Discussion on Outstock - Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce Responsive Furniture Theme

Discussion on Outstock - Magento 2 / Adobe Commerce Responsive Furniture Theme

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When are you releasing support for Magento v2.4.6? Current version is using the old function that has been replaced by “Magento\Framework\Filter\LocalizedToNormalized”. Unable to add products to Cart.

main.CRITICAL: Error: Class “Zend_Filter_LocalizedToNormalized” not found in /app/code/Rokanthemes/AjaxSuite/Controller/Cart/Add.php:103


We will upgrade soon and send you notification.



morepix Purchased

Hello, have you properly tested the latest release for Magento v2.4.6?

Zend has been replaced with Laminas so you should change all references.

This error is still occuring. main.CRITICAL: Error: Class “Zend_Filter_LocalizedToNormalized” not found in /app/code/Rokanthemes/AjaxSuite/Controller/Cart/Add.php:103


We fixed the problem.


Unable to open ticket as support is expired. But I want to report an issue with your OnePageCheckout module.

Magento v2.4.4 and v2.4.5-p1 running latest theme release.

The Checkout page and the Ajax login form on the checkout page do not integrate the Google Recaptcha module. This means that people are unable to login from the checkout page. On the standalone login page and lost password page the Google Recaptcha module loads fine.

Screenshot of a different shop that uses the Amasty OnePageCheckout module. There you can see how it should load. https://snipboard.io/inKdJN.jpg

With your module nothing is loaded and login fails.

Hi, Our extension don’t include this function. We will upgrade next time. Thanks!

Thanks, looking forward to it!

I cannot open ticket as support is expired. But I want to report a major bug so I copy it here.


There is a bug in the latest release. Certain products don’t seem to have a date set and then this error appears.

I compared with old theme version and you have indeed forgotten to set a default value for the 2 variables.

So please fix this for the next version. I used a quick fix to resolve the error on our shop.

Exception #0 (Exception): Warning: Undefined variable $timeEndNew in /app/design/frontend/bluesky/bluesky_default/Magento_Catalog/templates/product/list/items.phtml on line 251

Hi, Our extension don’t include this function. We will upgrade next time. Thanks!

This is a bug so has nothing to do with supporting a function :-)

Thank you !

Hi I am wanting a price to install your Outstock them and confirm a plug in functions with your Outstock theme.

The plug in is https://www.cart2quote.com

Hi, Pls contact us via email : blueskytechcompany@gmail.com we will let you know!

Well i bought the theme and installed it on a testserver, added the purchase code to validate ofc. After i finished all the stuff and was done i decided to buy a server and install magento + theme again. i deleted old server but sadly im not available to activate the purchase code again even when the old server is erased?

HI, Pls contact us via ticket system, we will check and fix it for you : https://blueskytechmage.com/osTicket/ Thanks!

yeah i would love to but sadly i cant since i bought it like 3-4 years ago, but never used it untill now. so my licence for support is expired :O

Pls send ticket to our email: tokithemes@gmail.com we will check it for you !

I am trying to install this theme for 4 days now. I followed the steps in the documentation, but there are some differences between de documentation (install steps) and the actually files. It talks about files that are named differently so I tried to make sense of it.

But after installation I get an 500 error. And I get the reply that I should check the .htaccess and Url file in your core_config_data.

But in the steps it doesn’t mention this… Please I need quick help. Can’t afford it to stand still and wait a full day for replies on tickets.


We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. All of ticket supported day by day. Pls let us know your ticket id, our dev team will check and help you soon. Thank you !

Is it possible to replace the top banner image with one from Slider Revolution Magento? Is it compatible with third party extensions? Aheadworks – Meetanshi

Yes, you can add more a slide revolution. Our theme is compatible with third party extensions. Thanks


I am really interested to purchase this them. I have got couple of questions before I place an order.

- Compatible with Magento Extensions such as M2ePro or Codistor for marketplace integration plugin / extension. - Does it come with Mega Menu? - Does it support Full-width page view? extended view, grid view? - Does it support Categories page view? Full-width, boxed, boxed slider, left sidebar, right sidebar, extended view, grid view? - Does it support multi-footer options? such as 4+ footer menu? - What all different types of product pages it support (simple, configurable, bundle, grouped, downloadable, vertical)?? - Can it be optimized for speed performance - Is this a Responsive theme (Mobile and other devices and browsers) - Would you be able to share some websites that are live on your them - Does it include Blog page creation?

Your help in this regard is highly apprecaited.

1. Our theme conform the rules of Magento standard theme. If this extensions work with Magento 2.4.3. I think it’s will work with our theme.
2. The menu : you can setup col, layout full width, box, ..
3. Type of product : https://docs.magento.com/user-guide/catalog/product-types.html you can check here. Our theme included all type.
4. We showed all informations in the demo. You can check in in your devices.
5. We included blog module in this theme.

