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We missed you :) Great theme! Good luck with sales

Looking great kub! :)
Good luck with sales

Thanks krub ;)

Great theme mate :)

Good luck with sales

Thanks mate ;)

Very nice…

Question.. BLOG – When you click “Read more”, can the blog post be full-width once you click on the “read more”. The blog page stays the same, only the blog post if full width.

Nice idea, currently the single post page is right sidebar style but I will add more options in the future release ;)

On the Portfolio pages, is the items title clickable to the item page? Or just in the lightbox?

Currently only image is clickable. It can also open lightbox image, video or link to external link.

I swear your a machine! Another great additional! All the best!

- Bryce Wisekal

Thanks Bryce ;)

what font was used for the logo? No psd? thx

Hi there!

I am interested in Amphawa and Ovid. I would like to know if this feature: “Custom Post Type support for Portfolios and Slides” means that it would be possible to have an excerpt for each portfolio item in a specific category and then have more details in the next level and more photos as well.

Thank you in advance.

I would recommend Ovid for better use of excerpt. Yes, you can select portfolio item content type from image, video (will open in lightbox) or link it to external page.

another awesome theme from you.. good luck!

Hi, I bought the Ovid theme but I am having real problems getting the slide show to work on the home page. I have downloaded the files twice and reinstalled but still no slide show.

- David

Could you provide URL of your site please.

It is a test site only, can I PM you with it? BTW I just got it working, the images I used were too large, I think. Also is there a way to easily make the slider display smaller in height as it uses a lot of space. David

OK so you got it works ;)

Hi, For no reason the slides don’t work anymore and also the home page is a mess. I used the sample slides and still does not work for me.

Provide URL please.

Please check. There might be javascript conflict between theme’s script and plugin’s script. Try to disable all plugins.

Actually got the slider sorted. The problem was the way the home page is setup. Not very clear in set up instructions and really easy to mess up.

Well, basically it’s so simple.

1. Create some pages.

2. Select page to display on your homepage via admin panel.

Is there a a section in the themes admin to add custom css?

Yes, you can also add custom CSS via Ovid admin panel.

Hello, I need to be able to display a sidebar with a specific feed widget on the homepage….. how can I do that

It is a third party plugin.

It appears as a sidebar widget normally, and we want to have that on the home page

Really sorry, I can’t support on all 3rd party plugins issue. Please try to read its documentation or contact plugin author.

I understand, but it is a standard sidebar widget.. I guess the proper question would be how would I render a sidebar on the front page?

Great theme! I actually switched to your theme after working on another one for a month. I was able to finish the site in a day with yours! Thanks!

I’ve used a Gravity Form on a page and I have about 160 pixels of white space below the submit button and I can’t figure out how to get rid of that.

Could you provide URL of page using “Gravity Form” please ;)

I chose to go with the full width to eliminate the problem. Everything is cool now…thanks.


Great theme! however I do have a small issue, maybe you can help! for the slider, there is an option to set a hyperlink so that visitors can click.

The problem is that when the initial (first) slide is done, and it goes to the second slide (and third and back to first) the visitor can no longer click the slide to be lead to the hyperlink.

I thought it might be just me, but going onto the demo page of OVID , same problem,,, the clides are no longer clickable after the first slide times out!

I hope you have a fix other than using the jQuery or Accordion option, because I purchased the theme mainly for the Nivo Slideshow fade, with the ability to click on the slides for links.



Thanks, I will have a look at it.

Thank you. I really like the theme. You did a great job. Im just wondering why after the first slide fades away. The sludes are no longer clickable :(

Hi. I bought the Ovid theme but I am having real problems getting the slide show to work on the home page. I have your theme installed actually in local. (wampserver package with apache, php, mysql) I have downloaded the files twice and reinstalled but still no slide show. I have no one plugin instaled, so it can´t be a compatiblity problem.

Please i need a solution quickly

Please upload it online so I can test please.