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Beautiful work, good luck.

Thank you!

Thank you very much :-)

cant open in muse says needs latest version but i am using v 7 build 5 already, pls help thx

Hi, try updating Adobe Air.


I bought your Theme today. As an absolute newcomer to MUSE I am having some question about how to change your layout to fit my business:

1.) How can I change all the three pictures of the slider and is there a way to add more slides? 2.) How can I change the text (header and text) of the slider and is there a way to have a different text to each slide? 3.) How can I change the main menu?

I would be great to hear from you as soon as possible. Thank you for helping.

Regards, Manfred

Hello, My mail account is lausanne.ch@gmail.com. Thank you for sending the instructions.

Sorry wrong Mail. Correct is: lausanne.ch@icloud.com :-)

Thnaks, I sent the instructions to your email.

Hi similar request – are there any tutorials out there that would help me out with the portfolio?

Thanks, any help appreciated.



Thanks, is there supposed to be sound – or is it supposed to be silent?

Think of the video? Yes it is without sound, everything is amply demonstrated.

We bring new FAQs. We believe it will be helpful. Check Support tab.

Hi, I bought this template and I am having some trouble with the top slider – when I change my images they all come in with an opacity and look quite grey. Is there a way to change the opacity?

Thanks, Miranda

Hi, yes of course it can be changed. Mark the slider and use the options fill. There is a setting opacity.

Please open a new ticket for your other question. www.entiri.ticksy.com.

Thank you

I am using Ovni, it’s fantastic on desktop but the tablet version looks wierd on muse desktop and it crash my ipad every time I try to review my changes on the tablet version. Also the demo crashes my ipad as well when I look at the page on themeforest.

Thank you

Hi, the tablet shows you this version? Check the link please. http://ovni.businesscatalyst.com/tablet

When I tried to open the live preview I received a 403 – forbidden error.