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Hi there,

Thanks for the theme it’s great.

Is it possible to make a copy of the skin, rename it, then customize it? I seem to lose my changes. What’s the recommended workflow here?

Thanks, James

Hi James, Thank you :) This theme allows you to select one of the five skins and then customize it (at any time you can re-load the default settings of the selected skin). Unfortunately, it’s not possible to make a copy of the skin, rename it and then customize. Best Regards


At the product page, can I customize additional image thumbnail size? If yes, how do I do that?

Hi etheravion, The width of the additional image thumbnails is always 8.33333% of the width of main column and unfortunately it’s not possible to change it. Best Regards


I already send some e-mails and waiting the support. And no answer! The theme uses the h1 na d h2 tags thats is causing problems with web search. I’m editing my products and adding those tags and unfortunatelly the theme also use those tags. So I need this bug fixed!

Hi abreumr, Each theme uses the h1 and h2 tags and it’s not a bug. In this theme, these tags are used in the same way as the default OpenCart theme. Best Regards

If the theme uses the h1 and the h2 tag, how can I use tha h1 and h2 tag for seo? They are causing a double tag use. Please check the e-mail with the attached files that I send you!

Greetings, There seems to be an error with the facebook social icon on the product page under the add to cart button.

If you go to your demo product page: http://321theme.com/oxy/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=96

and click on the facebook icon… in the pop-up you dont see the main product image at all. it starts with the image of the back design.

On my page: http://cancergear.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=57

The image shows an image that is on one of my tabs as the first image and not the product image.

How can I correct this to show only the main image of the product?

Hello CopShirts, This is the AddThis script ( http://www.addthis.com/ ) and unfortunately we have no influence on its operation. The best way is to contact AddThis support. Best Regards


I’ve purchased and installed your theme, love it :)

But I have a question about slow load time for my homepage. Can’t get what’s wrong there and will appreciate if you’re able to help me. I run an online store with 5,000+products.

On average load time for the homepage with your theme is about 8-10 secs, which is extremely slow.

At the same time, all other pages (also product pages, category pages) load quickly. I disabled category product count (also via extension) but that just doesn’t help. Everything loads OK, except of the homepage, can you help or guide me in the right direction?

Thanks Susanne

Hi Susanne, This problem does not seem related to the theme, but please send us access to your FTP server and OpenCart admin panel via our OXY Support System: http://321theme.com/support/oxy/ and our support developer check it for you. Best Regards

Thanks a LOT, hope you will be able to help me :)

Btw, I absolutely love your theme. It’s cool.

Thank you, erzulieod :)

Greetings… A quick question… How do I change the category thumbnail size on the Category Wall on the Homepage?

Thank you

Hello CopShirts, Please contact us via our OXY Support System: http://321theme.com/support/oxy/ and our support developer will try to help you. Best Regards

I love both themes… but your tech support needs to improve. When someone asks a question that is not server specific or a server error etc… you should answer it. The same question may be helpful to someone else. In stead you want us to resubmit the inquiry to your tech support, which means looking up the purchase code… re-writing the inquiry and worst of all.. waiting another day for the answer.

Why not just provide the answer here for all to benefit from it? I cant be the only one wanting to change sizes of images.

Hello CopShirts, We provide support only through our OXY Support System. It has many advantages, for example, it allows easy and fast access to the history of correspondence. Best Regards


Is it possible to create custom tab on product page with different content depending of product

Hi glupe, Unfortunately it’s not possible. You can add content for all products, but not different content for each product. Best Regards

IDEA: maybe you can add this functionality by creating addon for your theme for this free plugin (http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=9594), they already have “support” for Shoppicia

The Register page doesn’t seem to be responsive down to 320px.

Your thoughts?

Respectfully, Leonard Michael

Hello Leonard Michael, The OXY layout is scalable from 320px to 1440px. Best Regards

Ok, that’s me again

Struggling to find out how to display a “Discount” price and have it strikethrough the original amount.

I want the strikethrough price to be displayed on category and product pages. For example, when I’m assigning customers to discount groups, they do not see strikethrough prices on website, the discount is only displayed inside the cart, as a discount amount which is deducted from the original product prices. Can you help me?

I’ve tried to post a ticket, but it doesn’t post and keeps going like ‘Unable to create a ticket. Please correct errors below and try again!”, Tried to open ticket in two different browsers, though ;-/

Hello erzulieod, This problem does not seem related to the theme, but please send us access to your OpenCart admin panel to oxy.support@321cart.com and our support developer check it for you. Best Regards

Is it possible to have more than 3 Custom Tabs on the product page. The Description button is standard then I have the option to add three more. I need to make one more button. Is this possible

Hello stingraysdc, Unfortunately, it’s not possible. At the moment, you can add 3 custom tabs on the product page. Best Regards

hi. Is it possible to install a font that is not in the Google list? (My client needs to use the font PLANTAGENET CHEROKEE to all his site) Please, how do I do it?

Hi wsinsideweb, Please contact us via our OXY Support System: http://321theme.com/support/oxy/ and our support developer will try to help you. Best Regards

hi, how did you display filter on category page..is it a module included as a part of the theme or used opencart default filter options.

Hi hrm143, This theme uses default OpenCart filter feature. Best Regards


I would like to know where I can change the Specials module to a different name. Right now it is Specials but I want to rename that “My Products”. I searched online and saw this catalog/language/english/special.php . But when I went there I did not see the specials. However I saw it in another folder. Do I open that speical.php file and where ever i see the word “specials” change it to “my products”? Then do i need to re install the module Really need some help here!


Hello stingraysdc, Yes, you need to open the file catalog\language\english\module\special.php and change “Specials” to “My products”. You don’t need to re-install this module. Best Regards

Still no RTL support?

Hello levvys, At the moment, support for Right-To-Left languages ??is not available. Best Regards

Looking to buy a new theme as my last theme Vitalia the author has disappeared for the last month or so and no longer answers support questions, i see you are still active after 6 months, does this theme overwrite any core files? as i have quiet a few paid modules installed i don’t want to loose, they are mainly visible in the back end and not the store front

Best Regards

Thanks, werepair :)

i am currently running opencart would it be a better option updating to ? regards

There are no significant differences between these versions of the OpenCart. The best way is to check OpenCart changelog to make a decision about an update. Best Regards

Good theme. Very patient support, answers any questions very fast. Thanks.

Thank you, Nsapalikov :)

Cool one, good luck;

Thanks, GrafAS :)

Pre order question:

On the demo after ordering; Your order has been successfully processed!

You can view your order history by going to the my account page and by clicking on history.

If your purchase has an associated download, you can go to the account downloads page to view them.

Please direct any questions you have to the store owner.

Thanks for shopping with us online!

Can the “my account, download and store owner” link be bold and hyperlink in different color

Hi emmydirect, It is possible. Please contact us via our OXY Support System: http://321theme.com/support/oxy/ and our support developer will give you instruction. Best Regards

Sorry, did not find answer, if shortcodes available? (Like in WordPress themes, columns instead old-fashionable tables, for example)

Hello whocare, OpenCart does not use shortcodes. The columns can be set directly in the modules settings. Best Regards

Hi can you answer my ticket please. this is emergency