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We are trying to create a page full of FAQs and would like to have an element like a drop down answer that expands when the question is clicked on.

Here is an example:

Is thi spossible with your theme, e couldn’t find any shortcodes on the demo or in the documentation associated with the theme.

Thank you in advance!

Hello there,

Thanks for writing. Unfortunately the theme doesn’t come packed with shortcodes. We consider that’s plugin territory. I’m sure you can get that job done with some plugin like for example:

Best, Juan.

Having Trouble installing theme.

Installing Plugin from uploaded file:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

I have wordpress 3.9

?53 Plugin Updates, 2 Theme Updates ?New

Add Event


Howdy, Allon

Log Out

Installing Plugin from uploaded file:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Return to Plugins page

duh. Thanks. Will try again.

Worked beautifully. Beginner on Wordpress and looking forward to working with this theme. THanks again.

No problem. Welcome to the WordPress world :) and thanks again for your purchase. If you have any question regarding the usage of the theme feel free to post it on our forums at

Have a nice weekend, Juan.

I’m having an issue with the schedule and appointment widget. All of the emails are being sent to gmails spam filter because it is sending the email from the users email address. Gmail thinks it is being spoofed.

Is there a way to change the from address to the domains and include the users email in the message body instead?-


Thanks for writing. That problem doesn’t have to do with the theme itself, but with the email of the sender.

The sender email is the blog email by default, else you can configure that email in the theme options panel. In the “Contact” section.

Best, Juan

Do you plan a ‘boxed’ version of this theme?

Hi there, Thanks for writing. Unfortunately not in the near term.

Thanks again, Juan.


Is it possible to change the URL slug for the “services” pages to “treatments”? If so, how can this be done? Having troubles locating where to make this change.


No problem, Michael.

Have a nice day, Juan.

Hey Juan,

Turns out that wasn’t correct. Had to change it to

‘rewrite’ => array( ‘slug’ => ‘treatment’ )

in order for the URL to be rewritten from ‘service’ to ‘treatment’.

Though I would let you know! :)

Cheers, Michael

Yep, sorry. My bad. Copied the code from another place and confused the string to replace.

Thanks Michael.

Best, Juan.

I am attempting to embed multiple maps on the contact us page, however it will only pull up the first embedded map for all four even though the individual embed codes are listed. Is this something that can be done, or am I only able to embed one map?

Hi there,

Thanks for writing Unfortunately you can only embed one map through the options. If you want you can modify the template and put the code directly. That would be in template-contact.php

Best, Juan.

Thanks a ton Juan. I am sure I’ll be back for at least one more question. ;)

No problem :)

I’d recommend you to jump into our forums at – It’ll be easier to track each issue and you’ll be able to find more than one solution :)

Best, Juan.

Hi There,

I purchased this theme, can i please have the xml data please? :)

Hi Liz,

Thanks for writing. We’ve responded your email with the XML details :)

Have a nice day, Juan.

Hey there,

is it possible to deactivate the business hours? So we don’t need it or can i delete some code so that it doesn’t shows this feature?

thanks, roman

Hi Roman,

You can avoid using the widget and they won’t be displayed.

Best, Juan

Hi…I am hacking around at the theme, and I was curious about one particular thing. I am trying to create a query in wordpress that will list out the rest of the services in the same service category below the content on a single service page. I’ve managed to create a query that lists all of the other services, but not limited to category. Is there an arg I can put in the query to distinguish service categories?

For example… ‘category__in’ => $cat

This (I think) would normally work in the main query loops of wordpress. I’m assuming there’s a different taxonomy for service categories though.

Help! Thanks!


Yes, the taxonomy is ‘service-category’

Please check your query $args, the taxonomy should be an array:

$args = array( ‘post_type’ => ‘service’, ‘tax_query’ => array( array( ‘taxonomy’ => ‘service-category’, ‘field’ => ‘slug’, ‘terms’ => ‘the-slug-you-want’ ) ) );

Best, Juan

We’re almost there, except that I don’t want to put “the-slug-you-want” in there. I want it to populate based off the category you’re in. For example, if you’re on a service page that’s in the service category of “foo”, I want this query to pull up all the other services in that same “foo” category. But if you’re in the “bar” category, I want it to pull up other “bar” services.

Well, you just need to get the slug of the category. “the-slug-you-want” was just an example of how to make the query.

This function help you to get the terms

Please have in mind that we can’t provide support on customizations or developments. We provide support on theme related issues.



I was wondering if you could explain how I could customize the appointment form? I’d like to take out the “Appointment Date” on the form so that there’s only “Name” “Phone” “Email” and “Message”.



Thanks for writing. You can hide it with CSS or edit the widget and edit the different related functions.

You’ll need to edit the widget, in /includes/widgets/widget-appointment.php and remove the field, the function nice_appointment_js() in /includes/scripts.php to remove the js validation and the function nice_appointment_ajax() in /includes/functions.php to edit the email that is sent.

