plugin which won’t be styled to the theme.

Thanks for your quick response.

I don’t see; however, a link in any of the documentation to support forum. Can you provide? I also had some issues with the .xml import 4 items would not load in. Would love to get the .xml you are using for your current home as in the demo (reason I purchased).


Thanks for the purchase!

The support forum is – It’s linked on the item page, my profile page, and twice at the top of the help file ;)

Pre purchase question: My wife and I are starting a nonprofit to support families that suffer the loss of a child. Something that happened to us this year. I am wondering first can we add our logo to the theme? Second, what other color options are available for the background. The white is fine but blackish grey in the header and below the slider of pictures I was hoping had other options in colors.

It won’t be hard at all. Just open a thread in my forum and tell me what color you want and I’ll give you something to copy and paste ;)

No problem!

Wow, this theme looks fantastic on the retina macbook pro! I’d like to use it as my portfolio/design website template, but I have a few quick pre-purchase questions:

1) Would it be possible to have just an image in that video spot on the homepage? I’m thinking it would be a great place to showcase my newest project. Also, would it be too complicated to make the title portion linkable (to a post, for example)?

2) How hard would it be to change the typeface used in the Slab Serif widget (for use with Typekit)?

3) Is it possible to shut off the lightbox for blog post images?

I think that’s all of my questions haha… I am perfectly comfortable using CSS to make my changes, and PHP if absolutely necessary, so as long as it’s possible (and not a nightmare) then I’ll definitely be purchasing!

Again, this theme looks incredible on the Retina Macbook Pro and I look forward to using it. Thanks for any help you can give!

Glad you like it!

1) Not out of the box, but it’s been done before. Just open a thread in my support forum and I can walk you through it.

2) If you’re familiar with CSS , not hard. You just have to target it.

3) Not as an option, but it should be relatively easy just to edit the code.

If you just set up a child theme, all of this would be relatively easy. Again, just open a thread in my forum and I’ll help you out.

Hey, great theme, trying to get rid of the shadow that is on the navigation text, can you show me where the code for this is located? Thanks in advance!

Here is sample :