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Your forum is being raped by a russian spammer, haha.

Yeah, damn spammers. We’ll see if it stays clean now.

I hope this gets updated soon. You know, code clean up. It would be nice if you could extend CSS support to Thankful People (http://vanillaforums.org/addon/thankfulpeople-plugin) which should be really simple (text color div/span class shoud do it). Also, support for the “I Like This” (http://vanillaforums.org/addon/likethis-plugin) would be awesome. Again, it’s mostly cosmetic.

Keep up the great work. Hopefully we’ll get an update soon! :)

I check these comment daily to see if there are any comments from you. :)

Wanted to let you know I’ve submitted an update that adds support to the plugins you mentioned, as well as implements some other fixes and visual improvements.

I didn’t see your previous reply. I’ll check it out as soon as I can!

Also, I didn’t notice any particular issues with the Q&A plugin, what specifically did you think need restyling, or what issues did you notice?

Hello buyers and prospective buyers!

Wanted to let everyone know that I am hard at work converting the Ozone theme to the new Vanilla version 2.1 (currently in beta). You can follow my progress here: http://www.secondwindprojects.com/ozone/discussion/1625/ozone-development-for-vanilla-2-1

Live demo of Ozone 2.0 is here! http://www.secondwindprojects.com/ozone-21

I’ve also just updated Ozone on themeforest to include the Ozone Preview theme, which is 2.1 compatible, alongside the 2.0.18 compatible theme!

So works with Vanilla 2.1b2?

Okay, the update has been approved. :) Now if you purchase or re-download the theme you’ll see a “Ozone Preview for 2.1” folder, with an “ozone” theme folder inside it. Use that theme with Vanilla 2.1b2

Thank you very much :D

No problem, let me know if you run into ANY issues! Remember that the Ozone Preview theme for 2.1 is still in Beta. I’m also keen to learn about any plugin compatibility issues you may find, just let me know about them and I’ll fix them.

I didn’t get the update alert email about this being Vanilla 2.1b2 compatible.

Yeah, way to go ThemeForest. :/ On the plus side, I can now finally get notifications of comments. :)

It would be nice if you could make it responsive on Vanilla 2.1. :)

For those who don’t know, Vanilla 2.1 has just been released! There is already a 2.1-compatible version of Ozone included in this release, but I haven’t had time yet to confirm that it’s compatible with the latest stable version of Vanilla. As soon as I have, I’ll update you!

The 2.1 release is live!


I was about to tell you about 2.1 stable and suggest an update but I see you’re already working on one one. Good stuff! Here is the official Vanilla 2.1 (statble) announcement for those who want to read it: http://vanillaforums.org/discussion/26685/vanilla-2-1-stable-released

2.1 update incoming :)

Thanks, man! I’ll check out the latest update and leave you some feedback after I’ve been playing with it for a while. Keep up the great work!

I’ll buy this one soon :D


I have a quick feature request: Why not make the image logo clickable to the index page? It would make it much easier for users instead of clicking the “Home” link. Once again, I love your theme. I just hope you continue expanding it without sacrificing speed and simplicity. :) ^NE

Sounds good. I am digging the design and I am looking forward to future features and updates. ^NE

I will definitely be tackling some updates to Ozone next. I learned a lot from making Nexus and Silicon for 2.1, especially responsive improvements, and would like to apply them to Ozone.

Practice makes perfect! Keep up the great work, man! :D

I love the theme, but am having an issue with the “yaga” application ( http://vanillaforums.org/addon/yaga-application ) display.

My problem is that when someone clicks on a reaction it adds a field below the post content that displays the small avatar of the clicker and the reaction which was clicked by that person.

It displays perfectly fine, that is until you scroll down the page. When scrolling down, the yaga reaction small avatar moves to the right of the header (just like it’s a regular avatar). Upon scrolling back down, the avatar stays outside of the post content frame and away from the reaction which was clicked. This destroys the forum display—especially if several people have clicked on reactions for a single post.

Any idea on how I can get the yaga reaction avatar to stop moving when the page is scrolled?

Thanks in advance…

I figured it out I guess—It’s not the pretiest code, but essentially I just cloned the info from the “PhotoWrap” class and put it in a newly defined “PhotoWrapSmall” class changing all the values to 0. Essentially preventing the block from moving…

Perhaps there is an easier way?

Glad you worked it out. I’ll have to do a deeper look into the yaga application, it seems like a fairly significant effort to iron out all the kinks.

Just bought it, installed it and loving it!

This is the fresh start my community needed. Thank you so much, love the responsabilithy tho, deleted my mobile theme because this is good enough.

Thanks for all the hard work on it and keep going!

Greets from the Netherlands.


I like this theme and I’ve just brought it.

But I would like to increase the font size in a discussion article and comments. Is that possible ? How to tweak it up ?

Sorry for the delay, been having trouble with my email.

It should be easy to increase the font size for those specific things. Try adding the following rule to the end of the custom.css file included in /ozone/design/:

.ItemDiscussion .Message {
   font-size: 120%;

Adjust the percentage as needed.

There is a problem with the footer – if the sidebar is longer than the main content, the footer displays too high.

Thanks, I’ll take a look at it.

Ok, I’ve been live with this theme for a couple of days and getting complaint after complaint.

The common ones are:-

Unreadable text/fonts The footer (which I have fixed) Mobile usability is virtually zero.

This doesn’t seem to be a product that I would consider to be ready for sale. I have a lot of work to do now to fix issues that I wouldn’t have expected on something I paid for.

Can you explain more about what you mean when you say the text/fonts are “unreadable”? They should generally be Arial, or Helvetica if your computer has it, at or about 14px in size with pretty good contrast. Are there specific examples where the text is unreadable? [Edit] Forgot to ask, is this with a specific color scheme?

Also can you email me with specific mobile issues?

Any plans to support Vanilla 2.2 with this theme?


I can’t wait for Ozone to be compatible with Vanilla 2.2!

I am going to attempt to upgrade all of my themes to Vanilla 2.3. I will be starting with Silicon and Nexus, but I may be forced to discontinue the Ozone theme due to personal time constraints. I’ll keep you guys updated.

FYI the live preview site is currently down, trying to work out the problem with the webhost.

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Don’t let this theme or any of your themes die! Please upgrade them all to Vanilla Forums version 2.3+! :)