Best, Juan.

Thank you!

No problem.

Hello- just purchased this theme and am LOVING it- great job!!

Just a quick question with regards to something I am trying to implement onto the homepage. I have used ‘services’ to show the services my business offers, however I wish to add another section below services to show some videos via another plugin wp-lightbox. The videos have nothing to do with services as such however I simply added extra posts to services section and put them into a services categories called ‘videos’.

I then copied the code in template-home.php which displays the services section and pasted it underneath which gave me 2 identical service sections. Can you tell me how to filter this second additional services section I have created to show only the videos from the videos category? I have tried everything but can’t get it to show only the videos.

Much appreciated, keep up the good work!


Thanks for writing, and the kind words. Unfortunately we can’t provide support on customizations, but only theme related issues.

What I can say, is that you need to try something like this for the parameters on your second query:

$args = array( ‘post_type’ => ‘service’, ‘tax_query’ => array( array( ‘taxonomy’ => ‘service-category’, ‘field’ => ‘slug’, ‘terms’ => ‘the-slug-you-want’ ) ) );

You can learn on how to make queries by custom taxonomies here:

Best, Juan.

I just purchased this theme but cant seem to find the .xml file in the zip for sample data


Thanks for your purchase. You can get the file here:

Best, Juan.

I need to change the navigation so that the links are white on hover or the user is on the selected page. Cant his be done by modifying the css?


Thanks for writing. The navigation links text is already white. If you want to change the hover effect (the box behind the text) you can do it by changing the accent color.

Best, J


Can you please send me the XML demo?


Already found it!

Great, thanks for the follow up. Have a nice day, Juan.


My issue is half solved by reading other comments, but I still have one part unresolved. I am trying to have individual pages for each category; I found the link by clicking “View” on service category link. However it does not allow to have a Description text display in that single category page. Is there a way to display this?

I noticed that it shows any Category Description in the filter right after the name, so maybe that field wouldn’t work. I would imagine that it can work if I could create a page and apply a single category to it.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. While I’m here, I would also like to congratulate you on such a lightweight and clean theme. Good stuff.


Thanks for the follow up. You’ll need to work on the file taxonomy-service-category.php

I would try using the following function:

Best, Juan.

Perfect! It worked as intended. Now there is a smaller issue I can live without fixing, but maybe there is an easy way to do it. Any description I type is also included in the category filter.

For example: if I have a category name “Web” with the description “stuff”, it shows in the filters (All) (Web stuff) (category2) (category3)

I found the code, but I don’t understand how to remove the description text from displaying.

<?php wp_list_categories(array(

‘title_li’ => ’’,

‘show_option_none’ => ’’,

‘taxonomy’ => ‘service-category’,

‘hide_empty’ => 1,

‘walker’ => new Nice_Walker())

); ?>

Hi,Would you please send me a link to your site at ?

Best, Juan.

Hello. First of all, nice theme, clean and easy to use.

We have built a nav menu with some items and sub-items. But sub-items doesn’t display on mobile devices, when theme gets responsive: you press, or put your finger, on the main menu item, already changed to responsive mode, but sub-items don’t show up.

Thank you very much.

What version of the theme is that you’re using? Would you please send us your site URL and access details to

Best, Juan.

1.0.6. Ok, We’ll write you now. Thank you.


Thanks for the follow up. Well, that issue has been resolved in version 1.0.7, you can check the changelog here:

I’d recommend you to update the theme in order to solve that issue.

Best, Juan.

Hello, How do I make the social media links open up a new window? Right now it’s set up as the same window and the user had to leave the website.



Thanks for writing. Unfortunately there´s no option for that with the theme as it is right now. However, you can edit the social functionality in order to open those links on a new window.

Best, Juan

Hello, I have tried everything I can think of but the masonry blog won’t load the images larger than small thumbnails- is there anyway to make them larger, the way it is on the demo site? the address for the website I am working on is where I have attempted to load the blog in the homepage however even on the actual masonry blog page itself it still shows up as a small image. Any help is greatly appreciated- thank you!


Thanks for writing.

That’s because the blog masonry page it is not meant to be in the home page. So, the styles that the site is loading are the ones for the regular blog.

Try adding some custom css in order to work around that:

body.home .post .featured-image, .post .featured-image{ width: 100%; }

Best, Juan.

There seems to be a problem with the way the staff page displays?

Some of the boxes for each staff member are out of line, and there are random gaps in the rows where no staff member box is displayed.

Is this a known issue? How do I solve this?

Would you send me a link to your site at including the purchase ID?


Sure, I’ll do that now. Thanks

Thank you.


Is there a way to edit the fields on the contact form?

Thanks! Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for writing. Unfortunately not through the options.

Best, Juan.