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cool theme mate.good luck!

Straight to the point style, nice work , congrats.

Hi, Will this theme support high resolution?

It’s a possibility in the future. We haven’t decided about that yet, due there are several plugins that do the same thing.

Thanks. It’s definitely a nice theme.

Thanks for your kind words :)

Very nice indeed,

2 questions

1) What does it look like in IE7? 2) Does the appointment widget actually do anything? e.g. email response or DB functions?


Hi Rich,

Thanks an interesting point. We haven’t thought about it :)

However, I think we wont cover IE7 still.

Thanks again, Juan.

No worries :-) Lastly before I purchase is the demo data available – so it installs as is on your demo?

Hi Rich,

Yes, you’ll need to send me an email to with your purchase code and I’ll reply with the xml file.

Thank you, Juan

Hi de_caulfield,

Thanks for your purchase. Please to get the XML demo data, send me an email to with your purchase ID.

Best, Juan.

Hi Juan – the theme is gorgeous. Would it be possible to have the masonry blog on the homepage under the slider?


Hello there,

Thanks for writing. No we don’t have different post formats for the masonry blog. It’s just the default post format, and depending if the featured image is set, it’ll show it.

Best, Juan/


Do you know if it is possible to create custom post types for the masonry plugin you’ve used? I understand it’s not something you’ve implemented, but if it’s possible then I can do it myself.

Hello there,

Yes – However, they’re “Post formats” and not custom post types. They’re different things. Have in mind that you’ll need to customize it yourself.

The masonry template is part of the theme, and not a plugin.

Best, Juan.

The slider doesn’t change automatically in the homepage, The visitor has to click the arrow to change the banner!

I like it to slide automatically, if thats possible then i will purchase it.

Thank you

Hello there,

Thanks for writing. Yes, you can set that from the theme options panel. There’s a whole section in the options panel for the slider.

Best, Juan.

Hi nice themes, Get An Appointment it’s only email or there is database for it at admin panel can see for reservation. Thanks

Hello there,

Thanks for writing. The Appointments widget only send an email. There’s no DB functionality.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Best, Juan.

Pre purchase Question: Is your theme support sidebar/custom sidebar or not

Mate when m supposed to get that xml file

Hey Juan what happen, still m waiting for the xml file

Hi Tali,

Sorry for the late response. We’ve been experiencing issues on our office. I’ve just sent you the XML demo data.

Best. Juan.

Hi I am having massive issues with this theme?!

When I upload any image to the relevant area under the theme options, nothing works?

For example have added the custom icon, do not have enable title text checked but still it comes up with the text option but faded? In fact no images I upload appear?

Also there is no slider at the top of the theme as in your demo.

I have followed you support instructions but still not working.

I have tried another domain I have on another hosting service and it is working better now. However I cannot find where to update the slider images? It is not under slider options…

Hello v9per,

Thanks for your purchase. I’m happy is working better now. With regards to the slider, you need to look on your left hand menu: “Slides” > “Add New”.

Then you’ll get into the Slide creation form, where you’ll be able to put the image.

Best, Juan.

Hi, I want to use your theme for Russian WebSite and was wandering if Frontend and Backend could be translated in Russian language?

Hello there,

Thanks for writing. Yes, the theme is translation ready. To translate the backend you’ll need to install WordPress in russian. To achieve this you need to follow the steps described here:

Best, Juan.

Downloaded and installed, follow directions and it looks nothing like the demo??? help

Sure, that’s why I’ve asked what directions is that you have followed.

The ones in our website?

Best, Juan.

I have read the directions that came with the download and your link. I do understand. I want to use woocommerce to sell products and liked your demo. Is this possible or do you recommend a difference cart option?

Awesome, you can access to our support forums in in order to have help with any issue you may have.

Also, you can write us to with your purchase code to ask the demo data.

Finally, regarding WooCommerce, this theme doesn’t come with special WooCommerce templates. However, you shouldn’t have any problem to use the plugin to sell. I think that when it comes to eCommerce plugins, WooCommerce is leader these days.

Best, Juan.

i whant to know if can i change the logo, uploading my logo and copyright text with a author name change with my company name..,

I wait your answer,



Thanks for writing. Yes, the logo can be changed from the theme options panel with a few clicks. The copyright text should be changed from the footer file.

Best, Juan.

Hey Juan when u r planning to send me demo.xml file.

Hi Tali,

Thanks for writing. With regards to the Business Hours:

On the WordPress admin section, under the Nice Themes Options panel you’ll see that there’s a “Business Setup” tab ( on the left ).

Once you click that tab, you’ll find different options for setting up your business information. Below the Phone Number field, you can find a multiple select field for each day of the week. These fields work in the following way:

- If you’re on Windows, press control + click to select a range of time when your business is open. - If you’re on a Mac, press command + click to select a range of time when your business is open.

By range of time I mean, the hours your business is open. For example, if your store/restaurant is opening from 9 to 5 on Mondays, you need to click on every item from the “Monday Business Hours” field between 9:00 to 17:00 (If your business is closed in the middle, you can uncheck them and it’ll work).

Finally, to set up the order of the different sections on the home page you’ll need to edit the file “template-home.php”, unfortunately there’s no way to change the order from the theme options.

Hope this helps.


thnxs juan :)

no problem :)

Hey juan can u please tell me is there any option that i can use different sidebar for the different services, if not thn any plugin which support to your theme for different services…

Hey mate found the solution :)

Hi there, thanks for writing. I’m happy you’ve found the solution :)

Have a nice day, Juan.

Hi please send me the .xml demo data thanks!!

Hi, thanks for your purchase :)

Sure Thing! Would you please send us an email to with your purchase ID? We’ll reply with the XML demo data.

Best, Juan

Hi, Pre purchase question:

You mention there is 15 page templates available. Please can we see all of these or see the complete list of short-codes available?

Do you have a psd available with all of these within?


Hi Tom,

Thanks for writing. Regarding your questions, the 15 page templates are:

- Home - Services 1 col - Services 2 col - Single Service - Service categories - Blog - Blog Masonry - Contact - Feedback - Full Width - Gallery - Sitemap - Staff - Single Staff - Staff Deparments

The theme doesn’t come packed with shortcodes because we decided that it should be that way. Shortcodes should be part of plugins and not themes.

With regards to the PSDs, the package comes with the home PSD.

Best, Juan.

Hey juan feedback widget doesn’t show the images in footer part, help me whts happen :(

Hi Tali62,

Would you write on our support forums over so we can have a better track of the problem?

Also, please send me your site details over so we can take a look.

Best, Juan.

already sent u the site details on your, please check your inbox

Thank you, I’ll reply over there.