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Really enjoyed building on this theme. Good work on keeping it simple, easy to figure out, with above average documentation.

Thanks! That really means a lot to me!

I’d appreciate a 5 star rating on the theme if you haven’t done so already. Here’s how to do that.

Hi there,

I am looking to purchase this theme however I have a few questions:

1) Can you remove the video on the homepage and replace with an image with text next to it?

2) Is there a gallery template? If so, where can I see the demo for it?

3) I would need a ‘meet the team’ style page for sponsors to list what they have done for the project, could I do this on a full width page, with four columns with an image at the top of each column?

4) I would need the sponsors names to be visible on the homepage – in the ‘Text & Button Widget’ in the bottom right could I just have a list in there with the button clicking through the ‘sponsors’ (meet the team) page?

5) Is there an option to have the blog full width or does it always have the side bar?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks for your interest!

1) the video and text next to it are optional, but there’s not a way built in to the theme to replace the video with an image. You’d need to do a little customizing to do that.

2) there’s not a gallery template, but the built in WP gallery works.

3) you could do that yes, but there’s nothing built in the theme for columns or anything like that.

4) you can do whatever you want with those widgets. You can also put as many as you want in the footer and they’ll size accordingly.

5) no, the blog as you see it is the way it is.

greetings! when i upload my zip file into wordpress it fails bc the style.css sheet is missing? i do see this in the zipped file however. any thoughts here? it’s much appreciated, thank you

ah ignore, me. i didn’t read the “read me” first!

Haha okay!

Hi, I have a few pre-purchase questions:

1. When using the boxed format, can the background be changed to an image or color other than the pre-set options?

2. Is it possible to have a live donation total displayed?

3. Can the fonts be changed throughout?

Thank you!

1) Not out of the box. If your comfortable with CSS it’s be relatively easy to do.

2) The theme doesn’t have anything built in for donations other than the button. The button simply takes the user wherever you want to take them; wether it is a page on the site or a third party system such as PayPal.

3) The heading fonts can be changed, but not the body fonts. Unless you change it in the CSS of course.

Just bought the item and got going with all its content. I have an issue that on the Events Page the navigation disappears. Ive tried diferent alternatives as in for titles and category but the navigation disappears on this page. Please help.

Hi there! Thanks for the purchase!

This is a known issue with The Events Calendar plugin and they say they’re working on a fix for it. Until there, they have a workaround posted in the support forum:

First, I’ve been very patient on this matter and even had the technical folks at look into this matter as a courtesy. After spending over 2 hours on the phone, these guys couldn’t figure out the installation issues. So let’s circle back to what I did. I tried going to your support page and the process failed. C’mon, give me a break, I know where the Item Purchase Code is, and yes i did use the right username and password as I’ve had for the past several years. Next, DesignCrumb knew this was an installation issue yet still did not explain this on the ThemeForest site. The zip file, as of 21 Oct 2013 does not meet the installation caliber as your competitor’s theme. The readme file does not address the files that need to be uploaded via FTP , i.e filezilla or WP Dashboard. I have never nor would I ever put out a project that did not meet my client’s QA and design workflow requirements. I did go with your theme based on an excellent design layout, but did not expect to get so frustrated in trying to figure out, including a bunch of techies, on what files/folders are needed to be uploaded to work as demonstrated in the sample. The themeforest zip file create both outreach and outreach-child themes. Why didn’t you just post that the zip file for WP is located in the outreach-child folder\ Again, very confusing documentation. I suggest you review your installation procedures, determine what happened at your support site and provide better documentation on what the user is getting verses what was shown in theme forest.

I’m very sorry for your issues and will do whatever I can to help you alleviate them. I can honestly say that I have not, in 2000+ sales, had a single complaint about a lack of documentation. The file structure you see in the download folder is ThemeForest’s preferred structure for their items and is common amongst WordPress themes.

If you can email me your license code too I will look into why you are unable to access my support forum. You’ll get an automated reply, but be assured I will look into it.

Hi I would like to purchase the regular license. It is for a charity but would like to know more about the difference between regular and extended licenses. 1) I am not required to share any donations made to the site. 2) The information and contact details of people who access the site is not shared 3) I am able to put links to other websites etc on the website. 4) I don;t have much knowledge on website design. Am I able to purchase and carry out all the modifications myself. (how easy is it)?

thanks, Marv

Hi Marv, thanks for the interest!

