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Stunning! Bookmarked.

Oh ok, I couldnt resist, I bought it :)

Heya everyone! The Pacifica Wordpress version is done and under review right now! It should be ready for purchase shortly here, at which point I’ll be sure to include a link for you.


Excellent job, Brandon. I’ve been adapting it to a client of mine, and you can see the alfa version here . For the unusual settings of my client’s computers’ screen resolution (800×600, believe it or not…) I have been obliged to give up the side column, and to shrink the page size to 790 pixels. The side seem functioning properly, but with MS Ie 6 the carousel does not go from side to side. I guess I should add something to the hacks css, but I do not dare to do so. Could you please suggest me what to do in order to be seen correctly with MS Ie 6? The second issue I must solve is the horizontal scrolling of the pictures. As you can see, the pictures scroll does not work properly, showing only one picture out of three. How can i scroll pictures 1 by 1? Thanks again for the very elegant layout and for your help. TIA , guido fuortes

Hi there baffone, I’m not seeing specifically what you’re referring to (it works fine on my IE6 ), but I’ll be happy to do a little extra troubleshooting work to see what might be up.

In terms of scrolling, you can edit the pacifica.js file under the jCarousel settings to be “scroll: 1,” – this will limit the scrolling to 1 image at a time.

Hope that helps – if I spot any problems in old versions of IE, i’ll be sure to post an update asap.

Beautiful Theme, Great work as always! I was wondering if it is possible to include a video player in the carousel in the home page? This is the video player I would like to use:


Thank you very much. Regards

First – just making sure – this is the HTML template, not the full Wordpress Theme of Pacifica – which is available right here – http://themeforest.net/item/pacifica-wp-a-premium-wordpress-portfolio-theme/61047

Second – integrating Flash into the carousel can be done in two ways, but both are actually a little tricky as I haven’t tried it out myself:

1) Integration into the lightbox by linking to a flash-embedded HTML doc.

2) Pulling the jCarousel plugin content out altogether and replacing with Flash. This technically isn’t hard at all, but it will require you to doctor the template file a little. It’s not super difficult and I’d be willing to lend a hand in terms of advice (doing it myself would require a few hours of freelance labor), but its definitely doable.

Hope that answer helps a little. Thanks for the question! Brandon

I’m here again, but this time with a more serious issue. Finally the client didnt like the idea of the scrolling gallery, and I had to adapt the design as you can see in <.”>http://www.viatgespujol.com/web2009>. Unfortunately, there is an issue which I was not able to solve and which, perhaps, has no solution. This is the point: the cascading menus, in IE6 remains for a little while visible when you jump from one link to another one (in other browsers too, but not so clearly). The effect is detectable too in your template’s Live Preview, and I probabily wouldn’t have bought it, if I had perceived this flaw befora (not perceiving it, is my fault). The client gave me a deadline for next Monday morning (Madrid time) to solve this issue, or I’ll lose the client. Do you believe that a solution can be found, or must I resign, and change your cascading menu’s effects for a more conventional menu? TIA ,

guido fuortes

Quick question. I purchased the HTML version and was wondering how to get the hover effect to the pictures gallery photos that the Wordpress version has?

What CSS file would I go into for that? Or is that in a Javascript file I need to look at.


Hi Kevin, This one is actually pretty simple. Just add to one of the CSS files:

a img: hover{opacity: 0.8;}

That should do it. Cheers!

Quick stupid question, i am having trouble organizing the files in my server, i tried to go by your explanations, but it doesn’t work, Any help Please.

Superb template, the best on the site so far ;)

Hi there, Uh, its actually incredibly hard to troubleshoot this without a little more information. You should be able to upload the files in their exact configuration in the download file to the server and have no problems. If you move files around (from one folder to another), you may need to repair the relationships of things like images and CSS files, but there’s no special trick to get this work besides uploading directly to a server :) Hope this helps – fire me over an email if you have any site-specific problems though.

Any Help Please its urgent, thank you.

Thanks you are great, thanks again for such a awesome template :)

I’ve downloaded the full template, but I do not see a directory full of sliced psd files, as indicated in the template description. Where are these located? Must these be downloaded as well?

Just purchased – nice work.

I’m a little dissapointed at the way the image files are distributed in the downloaded archive. I personally feel the different styles (colours) should be self contained as apposed to have groups of images scattred in different folders.

Just my 2 cents.

Thanks again for the great design -

Hi Sticker, This is actually a pretty common organization method – all main template images are contained in the ‘img’ or ‘images’ folder, then further organized inside individual folders. All custom image files (not related specifically to the core theme) are organized in their own image folders to keep their proximity logical. :) Brandon

Trying to figure out how to replace “home” in nav with “Welcome”

Inside header.php, simply rename the link inside the navigation section where is says “Home” right now. :)

Stunning templates. I would like to add a video gallery in much the same way as the galleries. Does lightbox.js support video or can I replace it with say shadowbox?

In the same vein I would like e-mail thumbnail to go to multiple images which again I am assuming one can do?

Can 1 place as many gallery headings as needed in my case 24 plus

1. Video: Yep, and I actually just added (yesterday) a new version of the lightbox that now supports video, flash, Vimeo, YouTube, and a bunch more :D

2. I think you’re asking if you can bundle images for a gallery (correct me if I’m wrong) – and yes, you can absolutely do that.

3. Yes, you can absolutely add as many galleries and sub-galleries as you want. Just select the “gallery” template for each page that you want displayed as a gallery.


Hi, Is the Contact Form PHP ?

The contact form isn’t PHP in this one, but it’s specifically ready for you to built it yourself using the Super Simple Contact Form Maker (google that :)) and you can just drop it into the template. Cheers!

I am creating my first web site with exp 3 using some CSS along with HTML . What is “word press” and can I use it with exp 3? The word press version of your template is free while the CSS version is not. Bob

I cant get my vimeo files to pop up with jquery. On no-margin-for-errors.com it seems like it’s simple. Replace the rel=”gallery[Portfolio]” for rel=”prettyPhoto”. But that just lands on my vimeo page and it’s not a jquery pop up.

HELP !!!!

I saw the dark atlantic template which I like but I really like the pacifica better. How hard would it be to change the background wood to a darker wood and then the white frame behind everything to an opaque black? Also is the contact form fully functional?


I purchased Pacifica and I am interested in using videos in the carousel. Ideally Id like to embed youtube vids but I do have the source files and could place them server side.

I’ve found some comments stating video functionality has been added to lightbox. I re-downloaded the Pacifica html theme but cant find an example of how to implement the video function. Can you cut paste a code snippet for me?

Thank you, beautiful theme and has served me well.

Hi – I just bought Pacifica (HTML) – A Premium Portfolio Template – wanted to use for wordpress, but ‘no longer being sold’ as per linked message- is this only for use as a static HTML page? I had used this template years ago for a client, and just simply went back to it as something I liked. I know wordpress has evolved, so perhaps this is the reason you are no longer supporting it – and it no longer is appropriate as a wordpress blog theme (it does not load into wp 4.0 themes out-of-the-box)