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Love the theme! Easy way to make the home page of the site a page that I created with a full-width template? Don’t want to use the standard theme page with the slider, etc.

Sure thing!

One more quick question: where in the style.css can I find the width for the main container for the “boxed in” style of the site. Need to make some adjustments. Header, main content area and footer widths.

You shouldn’t do that in there. You should make these changes through a child theme. The download file included a child theme with it, I recommend you install the child theme and make that your active theme. You can learn more about that here.

Please open a thread in my support forum http://support.designcrumbs.com and we can go into more detail with this.

Hey there, great theme you have here! A co-worker of mine just purchased this theme and has requested I fiddle around with it. So far everything has been great, but I do have a question though. How exactly can I get my home page to have the same layout as the one you have presented in the Live Preview?

The reason being that the home page you’ve presented has everything that we need on the homepage, so a response would really help. Thank you in advance.

It’s all in the help file. If you open a thread at http://support.designcrumbs.com we can help you more over there. I know you said a coworker bought it, but you’ll need to use their account and purchase code to get into the forum. People pirate my themes daily and try to get free support, I hope you understand.

Hi, how do i remove comments on my posts?


That’s a WordPress setting. It’s right on the edit screen.

Hi there,

Nice theme. My client is considering it for their new project. Most of my questions have been answered here, but there is one specific presales question left:

Is this theme compatible with WPML plugin – or any other multi language plugin (if you prefere another one)?

Thanks & best regards, Monique

I haven’t tested it with WPML but I have no reason to think it wouldn’t, and I haven’t heard anything from users one way or the other (and I typically only hear if something doesn’t work). It’s up to all WordPress specs and includes the translation files.

Any way to remove the 3 posts on the homepage? Thanks!

You could do so via the theme options. There’s a setting for how many posts you would like on the home page.

If it’s set to 0 in Theme Options, will it still show up on the homepage? I want to use the bottom portion of the homepage for text only—NO widgets, no Blog entries, no videos.

You know what, I misspoke. I apologize. My brain wasn’t working that early in the day. ;)

The best way to accomplish this would be through a child theme. You could simply remove that section on front-page.php and replace it with whatever text you want.

Hello. Does this WP Theme have Facebook fan page compatibility and Twitter Feeds?

What you see in the demo is how it works. If you want to move it elsewhere, you’d need to customize the theme.

Can the ‘Donate’ button be changed to say something else like ‘Contribute’? Thanks.

Yup, that’s an option in the theme settings.

On your demo page, when i click on the Contact page I get a message saying that jquery is out of date and it wont open the map, does your theme automatically update jquery so that no one sees that message

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’m going to replace that plugin, as it obviously has a bug in it.

Yes, all of my themes use the default WordPress included jQuery, which is currently version 1.10 – That error you’re seeing trigger is saying it’s less than 1.3, so it must be reading 1.10 (one point ten) as 1.1 (one point one).

No problem, with the theme, rather a problem with the plugin I’m using.

And fixed. I simply replaced the google maps plugin with Simple Google Maps Short Code by Pippin Williamson.

I have a client interested in using this theme for their charity website but they would like to know:

1) Can the charity button link to a page with various custom price points?

2) Is there a functionality to sell event tickets?

Does your theme have either of these functions inbuilt or would I have to use Paypal buttons to create this? Thanks!

Thanks for he interest!

1) Yes! You can link it anywhere and even change the text on it via the theme options.

2) No, functionality like that is not in this theme not should it ever be in a theme. There are any number of plugins that can accomplish that for you.

Hello, Nice theme, Can I easily change the background to be a image ?

Thanks for the interest!

There’s not an option for that, no. You’d need to customize that yourself or find a plugin that does that.

Hi – I just imported the xml file & received the following errors. It doesn’t really look like the demo. Can you please help? Thanks!

Failed to import tribe_events_cat Fundraiser Failed to import “Logo”: Invalid post type optionsframework Failed to import “Favicon”: Invalid post type optionsframework Failed to import “Fundraiser”: Invalid post type tribe_events Failed to import “Golf Club”: Invalid post type tribe_venue Failed to import “Casino Night”: Invalid post type tribe_events Failed to import “CC Casino”: Invalid post type tribe_venue Failed to import “Contact form 1”: Invalid post type wpcf7_contact_form

Thx so much for your quick response! I installed & activated everything you mentioned. Should it look just like the demo or is this how it should look at this stage? See link below.


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! Thx!

Sorry, I didn’t see that last comment!

You need to run through the Theme Options under Appearance > Theme Options and then you’ll be good to go. Without having done that the theme doesn’t know which options you want set ;)

Hi -

I have a couple of questions that I could probably find answers to on your support forum. However, When I try to register & enter my info. my email server blocks the password emails so I never can complete registration. If I email you my username & product code & you can send me a password so I can register? I also purchased your Campaign theme. Is the support forum for both themes or will I need to register twice? Thx!

