Support for OZONE - Premium Vanilla 2.1 Theme


jspautsch does not currently provide support for this item.

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How do I use Ozone?

When you buy Ozone, you’ll find a set of instructions has been included to help you get the theme setup, choose a color style, and make modifications.

What is Vanilla?

Vanilla is an amazing forum software, pretty much ‘nuff said. You can find out more here:

It’s got a modern design, its intuitive to use, and its in active development. Check it out!

Is Ozone compatible with older versions of Vanilla?

There are two version of Ozone included in the purchase: One for the latest version of Vanilla 2.1, and one for legacy versions of Vanilla 2.0.18 and higher. Ozone is not compatible with any version of Vanilla older than 2.0.18.

Why is my New Discussion button appearing on top of dismissible messages?

Check your config.php file. See if there are any entries under ”// Modules” and if there are, delete them. Save the file and see if that fixed the problem.

I’m using the Pockets plugin but the Pocket above the Content area won’t show up, how do I make it work?

To make pockets work above the content area, encase your pocket code in a div tag with the class “DismissMessage”. That tricks it into thinking it’s a system message, which do display properly.

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