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Discussion on Oyster - Creative Photography HTML

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Ok I decided Oyster is better than Soho as it has almost all features I want. A few questions before purchase:

1. Save image option in slideshow mode is coming only for mobiles not for tablets and desktops. How can I switch it on for them too?

2. Can I decide the number of columns for different resolutions like I would want 2 columns instead of 3 for iPad Mini and normal iPad resolutions as my photos have text quotes in them which I want to be readable and not too small?

3. Does it have infinite scrolling? It is not written in the features list or the demo.

Yes, our team is checking it at the moment.

Thanks. For mobiles, all tall portrait photos (maybe all photos) need to open in the lightbox touching right to the top of the browser so that the tall portrait photos don’t get cut at the bottom in the lightbox or the slideshow. I have added this in the ticket.

Please do not post all your questions related to the customization and support here in the comments. This comment form is for the presale and general questions only. Thanks.

now vimeo and YouTube video not display and play in pretty pop up box, any suggestion

Hello! We’ve already answered your support ticket, please check it.

Hello, may I buy this template and convert it to codeigniter then sell it on codecanyon? We can discuss about royalty if needed.

Hello! Unfortunately the themeforest product license does not allow to do that :(


I bought the Oyster HTML Photo Template theme, but the in the home page (slideshow) the video display does not work. Can you help me ? Thanks >> {video: “youtube”, uniqid: “9030”, src: “ewQ4Y2VlOdc”, thmb: “http://gt3demo.com/wp/oyster/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/4-130×130.jpg”, alt: ””, title: ””, description: ””, titleColor: ”#ffffff”, descriptionColor: ”#ffffff”}

I have already followed this procedure but I have not received any response. Your support is complicated:)

We’ve found your support ticket, will get back to you shortly.

Nice !

Also can I make the hero slider image on the index page a link to another page?

Hi there! Please post all tech related inquiries via this form https://gt3.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?mobile_site=true

Can I add hyperlinks to the captions on the home page slider? Please advise

hello great work!!

I’m getting some problems with smaller resolution (i’m using vertical_striped.html for my main page). For example when i’m checking my page from a tablet, the images are getting shrinked and i’m loosing half of the images. I do understand that your template is responsive, however i do want my images to be presented as they really are. Can we do some quick css fixing?? My images are about people faces so i think you can understand my problem.

I’ve asked you to send an email to help at gt3themes dot com

whats the difference??ok i’m sending it now…..SENT

There is a difference :)

how to remove play, next, prev button from popup images

Hello! Please post this tech related question at the forum. Our support staff will provide details.

Hi. Just purchased html template and it seems i cant manage to modify it too well. Too much coding. Any chance on upgrading to wp? Thanks

Hello! You have to purchase wp version, there is no upgrade option here at themeforest :(

I see it’s possible to ask for a refund, is there any chance on getting approved? I can buy the wp in advance just to be ok. Thanks.

Frankly speaking if the product has been downloaded and it works fine, the refund can’t issued. Anyway, you have to contact TF support team.

Hello Team,

Please note Home page slide is not Responsive.

I have Purchased “themeforest-8836136-oyster-creative-photography-html-template” template for my client.

Now the client is complaining to us the home page main slider is not Responsive.

Image is not showing properly. Please fix the issue as soon as possible other wise I have to return the money to client.

Thanks! waiting for your positive update

Hello! What responsive issue are you referring to? We need more information. Did you check it yourself?

Awesome theme, I’ve been using it for over a year already. Only problem: How do I get German umlauts (äöü etc.) displayed correctly in my mail inbox? I tried everything, setting everything to UTF-8, but nothing seemed to work. How can I solve this issue? Will give you 5 stars for an answer! Thanks a lot!

Please send the details and the website credentials to support[at]gt3.zendesk.com. Our support staff will assist you.

Just sent the mail. Thanks a lot! Hope we’ll sort out this problem asap.

We will check it asap. Best regards

How do i slow down the slide show on the index page? what part of the .js code can i edit to add a couple more seconds between frames?

Sorry for the inconvenience. There is a typo, I missed the info that you use the html template version. Please ignore my previous reply. You need to open index.html file and manage the code indicated on the screenshot http://prntscr.com/9hjxz4

Thank you!! worked perfect

Don’t forget to rate the template ;-) Best regards

Hey! I bought you template for my photography website and I love it, its great! Its the first time I worked with html and the hompage is working happy. But I still have one problem with the contact-form and the coming-soon site. The ‘Send’ button does not work. I wrote my personal Mail into the mail.php account and stuff. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? :/

The mail.php file activates a contact form that is located on contact pages. The subscribe field isn’t a part of the form.

