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Bi, great looking theme. Im involved in a wounded vetrans and their families non profit organization, and im looking to by this theme today i think. i do have a couple questions.

1. Is there a limit to how many menu links there are?

2. can the header be resized to have more room for a logo and their motto?

3. can all the pages have their own custom sidebar?

4.once a post or page is made of an event and is on the calendar, can you add photos or videos to that page?

thank you, great looking theme.

1) No, they’re unlimited just so long as they fit.

2) Yes it can, there’s already a thread in my support forum explaining how to do that.

3) No they can’t. There is an overall sidebar, pages sidebar, and blog sidebar.

4) Yes, you would add them just as you would add photos or videos to any other post.

Hi there, as i know this theme is embed with wp email capture. It works when i installed in the first server, but it’s no longer working when i installed in the second server, is this related to the server or plugin itself? What i knew was I had used back the same setting.

I’m not real sure what you have going on. Please open a thread in my support forum and leave your URL so I can check it.

So I am having an issue uploading the theme I think. I tried to sign onto the support forum but it says my purchase code is not found. I did upload the file but when I do a live preview is looks jacked up and says False at the bottom of every page. Do I have to activate the theme first then go in and make changes? It seems I would need to upload all the css files and what not for this to work but I know nothing about websites.

ahh thank you…I didn’t activate the theme just did a live preview first.

Just wondering how long it takes for the purchase code to register with the support forum. It keeps telling me no valid purchase codes were found.

It’s immediate. Make sure you’re using the correct purchase code:

You also need to use the same username and email address as you have here at ThemeForest. The API checks those three things against each other.

hi, thanks for the great theme! So far I’m loving it. Few issues i had questions about. First is I enabled a homepage video, but with the sticky header, the video is on top. I’m assuming this is a z-index thing?

Also, I only want to display a single image, not a slide show on the homepage. Suggestions? Here is a url for reference: Thanks!

Thanks for the purchase! Please open a thread in my support forum and I can help you over there. It sounds like I might need to push out an update to the theme though ;)

Thanks! I just posted on your forum.

I had trouble with the theme install – got error “The package could not be installed. PCLZIP _ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Invalid archive structure”

So, I’ll install manually but this should probably be fixed.

Just FYI


I’ve never heard or seen that before… Just tried it myself with no issues. Maybe it was a problem with your download?

@designcrumbs – I wasn’t able to load it via the upload because I was using a mirror. My bad, you’re theme is 100%

- By the way, the home page widgets are centering the text? Am I missing a setting somewhere? This seems strange:

Can you tell me if it’s a setting or if you’re just using code to align the text?

Nope, they center by default unless you use two widgets with one being the WP Email capture widget.

If you need help with something let’s move to my support forum:

When I tried to install the theme it says the CSS file is missing. I uploaded it via FTP and it is still not working. I need some directions on what is going on as I need to get this site up and running ASAP , can you give me some help? Thanks

You’re uploading the wrong file. You’re likely trying to upload the main download file, but that’s not correct. Unzip the main file you downloaded from ThemeForest and within the folder it creates you will find file which you can upload.

Thanks! I left my office and will try it as soon as I get home.

I just downloaded this theme yesterday and already got a huge portion of the site up and running. I’ve never used Wordpress but after getting it installed and this theme uploaded, it only took a couple of hours to figure things out and I haven’t worked in web design in years (Im talking HTML 4 .0 here). Thanks for making this so appealing and easy to work with! 5 stars all the way!

A couple of things I would love to see are:

- Adding an option to put a “Home” link to the menu bars. (You can find the correct code online to put in the themes.php file but it would be nice if it were part of the theme).

- Having the ability to add embeded video to the front page instead of only YouTube/Vimeo. We had a news blip done on our organization and I had to add it as a post. (There may be a place to put the code or even a widget for this but Im still getting used to the widget part of the site).

Great job! :D

Thanks man!

The ‘home’ thing is already there. Under Appearance > Menus and then Pages > View All you’ll find it there =)

Really just need to know how I can get the featured image from a post to display in the slider

In the slide post, just set that image as the featured image.

If you need more help, please open a thread at

“Outreach” is awesome!