Thanks !

Hello, I like the design of this theme. So if I buy this, could I install only the design element of the theme and not the additional features (like mega menu, layer navigation, ajax search, etc).

Because I already have many extensions that cover every aspect, I afraid if I install all, will cause many new issue popup.

Thank you

Hi, It needs customization service. Pls contact us via email : tokithemes@gmail.com we will check and let you know. Thanks!

Pre sale enquiry- can i use this theme for magento commerce on cloud edition? Thanks

yes, you can, we suggest you can use this theme.

Hi there,

we are adding product onsale but it dosent appear could plz advice we are using demo2 plz advice.

Hello, Thank you for purchasing our theme. Did you follow document ? after added onsale product. Did you clear cache ? If you can’t do that, pls contact us via ticket system: https://blueskytechmage.com/osTicket/ Our dev will check and fix it for you ! Thanks!

Hello, I am planning to buy the theme. But before that I would like to clear some queries. Should I post my questions here or should I email your support team?

Hi, Pls contact us via email : tokithemes@gmail.com we will explain more. Thanks


Pre-purchase question:

- for configurable products can we show the options in list product page itself?

1. Can we add some more blocks in home page like i need to show products from different categories, Top men’s shirt, Top men’s Jeans etc?

2. Does it uses bootstrap or something else?

3. Will extension available in market work with this theme?

4. Possible to move/arrange the blocks in homepage as per our need or is it fixed as in demo?

Also sent in your email.

Thank you !

Unable to create a ticket. Purchase code is incorrect item.

Hi, pls send purchase code to our email: tokithemes@gmail.com we will check. May be your purchase code has expired. You need to renew it first. Thanks

New bug and I cannot create tickets as my support has expired so e-mail sent. Category pages are broken after theme update. Reporting to help other people.

( ! ) Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function shouldDisplayProductCountOnLayer() on null in \atestmagento\app\design\frontend\bluesky\bluesky_default\Magento_LayeredNavigation\templates\layer\filter.phtml on line 34

Magento Version: v2.3.7-p1 Theme version: latest v2.3.x package

Category pages are broken after the update so I have installed a blank Magento environment with your theme to debug the issue. You can simulate it in the same way as my test environment is local.

- Add a new Product Attribute with dropdown values. - Assign the attribute to a set. - Select value on product level. - try to load category page and you see error.

Now change the product attribute to Text Swatch instead of dropdown.

- Reload category page and there is NO error.

We have product attributes with 50 options so using text swatch is not an option. This was working fine in the old design version.

New attribute: https://snipboard.io/Fc2iLn.jpg Error message with list values: https://snipboard.io/tHKuYL.jpg Category with text swatches: https://snipboard.io/WhP7bX.jpg

Hi, Pls check your email.Thanks!

To fix this bug change the file ”/app/design/frontend/bluesky/bluesky_default/Magento_LayeredNavigation/templates/layer/filter.phtml”

Line34 <?php if ($viewModel->shouldDisplayProductCountOnLayer()): ?>

TO <?php if ($this->helper(’\Magento\Catalog\Helper\Data’)->shouldDisplayProductCountOnLayer()): ?>

Thank you!, We upgraded in this version today.

Information to help other people in the upgrade to version 2021. It broke my website with the error “Exception #0 (ReflectionException): Class Rokanthemes\Categorytab\Model\Category\Attribute\Backend\Thumbnailimage does not exist”

Checking the code this class is no longer in the theme. Fix is to delete the attribute from the table “eav_attribute”. Search in the backend_model field for rokan or search for attribute_code “cat_image_thumbnail”. Costs me 4 hours to debug.

Hello, Pls send ticket to our system : https://blueskytechmage.com/osTicket/ we will check for you. Thanks!

That issue is fixed so no support needed. Just reporting to help other people.

Thank you !


This theme is compatible with 2.4.3 ? did you try it?

By the way, your design is great :)

Thank you ! Pls contact us via email: tokithemes@gmail.com we will support you with version 2.4.3

Thank you, I sent an e-mail.

Thank you !

Hello guys. Great looking theme. I would like to purchase it, but I need to know which blog extension you are running/supporting in your demos? Magefan?

Yes, we use Magefan blog. Thanks

Thats good news. Thanks a lot!

Thank you

Hi all,
We released new version. Big update 2021! Thanks!

Hello, I am paying attention to the template Out Stock, and I found that the thumbnails of products in this template are mainly vertical pictures. Most of our product drawings are based on horizontal images. Could you please tell me how this template can display horizontal images in the modules of product display? We don’t want to change the page’s layout by changing the CSS because that would add to our work.

you can change in file etc/view.xml. you no need change the css


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