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@FabioK : ??? lol – I have no idea why but that made my chuckle, which is rare on a Monday morning :)

@ipad : i presume you’re referring to my double product launch (Dark Atlantica WP + Pacifica HTML ) over the weekend. It’s been an experiment in seeing if it’s worth it to stagger product releases or just bumrush the marketplace with products… I’ll let ya know how it goes in a few weeks.

@webwhat: soon… I’m hoping over the weekend (although I might hold onto it a week just to stagger the releases a bit.

Thanks for the comments everyone!

its a pitty I want WP Version now :)

Any chance for a wordpress version?

Yep – the WP theme is on it’s way – likely over this next weekend, although I may be adding a few features that’ll push it back a week (I haven’t decided yet). I’m glad to see so many people looking forward to the WP version.


Vakay read the entire page and you find it when :)

Yay wordpress, please keep us updated. Want to buy now!!! :)

Hey there, I know your very busy, but if you could give a rough ETA of the WP version I would be extremely grateful. Keep up the excellent work! You rock!! :)

Certainly! Right now it’s scheduled for the first week in August, but as I’m going to be adding a few new features that will be exclusive to the Wordpress version, it might push back as much as 7 days, which would put this release at mid August. I hope that helps with your planning! Cheers!

Huuuuuuge thanks. I’ll wait very eagerly. :)

I am not sure if I want this or Atlantica – I LOVE them both. I would like to use this for a travel agency and just have one photo at a time at the top – can this be done? Thanks in advance!

Sure, lots of people have done this already as part of the customizations that they make to the theme. I can’t do the work for you, but I’ll be glad to show you the ropes over email and help you understand what needs to get changed to achieve the effect of one landscape image per slide. As for which theme you pick you, that’s totally up to you :)

Thanks for the comment.

Hi… may be an obvious question, but I seem to be struggling on this one… How can the carousel link (image) open a fullpage website instead of the image? or more importantly for me, open flashpaper. BTW Excellent job!

Easy :) Just remove the rel=”...” from the link and the lightbox functionality will be removed. If you want more information on what you can do with the lightbox, check out the prettyPhoto documentation – http://www.no-margin-for-errors.com/projects/prettyPhoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/

how do I get the search function to work? brings up an error.

see site progress: http://evelsv.com/LSV/electric/index2.html

Good question – as this is just a template, there is no search or backend functionality included – just the styling. However, there are a number of free search engines that you can easily patch into if you’d like – they just aren’t supported out of the box with this HTML /CSS template.

hi epicera… so an awesome looking template…..

excuse me for this stupid noob question, but as this is an HTML template I must ask… how you make a blogpost with it?

Good question. As this is only the HTML /CSS template, there is no blog backend whatsoever. The blog post styling has been included as an added bonus – but it is not functional. The fully functional version will be released in a few weeks as a full Wordpress theme. Cheers!

Great template man.. nice to hear you’re porting it over to wp.

Hi, Great template. I seem to be missing the JS files. Can you please send them to manager@limebartenders.com.au

Thank You!

Sure – although I’m pretty sure that nothing is missing … can you be a little more specific?

For some reason when I unzip the files that I have been purchasing through Theme Forest, They are not containing the JS files. The folder is there, although NO JS Files… Not your fault, As I gave you a maximum rating on the actual template. I have tried unziping the file through my start menu and then back through the desktop. But this doesnt seem to work this time (has on other occassions). I have also tried other things, but did not feel like righting this long winded story about how I am missing the files. Just thought it would be as easy as asking and then having them emailed to me… and so on. Is this enough info? Can I please have those files? same email as above.

Cheers, Troy

Hey everyone – most of you have already gotten my auto-responder message though, but I’m out of the office for the next few days while I move from one house to another and I have no internet access at the moment (besides on my phone). All questions, comments, and requests will be answered early next week – and I also have a present for all previous buyers coming out very shortly :)

This may be a stupid newbie question, but how do I decide if I need a WP or HTML template? I’m trying to replace my existing site with something that will allow me to update my portfolio more easily. I will likely add a blog in the future, but not now. What are the pros and cons of each platform?

I notice that there’s a “subscribe” option on both the html and wp versions of most of your templates. How does that work on the html version? I thought subscription was just for blog entries.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

In general, I always recommend WP if it’s available. The pro’s of Wordpress go way beyond the blog elements – you can manage ALL content from simple admin panels rather than having to wrestle with HTML . Editing the template files can be a little more tricky if you don’t know HTML , but so would editing the HTML version, hehe. I always release Wordpress themes as HTML templates first, but the Wordpress theme is where the value is at :)

Any word on the Wordpress Version. I noticed some of your replys here stated that we can expect a wp version first week of August? Have you released it somewhere else so I can purchase? thanks for any new updates you can post re: WP version Your designs are spot on for what is correct web design UI btw :)

Yep – I’m behind schedule thanks to having to move last month, but I’m finishing up the Wordpress version today – it should be available in the next couple days!

Beautiful work. I LOVE the font you have chosen for the “Hello & welcome to the Pacifica template.” I have looked for it everywhere using all my standard font identification tools. Alas, they are all stumped. Would you mind sharing what font that is? :-) Cheers ~

Sure – it’s Gotham Rounded :)

The entire Gotham family is beautiful, but expensive – so you can always use something like Arial rounded or Helvetica as an alternative.

Are we limited to 3 galleries, or can we add as many as we want? I’d like to use this theme (the WP version) to showcase my design work, so I’d like to create a gallery for each category of designs. Currently, I have about 9 categories.

Also, can the Portfolio menu item have a dropdown list of galleries?

Good question – you can add as many as you want – if you’re going to be managing this much content though, it’ll be much easier just to wait a day or two for the WP version. :)

Hi Epicera,

Can you please let me know when you release the Wordpress version of Pacifica? “ThemeForrest” http://makedesignnotwar.com/themes/pacifica/classic/index.html

Much appreciated!