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Nice Work, Good Luck With Selling! :)

Congratulations! Excellent template :-)


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Awesome, nice job! GLWS

Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Hi, is this a Wordpress theme? I don’t know how I found it, but I purchased it for my WP site and I’m not able to install it.

Hi – unfortunately, Pacific isn’t a WordPress theme, but Blogger — Google’s blog engine. Therefor you can’t install it on WordPress.

While we are fully aware that mistakes can occur during a purchase, we can’t help much on this issue. Our only suggestion is to start a Blogger’s blog. It’s free and requires less setup comparing to WordPress.

Sincerely, Biyan


ursz Purchased

Hello, thank you for your theme.

I have a question regarding uploading additional photos in the post’s content.

Currently, using blogger options, I am able to upload only one photo to the post (which does not appear in the content, but only as the “cover” of the post). Every next picture I add in the editor (using “insert image” option) does not appear on the blog.

I can add additional photos by entering img url in the HTML post editor, however it is not convenient. Moreover, I do not store my pictures virtually, so it may be annoying to generate url each time I want to upload a photography :)

Is it possible that this theme does not provide adding-more-than-one-photo option? How can I add more pictures?

Thank you in advance :)

Hello Ursz, thank you for your interest. To answer your question let me explain how the post cover works.

Each time you create a post, system will hide the first image from the post area, whether you’re attaching image before or after the text or in the middle of the post. In return, that image will be treated as cover, moved to the very top automatically.

As the system will automatically choose the first image as a cover/thumbnail, make sure that the desired image is kept first while you write the post. It will also choose the original size of the image to ensure that image are showing in the best possible quality even if you’re attaching the smallest one.

You can add as much image as you want, no hard code needed. However, cover requires big image, upload images that are at least 1600px wide for better view.


Hello, I’m a developer and I would like to know if I can use this theme outside blogger, I mean just using HTML and CSS and build the back server by myself?

Hello – Extended license is needed for conversion. If interested, please send me message through my profile page to discuss the details.

Hello Heybi,

I need help with a problem I’m facing in my blog. I just installed your Pacific theme/template in blogger, however, none of the images I put in the middle of the post are appearing. Is this a known issue?



Can you please post a link to your blog? I need to check the issue directly. If you aren’t comfortable sharing the URL publicly, you can send me message through my profile page.

Hi I just bought this theme but I am also having issues with my pictures not showing up on my blog posts. There is the cover photo but nothing else and my site is photo based and I can’t share any pictures.


Thank you for your purchase. I apologize for the issue. For a quick fix, navigate to Edit HTML, look for the code below:

$('a:first-child > img').parent().addClass( 'hide' );

and remove.

If the problem persist, please send me message through my profile page, and I also include link to your blog.


Thank-you so much for your fast reply it definitely helped. I ended up removing the code and it fixed the problem definitely made the purchase worth it: a.hide { display: none; }


Hi I just purchased this theme but am having trouble with it like a few other people. The pictures I have uploaded are not showing in the post once published. My site is predominantly a photo one and this is a bit of a disadvantage.

Is there a code to fix this?

Please read my answer above :)

Hey there,

I’ve installed the blog and put my own content in – top bit looks great so thanks for that.

However, the bottom part from ‘featured’ downwards looks completely broken. Could you please advise me how to fix this?


Thanks James

Hello James,

Thank you for your purchase. I’m glad it blends with your content well. regarding the Popular Post or the Featured Post gadget, removing the gadget and then re-adding it should easily fix the issue. Please let me know if the problem persist.

Just a simply tips, did you know that you can tweak the size of the logo to be a little bit bigger by customizing the following CSS?

.header-outer .header-widget img {
    margin: 0 auto;
    max-width: 103px;
    height: auto;

Simply replace the value of the max-width property and the height will adjust accordingly.

Thankyou so much! Thanks for the tip too – i’ve made it bigger and it looks alot better. I also removed the featured post and it’s fixed it. How do I add it back in though?

Adding gadget can be done through the Layout page. Simply click the “adding a gadget” link at the sidebar to open a popup window that’s populated with the Blogger native gadgets, including the Featured Post gadget.

Hi! I just installed this template last night. I have a question, I have the posts view set to 6 and I’m only getting 5. It makes it look like there is something missing in the lowest right-hand corner. How do I get the Front Page to populate all the grid? Thank you. I love the look. Now I just have to work backwards to replace my old photos with a 1600px version.

Thank you, I did read the documentation on the logo resizing. The code you said to look for in the CSS to edit doesn’t exist. I spent and hour searching for it. So I couldn’t change the size. As for the other issue, the amount of photos/posts showing up on the homepage since it’s a photo grid presentation and doesn’t have text, I don’t understand how adding a Jump-Break will help.

Ok, I read a comment above and saw you gave them a different code to change for the logo. I successfully looked and found that code. You might want to change the documentation you send with the theme to reflect the change. The documentation says to look for this:

.blog-name .header-image-wrapper img, .footr .widget.Image img { } float: left; display: block; margin: 0 auto; width: 110px; height: auto;

but I couldn’t find it to change the logo size. Your comment above said to look for this: .header-outer .header-widget img { margin: 0 auto; max-width: 103px; height: auto; } which i found right away and was able to fix. thank you!

Thank you for pointing it out. Will sure to update the documentation. I Apology for such inconvenience.

Regarding the jump-break, you can place it immediately after the first image in every post. The problem with Blogger is, though it shows only image, additional content is still loaded in the back-end. Jump-break helps in reducing this kind of content.

Very Nice, Thanks Dude

Most welcome AdhySetya. Thank you so much for purchasing :)