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Why did you release the PSD after the HTML and Wordpress? :P

As DD mentioned below, it certainly doesn’t hurt homepage exposure, but I also have a long standing tradition of releasing all of my products under as many categories as possible so they are accessible to the people that need them. Sure, there are less people that want the PSD as a standalone product, but they do exist and saving a few bucks and not having to buy the fully coded version is valuable to the handful of people that just want a starting template.

Thanks for the comment dracano :)

To have some visibility on the homepage.

But is it me or this theme is released for the second time ? (PSD Version)

Nope – first time for this one – I’m just cleaning out my 2009 stable and making room for my 2010 line of products which will start to release next week. Last week I updated each and every one of my products with new plugins, features, and support files. This week I’m cleaning out any un-released products from last year. Next week begins the new products.


Great to hear that Brandon, can’t wait to see what you will amaze us with next :)

Thanks Kevin – it’s greatly appreciated :D

Thanks you so much for share :)

Great template! Thanks for giving this for free :)

Great template Brandon, awesome website too by the way.


Thanks for the freebie!


Great freebie, thank you!