A question: I thought when I installed this theme in WordPress, it would appear exactly as the live demo, but it doesn’t (ex: “Upcoming Events” doesn’t appear in the side navigation and there’s no semi-transparent horizontal bar or “Let’s Get Real” or “Join the Cause”. I’m was ready for plug-n-play, then play around with font/color/photos. Please advise.

Those things you are looking for are widgets. They, unfortunately, can’t be transferred with the WP Import tool. You can set them up under Appearance > Widgets

The Upcoming Events is part of the The Events Calendar plugin and the email plugin is WP Email Capture. You can read more about them in step 7 here: and more about all of the widgetized areas here:

Thanks very much. To clarify, is the semi-transparent black bar with “Let’s Get Real” and “Join The Cause” a modified version of WP Email Capture? Unfortunately, the Modern Tribe site is down so at the moment I can’t get more information about customizing the calendar (to show upcoming events only in the sidebar navigation)—any recommendations?

You don’t need to modify or customize anything. That black bar across the middle is just a widgetized area, if you widgets to it, it will appear. The Events Calendar for the sidebar is just the widget that you place in the sidebar.

I can’t get the Home page to show up as the home page. I made the change in the Outreach > Customize and selected Static page and Home page.

How can I get this to work?

Please open a thread in my support forum and I’ll help you over there.

hi there

i downloaded this theme and installed it. all is great except that the slider images don’t slide but stack, one underneath the other. so, one image is where it should be and the other is underneath it, over the rest of the content on the home page.

i tested it in several browsers and it did it in all browsers. in the end, after deleting and creating new slides repeatedly, i had to leave it with just one image in the slider, as the page looked so bad and i could not fix the glitch.

would you have any idea what is causing the slider to misbehave?

i updated to the latest version of wordpress (3.4.2) but it was doing this before the update also.

many thanks for your help. :-)

ps: i tried to sign up to go to your support page to log this there but i couldn’t find the purchase code which it requested … i tried the item ID in my account statement and looked around all over my account and in my emails but am not sure where i would find it?!

The most common error is users tend to upload the entire download folder instead of just the theme folder itself. Check that, and if that’s not it, please open a thread in my support forum and I’ll help you over there. Make sure to leave a link to your site.

Thanks for your reply… yep, I had unzipped the download but did not unzip the folder inside the unzipped download so I uploaded the main folder which installed the theme, but not quite! Having unzipped the theme only folder and ftped that, the slider is now working, thanks.

Where do I locate my purchase code to join your support forum? I can only see the item ID in my account statement and no emails seem to give any info on this. Hopefully, I won’t have any more support questions so this is probably a moot point but I just wondered.

Cheers :-)

You can find it here: and you need to use the same username & email as your account here on TF.

I’d appreciate a 5 star rating on the theme if you haven’t done so already. Here’s how to do that.

Thanks, yeah, I will do that, this is a great theme. :-)

One other quick question… the Google Analytics code is showing in the bottom left of the website. should it show? if so, i’m tempted to take it out :-)

You need to put the entire analytics script in there, not just the ID.

awesome, thanks, sorry, I always just pasted the ID in previous analytics plugins so didn’t think to paste the entire code! working great now.

5 stars for the theme. 5 stars for the support.



Awesome. Thanks a lot.

really great theme, I do have a few questions:

1- Can I make the top menu area a bit taller to fit a vertical logo?

2-Can I make the font size bigger thru editor?

3-Is the home page flexible, can I take out the events section, can i replace the video with a gallery of pictures?

Thanks for your interest!

1 & 2 – Both of these things would require you to do some edits to the theme. There’s already a thread in my support forum about making the logo bigger, and making the text bigger throughout the site wouldn’t be too hard either.

3 – The events section is just a widget, so that can simply just not put that in. The video cannot be easily removed though, that is a setting. You would need to get that part customized.

If I get this theme, I will need to get the video removed, would you a have a step by step, will I need to go in the structure/codes etc…

I can help you with the first few things, but removing the video isn’t something that can be done quickly. I can point you in the right direction, or would be able to customize that for you pretty cheap.

Is it possible to change the theme’s black background to another color?

Not out of the box, but if you’re comfortable with CSS it’s pretty easy. If you need help you can open a thread in my support forum and we can walk you through how to do it with a child theme (which is included in the download).