You shouldn’t have to get an email or anything to register. Just go to http://support.designcrumbs.com/account/create and register there using the same username and email that you use here at ThemeForest. In the Purchase Codes section you can enter both your Campaign and Outreach codes (found on your http://themeforest.net/downloads page) to gain access to both threads.

Thank you! I was able to get in to Campaign but it said I didn’t have permission to view Outreach. I entered both purchase codes. Should I sign up again & just enter the code for Outreach?

Once you’re logged in, you can go here and enter your purchase code. That should let you gain access to the forum: http://support.designcrumbs.com/account/verify_purchase/

Is the info. used in the demo contact page included w/ the dummy content? I can’t seem to find the page that has the same contact text, google map & form. Thx!

I believe it is. However, the contact page uses a Google Maps plugin and a contact form plugin, Contact Form 7.

Hello, I love your theme. I want to use it for the site I’m about to redesign. We use Convio Luminate Online to manage donations. What I want it to do its load the Convio donation form in the lightbox instead of Paypal, is that possible?

The donation link is just a an option in the backend for a link. So it can take anything, not just PayPal. However, opening it in a lightbox isn’t something that it’ll do out of the box; You’d need to do some customization to make that happen.

Hi! I purchased this theme and yet I have no “License Certificate” link on my Themeforest downloads page!! I can forward you my confirmation if you like.

I really love this theme but I need to center the menu. Managed to do a CSS hack to center the logo (know of a better way?)

Please is this possible? My client wants to use a different theme if we can’t center the two (the logo is too small to read when displayed left of the menu), but this theme is PERFECT for all other aspects of the site. Would LOVE to be able to use it.

I did not make that update yet, no. It’s still on my list of updates for the theme. Since it’s not a bug, it’s not too high on the list ;)

got it ;)

Hi – I’m trying to add a staff directory plugin. Every one I’ve tried free or paid doesn’t seem to work with this theme. I’ve tried deactivating all the other plugins to see if that helped but it didn’t. I’ve also tried installing the plugins on other themes & they seem to work. Is there anything I can do to get the plugins to work or can you recommend any that work with this theme? Thx!

Hmmm. Please open a thread in my support forum http://support.designcrumbs.com with a link to your site and we’ll check it out. It’s hard for us to troubleshoot without actually seeing what’s going on.

Just did. Thanks!

Hello Jake, If I capture the Outreach demo with a qr code on my phone, the theme doesn’t seem to be responsive (I have to do a lot of left to right scrolling). How do you make it strictly vertically responsive?

Can I set widget column on left, as well as right? Thanks, Jeff

Thanks Jake, I removed demo bar and it works fine. I donate my time to a non-profit, 413 nature preserve in Florida. We are in desperate need of a theme change. Yours looks great, but I need to know if we will get continued support and upgrades (as WP is always changing). So many theme creators are slow to respond. How are you at maintaining your theme and helping customers? I don’t know HTML, but I can definitely follow instructions. Thanks! Jeff

Also Jake, do you have any other demo’s of the theme that other non-profits have created? Can you include a couple of website URL’s?

I don’t have any links offhand, no. I’d have to look through my support forum.

I keep my themes up to date, and I have myself and one other person who handle support 3 days a week over at http://support.designcrumbs.com


Nice looking theme. I am considering it for a client who needs a Hebrew/English website. Can it be translated to Hebrew? (Hebrew goes from right to left).

Also, I tried clicking the Donate button and it didn’t lead anywhere. Is there a page on the theme to collect donator information?


Unfortunately, I don’t currently have an rtl.css file in the theme; I’ll admit, that’s one of my weakpoints as a developer. It’s hard to do that type of thing when you don’t know how other languages work!

The donate button is an option in the Theme Options panel, you can put any link you want in there.

Thanks very much for your kind reply.

Sure thing!

Hi. I love the theme. We are looking to buy it to use on a church. We want to model off of this churches website: http://myabilene.org/.

Questions: is the boxes below the slider an element within your theme? How did they apply those?

How much custom work did this site have to do away from the theme itself?

Hi there! Actually, that’s a different theme. That one isn’t mine. I can’t link you to it because we’re on ThemeForest, but that site is using Outreach Pro by Studiopress.

Hello! This theme is amazing in all ways and a defiant buy but I have one question, can you remove the donate buttons and anything to do with donate from the theme? thanks!

Yup! The donate button in the header is an option. If you leave the field blank, it won’t show. And the one in the footer is a widget, so simply don’t use it.

I’ve had your theme set up for a client for about a year now. Everything worked great but just today we got this PHP error causing an 500 Internal Server error:

PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /wp-content/themes/outreach/functions.php on line 478

I see that WordPress and the theme are both outdated so I want to be able to update WordPress and the theme but I’m afraid I’ll lose my configurations that were set up. How can I update the theme without losing data?

You won’t lose any data when you update (unless you edited the code in be main theme). You can learn more about updating here: http://support.designcrumbs.com/updating-themes/