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Hi guys! Thanks for good template/ Maybe I didn’t sleep enough, but I cant find how to change main menu location (left, top, center)? And it is possible to change a color of background of main menu, but leave it transparent (glassy)?


Thank you a lot! With a color – I got it, but with menu location, maybe I understand wrong, but in your demo version I can change it easily :) Small menu on top – Left, Center, Horizontal

Hi again, see what you mean. To set thes, you can reference template docs (html structure section). You will see an instruction for this:

<body class=”standard simple”> // For changing page layout – you need change first class to standard/vertical/horizon

Thanks, hope this will be helpful.

Yes! Thanks, I got it already :)

br, Konstantin b/

I want to remove the thumbs from the homepage, I have logged a call but not heard anything.. Can you please help?

Thanks for contacting!

The support team has received your ticket, please note that support team does not work on weekends. The support team will now reply to you as fast as they can.

Appreciate your patience,

thank you!

Thank you

Is there a wordpress version of this beautiful slider?


Thanks for contacting!

If you mean a wordpress theme for Pacifico, here it is –

Thank you!

There seems to be a problem with the contact form for IE users.

There is no confirmation dialog after the message is sent, so the user will submit the message multiple times.

Is there a fix for this?

Thanks for contacting!

We would need to see this issue via support ticket. Please submit us a support ticket so that the support team could help you – submit now. Just please add all the needed credentials.

Thank you!

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this awesome template but have some questions I was hoping you could answer for me:

1- the fullscreen images – are they cut to fit the screen or is there an option to fit the screen or are the images cropped/cut?

2- can the bg accept portrait and landscape or are they suited more for landscape only?

3- if it’s fit to screen, what is shown on the parts that the image doesn’t cover? for example a vertical image which will have a lot of empty spaces on left and right sides.

4- when clicking on different pages, can the images on the bg continue to scroll nstead of static images (example going from home page to about us page – the about us page has static bg)?

5- can we have 2 portfolios on the main menu?

6- for he gallery, can we have the right have thumbnails show up automatically instead of having to click on the arrow?

7- for the gallery, do we have to ceate thumbnails ourselves for each image or is it just drag and drop?

Thank you.

Thanks for your interest in Pacifico theme!

1. Full screen slider images should have 16*9 ratio and at least 2500 px width. If image is smaller, there won’t be any animation. Small images will be stretched proportionally to fit the screen.

2. Any image can be used as background images, no matter if it’s landscape or portrait.

3. As you can see from the screenshot there’s a possibility to choose the image vertical/horizontal position, whether it should be repeated or not and other options. If these options aren’t altered, empty spaces will fill the area not covered with background.

4. Do you mean you’d like to stay on the same page while scrolling various navigation items like on our other theme? Please specify, if yes – such result can’t be achieved with Pacifico.

5. Sure, you can add as many portfolio pages as you need.

6. Could you please provide us a link to the page with gallery you’re referring to? Thank you in advance!

7. Thumbnails are added as ordinary WordPress featured images, you just need to add them manually.

Please feel free to ask further questions. Thank you!