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There is blank space in the right side. how to fix it?

Hi anjummalik, Thanks for purchasing Paidjoo. :)

About the issue, is the blank space come up when the content of flexslider on “More From This Template” section are sliding? Please add a style on body tag. Open the style.css file and add

overflow-x: hidden;
on body tag style.

Hope this can help you, don’t forget to rate this template. :)

Best, Wisnu

Can you please show me how to set up the file “subscribe.php” so that the form sends mail containing a single subscriber’s [name], [surname] and [message] to a specific recipient’s (mine) address?

Thats the only thing stopping me from rating this 5stars

Hi giogeo1984, thanks for purchasing my item!

So in this case you’re using the Paidjoo List layout aren’t you? If so then you just need to edit the form, edit the existing fields or remove then add your new field. Each field is nested under

<div class="row-fluid"><div class="span12">(the field here)</div></div>
Add your input field on (the field here) area. Make sure you give the field ‘name’ and ‘id’ so its data can be sent.

Once you have the form set up, open the paidjoo.js file from js folder and find js setting for List Form Validation and add the validation setting based on your form. I’‘m sure you can do this by following the existing setting. Once this done then open the subscribe.php file and add the script to take the data from your form. Just follow the existing script (add/edit it based on your form).

That’s it! I hope this can help you :)


How do you change the header colors? In your help file the CSS you mention I don thane. Is it the docs.css file?

Hi Leaplab,

Thanks for purchasing my item. Did you mean you want to change the top-header color? Which template did you use? Basically, if you use the blue scheme so there will be

<section id="top-header" class="blue-gradient">
to change it into blue you just need to change the class into green-gradient.

Let me know if you have another question.

Please don’t forget to give your rating to my item. :)

OK great thank you. I have the form built but cannot get it to send. Ive read the help files. Contact.php was changed with a senders email. Do I use : <form id=”list_form” action=”subscribe.php” method=”post”> at the beginning of the form , per your help file or do I need to call a .js file somehow as the form isn’t validating or submitting.

Hi Leaplab,

Could you send me your contact.php and paidjoo.js file? email me xwisnux@worksofwisnu.com

Hi great template,

I’ve set up all of the index.html and subscribe.php forms but he data is not showing in the text file? How can I fix the issue?

The subscribe.php is as follows;


$loan_amount = $_POST[‘loan_amount’]; $name = $_POST[‘name’]; $email = $_POST[‘email’]; $phone = $_POST[‘phone’];

$fp = fopen(“subscriber-data.txt”,”a”); //a is for append if (fputs($fp, ”$name | $email | $phone | $loan_amount” . ”\n”)){ echo ‘sent’; } else { echo ‘failed’; } fclose($fp);


Hi Garethcrook,

Thanks for purchasing my item! :) Could you please send me your index.html file? email me at xwisnux@worksofwisnu.com

Best, Wisnu

Hello Xwisnux,

I like the layout, purpose, and functionality. Can you speak yet to how soon you expect to have a working WP version available? Please let me know and add me to your mailing list w/ regard to notifying me of that. I will/would purchase it immediately.

But, in my day-to-day work, it is no longer time nor cost effective for me to build and support HTML sites.

I have half-a-mind to turn this into WordPress on my own – but wanted to find out if you’re working on that already 1st.

Thank You,

CTO – TieTechnology.com

Hi Ximbalo,

Thanks for your interests in my item. I have a desire to make the wordpress version of Paidjoo template but I think it seems not in the near future. I’m sorry for that Ximbalo, but I do appreciate your interests.

Thank you!

Thank you very much GrafAS! :)

Great LP design, thank you xwisnux! I have the same question like whardson. I can’t find where set up slider’s attributes? Want to change numbers and “K”.

Hi shurt,

Thank you very much for purchasing Paidjoo :)

to adjust the forms slider setting please open the paidjoo.js file and find “Loan Slider Input” section (should be at the bottom). There you will find how to change numbers and dimension. For more info you can check it here http://egorkhmelev.github.io/jslider/

Hope this will help, please don’t forget to give your rating to Paidjoo :)

Best, xWIsnux

Hi masterbig,

thank you very much for purchasing Paidjoo and also for noticing me about the page speed test. :) This will be very helpful in order for the next update of Paidjoo.

Hi xwisnux great template. I have two problems the first one is I can’t get the contact form to work, can you please help me?

Second is on the drop down menu I can’t see the options, all I see is a white box how can I fix this?

Thank you in advance.

Hello testcloud, Thanks for purchasing my item :) Could you please send your contact.html and contact.php file to xwisnux@worksofwisnu.com? Also, right now this item doesn’t support drop down menu. but I’ll note that on the next update.

how to edit the content? just open it with dreamwever will work?

Hi imelstudio,

yes, any code editor which support html tag would be perfect to edit the content. :)

Do you guys have the option to open the confirmation page in a new page instead a popup?

Did you mean when user submit a form? No at this time, but sure I can guide you to redirect to a new page instead a notification bar.

Yes, that’s what I mean.

I’m just asking this because tracking leads conversion through confirmation pages in a new page is easier and simple than a popup.

Yes, you can redirect the form submission to your confirmation page. :)

any updates on the wordpress version of this theme? i already bought html, would be great if there was a wordpress version – would buy right away!

Hi David,

Thanks for purchasing Paidjoo :) for now Paidjoo is only available in HTML version, but sure I will put your suggestion in the note.

Hope you enjoy building with Paidjoo :)

Nice template Love it GLWS

Let me i know via my profile if you like WP version and Joomla version