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Hello, Before I purchase may I ask if there is an option for a sticky nav? I would like the nav and logo to be visible at all times.



Hello Joel,

Thanks for writing.

Unfortunately there’s no sticky nav on paeon. However if you know some CSS it is something pretty easy to do.

Best, Juan.

Please let me know if you have any other question, Joel.

Have a nice day, Juan.

I have the template purchased and installed. I have created several pages just using the ‘default template’. And some pages have the comments section displayed at the bottom of the page and some don’t. Is there a setting that I can turn off/on so that the comment section isn’t displayed at all?


Hello Ben,

Thanks for writing. That’s a WordPress feature. When creating/editing a page, have a look on the top right part of the screen. You’ll see a button that says “Screen Options”. Click that.

A panel with the screen options will be toggled. There you can check the “Discussion” checkbxox.

In the form you’ll see that there’s a new box, named “Discussion”. There you can enable/disable comments.

Have a nice day. J

Awesome, thanks!

no problem :)

Hi. Just send you an email. Hope to hear from you very soon. Thanks!

Hi, thanks for your purchase. Seen and replied :)

Hi, before I purchase I would like to know if it’s easy to translate the theme to Spanish and if it supports installing a multi language plug in.


Hi, sorry to bother so much, i added the appointment widget to the home side bar but it’s not showing in the home page, what could it be?


Hello there,

Please check that you’ve enabled the feedback for the home page in the Theme Options.

Best, J

Thank you!

Hi there

Great theme, thank you very much, just wondering if there is demo content available? Thanks,



Thanks for your purchase and kind words.

Sure, please send an email to and we’ll reply with the XML file.

Best, J

there must be something wrong – the xml file when installed resulted in stretched images and the home page is blank. Is it possible to get the xml from the demo on the “live preview” option? Or I’m I doing something wrong? Thanks:)


Thanks for writing. The WordPress importer, imports all the data related to contents, but not configuration.

In order to have your site as the demo site you’ll need to configure the home page, set the widgets and check the theme options. You can read more about how to start working with the theme here:

Best, J

is there a way to display a post category on a page, what i would like is to have a page for the post category news & a page for the post category events

thanks in advance

Hello there,

Thanks for writing. Well, you have the automatic template. If you go to “Posts > Categories” in your dashboard and then click over “View” when hovering the category you’d like to see, you’ll be directed to the automatic category template.

Best, Juan.

you sell just the PSD?

Hello Marcos,

Thanks for writing. No, unfortunately not. We sell the WordPress theme (which includes the PSD).

Best, Juan.

Hello. Does your theme support WPML?

Hi Robert,

Thanks for writing.

Yes it has support for translations. The only strings which can cause you some trouble is the welcome mesasge (What you see in the front page, “Welcome to Paeon”), because is part of the options.

Best, Juan.

I’m not sure which “welcome to Paeon” you mean? I don’t see that on the front page.

Sorry, I meant “Paeon, a theme suitable for any medical and health related projects or businesses.”

Best, Juan.

Thanks for the theme!

I just added a staff member, and a department.

I then created a page called doctors

Then I changed the link to the staff page in the theme settings to link to doctors.

But when I click the link it takes me to a 404.

What am I missing?


Thanks for sending the details. The problem has to do with the WordPress permalinks. Your .htaccess file is not writable, so WordPress can set the rules for your site to process the URLs.

I’d recommend you to visit “Settings > Permalinks” in your WordPress dashboard and follow the instructions.

Best, Juan

got it. I am trying to keep access limited via htaccess password. I’ll have to see what I can do. Thanks for helping.

No problem :)

Is there a way to sort the staff on the homepage? I have already set the sort attribute for the staff page but it doesnt affect the home page sort.

Hi There,

Thanks for writing. Yes, if you go to the “Theme Options” panel, to the “Home Options” section, you’ll see that there’s a special field to set the order for the staff elements.

Best, Juan.

