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Dude! You keep designing cool sites like this…I’m going to spend all my drinking money up. Sweet designs dude! And I’m a darn designer myself. But you have a knack for the style I like. Worpress version coming soon?

instead of releasing the dark version of your hot atlantica theme, you made this beautiful design. as raymonn said, this eye for design and simplicity is what i like the most

good luck with this, im sure this is getting huge success

hey Brandon, great to finally see this. It looks fabulous.

Thanks everyone :) Glad to see that this one worked out so well – it’s highly derivative from the Atlantica set, but I think it contributes something useful to a variety of users who want something like Atlantica, but need a layout that’s more sleek and contemporary. The WP version of this one is coming out soon as well…

@0703 – The Dark Atlantica WP version is actually in the review queue right now :) Just a matter of time til it’s available in the store…


Another one?\ Awesome work as always Brandon… I always look forward to your new products, and I’ve never disappointed. Seriously, keep up the amazing work bud.

I can see how this one is strongly similar to the Atlantica theme, but like you said, it includes a visual style that goes far beyond what the parent template offered. I love the use of Gotham and sans serif fonts, I love the easily customizable background images, and I love the ginormous homepage slider. It’s friggin’ sweet man. Plus, since I’ve already used up my original Atlantica license, I was already in need of picking up another one of your templates. Great work… can’t wait for the WP version.

B – excellent work – repeat everything charles_andrew said. I’m stoked to work with ya, and I’m stoked to see yet another amazing product in the store with your name on it. Now I just can’t wait to find a client to use this sucker on… (or heck, maybe I’ll just use it on my own site). Keep ‘em coming Brandon.

Thanks again everyone :)

@charles_andrew_design – that’s an incredibly kind comment – honestly, thanks for that – I try to read each comment and respond, but these are my favorites. I hope you find a great use for this template.

@all buyers : As usual, if you happen to spot a bug or have ideas for improvements, contact me via email – brandon.r.jones@gmail.com – and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours max). I strongly believe in good support and customer service as the backbone of all of my products, so don’t hesitate to hit me up if you have specific questions :)


You spelled address wrong :D This is a great design! Wow, I love all of your themes! This would be a best seller if it was wordpress! Well I’d buy it anyways :)

EDIT : I don’t see where you implement the SIFR feature, could you point it out? Thanks!!

Good question – I ended up rolling back the SIFR features in this template – However, I’ve left the SIFR files in the product itself, should someone want to turn it on and use it – there’s actually some instructions in the documentation on how to do this.

Oh – and thanks for spotting the typo – I’d like to think that I’m able to spot each and every little error like that, but one or two slip through once in a while, hehe. The funny thing is, when you make a typo in code, the code breaks, forcing you to fix it… writing content in a text-editor is much less forgiving.

Thanks for the comment :)

Are you coming out with a dark version also? If so I’ll buy it also.

I think to myself making a dark version of this would be simple. Its just a matter of changing a few files and css code. All I guess you would need to do is buy this get out the psd and recolor some stuff and replace.

Another awesome item dude, this is so nice. cheers

hey mate this brings light to real web, I cant wait to see a coded WP version, not sure how much it takes and I am sure you will hit a 300 sales pick within few weeks.

I appreciate your work


great work as usual!

FYI Did you notice that both your Atlantica theme and this one get “cut off” when the browser window is reduced to 1024?

Nice work again!

Although, you might want to change several references to Atlantica. :\

@eobyone & kevinsturf : I’m actually not sure if I’ll be releasing a dark version of this one – I’m not saying it won’t happen, but I’ll need to try out a few design comps and really dig it before I decide to invert this one. Seeing more people request the dark version helps too :)

@mabuc & Trixation : Thanks!

@FabioK – Thanks! The WP version of this should be ready by mid-next week… I’m glad to see people are already excited about it though.

@cesiel1993: Hah, good catch – you’re referring to the word Atlantica used in the content. I’ll be sure to update the text in the live preview :) Thanks for catching that.

@srhnbr: The Atlantica theme actually has an optional 1024 stylesheet inside of the product (all versions of it) which has worked out for everyone who needs to cater to small browsers. The Pacifica version actually does fit on a 1024 screen – but you need to turn OFF the top bar on the LivePreview because that’s the offender in this case (it adds some extra padding I guess). I tried to make extra sure this one would fit on smaller browsers without extra styling. Thanks for the comment!

Thanks everyone for the comments! Glad everyone likes this template so far. Cheers!

I was kinda sad after dumping my gf, but than I saw this theme and my mood changed and I forgot her, what else do you want me to do when I put a happy face on it? :)


Wohoo to the Wordpress version :)


Ivor Envato Team

Hahaha!! you’re a monster dude! congratulations!

I’m not a monster, I am tiger!