In the Documentation it is said: Contact Form Setup

In case you need to use the contacts page with the form where customer can send mail, simply open one of the files: contacts-fullscreen.html, contacts-fullwidth.html, contacts-with-sidebar.html page and find the form:

<form id="ajax-contact-form" action="#" >
             <input type="text "name="name" value="" placeholder="Name *" > 
              <input type="text "name="email" value="" placeholder="Email *" >  
             <input type="text "name="subject" value="" placeholder="Subject" >
             <textarea name="message" id="message" placeholder="Message *">
             <input type="submit" value="Send message!">
</form >

Please open mail.php file and find test@test.com on line 3, simply replace to your email address. All the requests will be sent to the adress you indicated. That’s all ;)

So, it has to work!

Sorry, looks like we misunderstood each other. Because I thought you are talking only about the subscribe form on Coming Soon page. If the contact form doesn’t work on these pages contacts-fullscreen.html, contacts-fullwidth.html, contacts-with-sidebar.html our support staff at the forum will help you to enable mail service.

Hello mad_dog Awesome Oyster theme you have made :-) I have a question about the mouseover “EYE” picture on the portfolio page and the two small pictures at the right corner below each “featured picture” the one with the eye and the red heart. Is it possible to edit and modify them and where will I find them? I hope you can help me and thanks for your time.

Hello! Pleas post this request on our help forum and you will be assisted. Thanks

Im having a problem with the email coming soon page. I added my email address but the page does not seem to work. Please advise.

Ohh, you mean this page, its just a simple static form. To subscribe your users, you have to use for example mailchimp form.

Why wasnt that included in the documentation, Im not a fan of mailchimp do you have instructions on how to add that to this page????

We do not have because it’s a static template, for example Wordpress version has everything on board. You can post this request on our help forum and it will be considered


can you tell me how i can do the Navigation more boxed..

Like the Screenshot.

Thank you


The customisation service is not included in the template price. Item support includes:

Availability of the author to answer questions Answering technical questions about item’s features Assistance with reported bugs and issues Help with included 3rd party assets

Item support does not include:

Customization services Installation services

Ok Mad_dog so we have here a technical problem. I upload your responsive Files, but if u go the Page http://www.glasshandbag.de/html/index.html and look it in responsive, you will see the optimation problems. I think this is a technical problem, so please can u help me? I dont have change any setting from your Template.

I dont need a Item support, just a correct view in responsive from your Template.

It does not look and work in the way like we have on tf. The template was modified

He comprado la theme pero el formulario de contacto no funciona. Me podrían indicar que error es el que hay en la theme?

Hello! Please get back to us in English.

Hey there awesome design! I love it but can’t get my vertical slider to load images on the home page can you see what I am doing wrong? www.topoftherockmovie.com . Thanks! I am emailing support[at]gt3.zendesk.com now as well.

Its really strange, but the pack which is available for the download has the images on the striped page. We use image placeholders.

Correct and when I replaced the placeholders with my own images they no longer load when I upload through my FTP to my website. Can you see it? www.topoftherockmovie.com

They are not loading because there is no striped folder here http://www.topoftherockmovie.com/img/

Cannot get the arrows to show on Revolution Slider. “navigationArrows:”solo” Have not modified “TP Arrows” in CSS. Thanks

It is impossible because you modify only the styling, not the functionality.

One further question: I want to remove the ”.main_header”(fullScreenOffsetContainer: ””). Can you guide me how to “push” the slider up under the menu without a scroll bar? I want the slider to cover the full window (under the menu, with opacity) but keep getting a scroll bar. example here: http://goo.gl/byhcAL (if you scroll down to the bottom – that’s how I want it to appear) Thanks so much, you are so very helpful!

Can you please post this request on our help forum? forums.gt3themes.com

i BOUGHT THIS website but I’m very disappointed because you said that is compatible with IE9, IE10, IE11 but is not compatible AT ALL. I need the updated version that is compatible as you advertise or the solution to the problem. VERY URGENTLY

Thank you for replying. Sending you a private message.

where shall I send you a private message? thank you I need you to check my site

Hello! You can also send you mail to support[at]gt3.zendesk.com Our support staff will assist you.


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