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We bring new FAQs. We believe it will be helpful. Check Support tab.

Can I change fonts and colors of everything? and does it come with an instructions page on how to edit it?

Hello, whereas after purchase you have available Muse file, you can change whatever colors and fonts too. We have added a few FAQs (Support tab) more here: http://helpx.adobe.com/muse/topics.html

How come when I plug in my own images in the slider on the Master High Slider my images are smaller? I resized my images in photoshop to match the asset.


You need paste big size image and manually resize image to slider width size. Double click on image (see orange bounding box) and you can resize image. Adobe Muse have some width limit maybe.

can I also add a blog and a shop? I don’t see pre-made pages for this. please advise.

Hi, is possible add any page what you want. You must create it. We planing make update when will be a blog section. For shop is good way Businesscatalyst. Look here: http://www.businesscatalyst.com/features/online-store

Other questions please via mail: support@entiri.com

hi, i really love your theme, so here’s my pre-purchase question: you say its MUSE + HTML + CSS

does that mean i must know how to code html and css to edit this theme ? Or is MUSE enough and the whole thing is MUSE based ?



in pack are MUSE file, HTML & CSS files (exported from Adobe Muse). You can edit all in Adobe Muse.

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First of all great design!

I have a question regarding the back to top button. Somehow it only works on the homepage and not on other pages, any idea what causes that and how to fix it?

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Hi, thank you for comment! Back to top button is anchor link. You can change this link where you want. Some video: http://www.lynda.com/Muse-tutorials/Understanding-anchor-links/161871/179008-4.html

Hi, unfortunately my contact section has now disappeared and been replaced with some strange text – how do I solve this? Thanks.

Hi, please send me a print screen, or link. Thanks :)

you can open support forum ticket here: http://entiri.ticksy.com/

Looking to buy this theme but wondering if there’s a way to smooth the transition for the mouse over state on the portfolio section. Thanks

Hey, it’s not possible. Muse has no such options. There are plugin that makes it possible. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qoC2FKdoVIg

ok. txs for the quick response and info

Hi there,

I tried creating a support ticket but the purchase code seems to be wrong (although I just copy-pasted it), so I can’t get through. When I send you an email I get this autoreply sending me to the support site so I’m not getting anywhere like this ;)

Pls advise, thnx!

I did and I selected the right one, no idea why I can’t get in…. If you give me an email address I can send you the code and you can have a look yourself…

Send a message to info@entiri.com. Thank you

I already did, mentioning the code, hope you can help me. Thnx!