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nice work tyler

Thank you!

Good Job! I have 1 request, can you include the iPad in landscape mode also as a couple of my apps are in landscape.

Great idea I will look into adding it in there!

Nice! I did buy the template :) Just another thought, but just a thought, is maybe an option for an iPhone next to the iPad for universal Apps. I’m a developer so I think of these things that I would require.

nice work…

Thank you!

i don’t get it what does this Template do?

Nice work. Can you please make badge.png, logo.png, and appstore.png available as PSDs so that we can modify the text?

Nice .. but it mentions a slide in working subscription form – I can’t see that anywhere on the demo site???


awh Purchased

Beautiful work visually, and clean, well-documented, easy to modify code. Well done!

Thank you!


Hey has anyone integrated this onto a wordpres home page? Any thoughts on if this can be integrated into a wordpress website? Please let me know if in theory or practice this can be done, I have not purchased this but would like to know first. thank you.

Of course it can be done but you will have to edit it to make it a proper wp theme.

Just bought this… Disapointed. I Love the theme but was led to believe it was a Wordpress theme…

How can i integrate this into a wordpress theme? :/

I don’t see how you were led to believe that, no where does it state it’s for Wordpress, it’s not in the Wordpress category, and it does not mention its a theme anywhere.

To answer your question you would just have to write the template with Wordpress hooks and add a functions file.

How would i go about having the payment refunded and licence taken? As i will not be using this design because i only use wordpress….

Open a ticket with Envato support stating your reason and they will help you out… It’s not in the Wordpress category and not marked as a theme.


Can you add css menu tabs as in the template http://themeforest.net/item/appshow-clean-app-site-template/462019

If Yes I can pay for this. Please write ASAP . Thanks

Sure thing, shoot me an email from the contact form on my profile page and I can get you a quote!

Hi Tyler,

We really like your creatives and purchased others too. As other asked… It would be great if you share with us “PSD” version of badge.png for this.


Sorry, I do not have any PSDs for this template.

Is there an iPad landscape version?

Sorry, no.

Hello, Real nice.. Where is the slide in subscription form ? it is not in what I just purchased or downloaded .

Yes it is built right into the template?