You’d just need the regular license.

The level of difficulty modifying the theme depends on what you want to modify and how comfortable with it you are, so I can’t really give you a clear answer on that. If it’s something simple, you can open a thread in my support forum and we’ll gladly help you out as much as we can. If it your customizations are too intense we can point you in the right direction and recommend someone who can modify the theme for you.

I hope that helps!

Another quick question, If I purchase, how does it work to have it on a host server. Do I have to pay separately for that. Will it be easily found on google.

Also, how hard is it to link the donation to a paypal account?

It’s not terribly hard, but if you have these questions you might want to hire a developer.

Hosting companies will cost about $10 a month. I recommend mediatemple or Dreamhost.

The included help file has a link in it that shows how to make a donation form and get the link for it.


I am looking to purchase the outreach theme for our current non-profit site. Currently it is hosted by wordpress, and i was wondering if this regular license theme is compatible with our currently blog/site?

If it is not compatible with our site, what would we need to do in order to use the license and use the theme for our organization? Would be have to purchase additional programs/software/upgrades in order to make this work?


Hi there, None of the the themes here (or any marketplace other than are compatible with Commercial themes are for use with self hosted WordPress installs.

You would need to get your own hosting, install WordPress, and then install the theme.

This section on explains it a little more:


I was wondering how you set up the upcoming events section on the sidebar. I cant seem to figure it out, im not very Wordpress savvy.


It’s using The Events Calendar plugin by Modern Tribe. Once you have that activated and setup, there is an Events widget you can drag to the sidebar.

Modern Tribe has more detailed documentation on it here:

Hi, nice looking frontpage. I have some questions:

1) The email opt in – it can be linked to an autoresponder directly like Aweber, etc. right?

2) The Donate button – can we change the word “donate” to something else?

3) Also, can I customize the height of the slider – to make it shorter?


Thanks for your interest!

1 – the plugin I’ve styled doesn’t do that, no. But any plugin will work with the theme, it just won’t be styled the same necessarily.

2 – yes, that’s an option in the theme.

3 – that’s not an option, but if you’re comfortable creating a child theme it could be done.

Thanks. I was just about to get the theme. But I can see it’s not that flexible! I love the style of the frontpage but if it can’t connect directly to autoresponders and keep its style, then I guess I won’t be getting it. If the theme becomes more flexible, it would be great.

Just a quick question – on the home page, there is the area below the banner that has a video and then the 3 latests posts. Is there any way to make this area arbitrary text?

And sorry, also, with no posts at all?

And also, I can’t get the slider working – I have it all uploaded, set the image as the feature image, but nothing shows on the webpage in the slider area.

Hi Sparky, Please open a thread in my support forum and make sure to leave a link to your to your site.

K, new problem – I just tried to create an account, and it says my purchase code isn’t valid…

Make sure you use the same username and email address that is associated with your ThemeForest account. Also, ensure you are using the correct purchase code, found here

I did, and that’s where I pulled my code from… Still not working…

Nevermind – refreshed the webpage and it worked.

hi, great looking theme… i’m considering purchase. quick question, i’m curious if the theme’s responsive nature is easily turned off. some are very particular about seeing the site as designed, instead of adjusted to fit a mobile devices’s screen. apologies if I missed this in the questions already posted.

Well it’s as simple as removing the @media queries from the bottom of the stylesheet. The responsiveness is literally the last part of the stylesheet.

OK, thanks. That certainly works as an alternative to a setting.

One other questions, is it fairly easy to deactivate the video and posts section on the home page if I wanted to create my own DIVs for custom content?

There’s not an option for it or anything. However, they simply will not show up if you leave the option fields blank. If you’d like to remove them and replace them with something else, I’d recommend doing so through a child theme; a start child theme is included with the main download.

Thanks for your interest!

Love the theme, its perfect!

Only problem I’m finding is I cant seem to view it on Mobile Devices have no idea why, a blank screen seems to appear instead of the site.

Hmmm. I’m not sure what could be happening without seeing the site. Please open a thread in my support forum and leave a link to your site so we can check it out.


Just one quick question – is it possible to change the slider transition (e.g. from a push to a dissolve)?

Thanks! Great theme BTW!

Yup. It can fade or slide.