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Hello, how do i choose which categories are shown in the category wall?

Hello ntikosbil, Unfortunately, it’s not possible. The category wall shows all categories available in the store. Best Regards

Hi, please can you tell where I can add my contact details ? I can find only custom block, but don’t see where I can put my adress, phone numer and so on, Thank you !

Ok,I found by myself !

I have a question,how can I replace a category image from category page into a category banner ? What I mean it’s that now on my category page I see the category image and below subcetagories images; And what I would like is to replace category image by category banner . But I want to keep my category image in my main menu. How can I do that ?

Hi milena23, Sorry for the late reply due to the holiday season. You can add your category banner by the OpenCart admin panel (Catalog > Categories > Edit > General > Description). To add a category image go to (Catalog > Categories > Edit > Data > Image). In the main menu, you can show only the category image. If you will need additional help, please contact us via our OXY Support System: http://321cart.com/support/oxy/ and our support developer will try to help you. Best Regards

hi, when it will be available for opencart 2.0?

doesnt show any categories in menu, how to solve?

Hi behost, Please contact us via our OXY Support System: http://321cart.com/support/oxy/ and our support developer will try to help you. Best Regards


I contacted you on info-321cart.com and get no reply.

I am looking for some Opencart 2.0 theme similar to OXY theme from your production. Will be it available for OC 2.0 soon?

I also found the Korona theme which looks like the same. On the demo page is dead link and I can not find it on Themeforest. If the OXY theme will not be upgraded soon, I need to buy and use Korona theme immediately.

Can you help me?

Many thanks.

HI there, I am thinking about buying this theme, but can you tell me if I can set different colours for each menu item? (a different defined colour for each menu)

Hi jamesozzie, In this theme you can set different colours for home link, categories section, brands, custom links section, custom menu, information, contact. For example, you can set one color scheme for entire custom links section, but not different colour for custom link 1, and different colour for custom link 2. Best Regards

Thanks for the reply, but it doesn’t really answer my question, as all my menu items for the main navigation menu will be linking to categorys. Can I set each one a different colour?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible. You can set colors for entire categories section (the same for all category links), but not different color for each category link. Best Regards

Is it compatible with Opencart 2.0?

Hello HappiestWeb, This theme is compatible with OpenCart – Best Regards

Would you release version compatible for 2.0 and when?


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Hi, The links to the documentation and demos are no longer working? Are you still in business and will there be a version for Opencart 2?

can i add a multi vendor system in this theme? I am looking for an online food ordering network with multiple food vendors. also a super admin that can monitor all these vendors

Hi abeykp, Unfortunately, we have not tested the theme with this extension. Best Regards

Hi there, a few questions:

1. Can I insert/upload extra contact methods with image/icons and text to “Contact us” rather than those already provided (Mobile phone, phone, fax, email, Skype, address..) in the footer? I do not see an upload or insert function for this in theme admin panel.

2. Can I insert/upload extra social media icons/links to “Follow us” which is not included in the default “Follow us” option list in the footer? I do not see an upload or insert function for this in theme admin panel.

3. Is it possible to get the icon/image and text (instead of only text) showed in the delivery method and payment methods selection in the check-out steps? for example, Paypal’s icon and text showed in the payment methods selection.

thanks in advance,

Hi carolynch, Our developer has answered your questions yesterday. Please check your e-mail. Best Regards

Please can you tell me how I add a filter price block on the main page? Thanks


Hello lilacgirl, Please contact us via our OXY Support System: http://321cart.com/support/oxy/ and our support developer will try to help you. Best Regards

It was a great theme but it’s sad not seeing any updates after 2014 . You need funds?


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I purchased this theme two years ago and it’s been great, clean, adjustable, perfect. I had a question back then about possibility of having isotope listings in front page and category pages, and admin said it was scheduled. However, it’s still not available and I wonder if it will be or not? It is becoming hype and I would like to know should I look up for another theme or be patient?

Does anyone know how to reduce the white space around my logo? I want to decrease the top and bottom padding on my logo. Here’s my site: http://www.simplyleafy.com

Hi jasongarbenis, You are using the WordPress version of OXY theme. The WordPress version is created and supported by another developer – smartdatasoft. Please contact the smartdatasoft support: http://themeforest.net/item/oxy-multipurpose-responsive-woocommerce-theme/8470054/support

hi! I have checked the page http://321cart.com/oxy/index.php?route=product/manufacturer/info&manufacturer_id=16 of the manufacturer and I see that this page lacks meta description and keywords. Why? They are present in the admin panel.

Hi vetropack, This is the OpenCart issue and is not related to the theme. The same behavior is seen in the default OpenCart theme on version Best Regards

Hi there, I emailed to the support but no one has replied to me yet first of all, I would like to say that, the theme is cool and very responsive however When I upload a photo, the quality of the photos drops down significantly, We have already increased the kb limit but the quality hasn’t increased yet… Can anyone help us out please ?

Hi keremtez, We checked our support system and we don’t have any ticket from you. This issue does not seem related to the theme, but please create a ticket, and send us access to your FTP server and OpenCart admin panel via our OXY Support System: http://321cart.com/support/oxy/ and our support developer will check it out. Best Regards


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hello i have a bug reported in the theme of my web site

In a nutshell I would not “shadow over” located in “colord and styles / midesction” that if I select the “no” I quit anyway when I pass the mouse on my article


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You can use this theme on multistore, but with the same theme settings for each store.


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Oxy theme where to edit header menu? EXT_MENU_CATEGORIES


Hello putin, See your support ticket #132588. Best Regards

When is update coming for opencart newest versions?