Perfect. Missed that. Thanks. Really liking the theme by the way :)

Thanks for your kind words :)

Is there a way to link from the home slide to a filtered service page.

I have my services setup in categories and I would like to link to a specific category of service from the slide.

Well, the theme has a default template for the services categories. If you go to the “Categories” section over the “Services” in the backend, you’ll see a list of the different categories. If you step over each one of those, you’ll see a link that says “view”. If you click on any of that you’ll be redirected to the service category template. You can use any of those as the link on any of slides :)

ah great! thanks!

No problem :)

I just created a page with the gallery theme. When I add an image to the page via the “add media” button it just adds it as an image with a grey border around it.

I am not getting the same effect as there is in the theme demo with the magnifying glass.

What do I need to do?


Thanks for writing.

Are you sure you’ve created the page using the “Gallery Template” and then that you added the image on that page?

Another option is using the gallery shortcode in there:

Best, Juan.

How can I remove this at the footer?

Paeon © 2014 All Right Reserved. Designed by Nice Themes

Thanks for writing.

You’ll need to remove that from the file footer.php

Best, Juan.

Hi there thanks for the theme. Anyway to show 8 staff members on homepage instead of 4?

Hi, thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately at the moment there’s no way to get that with the theme options. You can try editing the file template-home.php and modify the staff query, putting 8 instead of 4 in the ‘posts_per_page’ parameter.

Best, Juan.

Worked perfectly thanks!

Awesome :)

Have a nice day, Juan

Hi I am trying to install the template but receive the following message

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

What do I do??

Hi There,

Thanks for your purchase. Please check that you can download two zips when you purchase the theme (1. All Files And documentation 2. Installable WordPress file only).

You’re trying to install the first file, that’s why you get that message.

Try with the other one and everything should go well.

Best, Juan.


Where can I change colour of header bar, call to action buttons etc


No worries, I have found this!

Hi There, awesome. Please let us know if you need further assistance.

Best, Juan.


What size slide do I need to make so that I get some of the bottom page to stay on homepage like in your live preview. See mine is all hidden

Also, how do I change slide text colour. I have tried options/typoography/slider title but with no luck.

thanks Mary-Anne

You have to enable the custom typography option in order to have the selections working. Please look at the option on the top of that section.

Best, Juan.

thank you

No worries :)

Hi. Congratulations for your beautiful theme. I have two questions. 1) Does the theme support a secondary menu? 2) Can it be translated into other Languages, such as Greek, Russian

Thank you in advance

Hi There,

Thanks for your kind words.

With regards to your questions:

1) What do you mean with secondary menu? The theme comes with two navigations menu, one on the footer, and the main one on the header.

2) Yes, it is translatable. The only string that you’ll find difficult to translate is the “Welcome Message”, given that it is a string saved as an option. As for the rest it is fully translatable.

Best, Juan.

Thank you very much. As secondary menu i consider a vertical one placed on left or right in a sidebar for example.

Best regards George

No problem, George :)

With regards to the menu, yes. That’s part of WordPress, it comes as a widget. The name of the widget is “Custom Menu”. You can pick a title and select any of the navigation menus that you’ve created.

Best, Juan.

What size should the doctors image be to get consistent sizes circles on the home page


Thanks for writing. The optimal size would be something larger than 480×480.

Best, Juan.

thank you

No problem :)

Hi I love this theme. Been implementing it for a client and I’m having an issue with the responsiveness.

Is there an easy way to turn off the responsive css, or narrowing the width of the page before it goes to “mobile” navigation? I’ve tried altering the CSS @media max-widths and removing the responsive styles altogether, but the slider disappears when I do that. Thanks in advance.


Thanks for your kind words and thanks for your purchase :)

Unfortunately there’s no easy way to do that. The easiest way would be removing the responsive styles from the stylesheet.

The problem with that is that responsiveness on this case is also given by JavaScript. There are several javascripts on the file /includes/js/general.js to re adequate the slider when the screen is adjusted.

I’m sorry for this.

Best, Juan.