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Hello maskeenan,

I wrote an email to you yesterday. Hopefully you received it. As I can not find a link to send you a pm for getting an account at the help system I’m trying it here. It’s urgent for me to get the help I need and I’ve paid for. It’s the extended support btw. So give me an answer soon please.

Thanks and regards

Hello Frank,

Thanks for your trust purchasing my templates. Please check your inbox, I need a further information from you.


Hello there.I send you a message to help system.I need to find a soon is possible a solution about.The Check out page is not working and the header menu is always scroll down.Any suggestions?

Good Morning, About a month ago bought the template: Pajuh – Clean and Responsive Virtuemart .. He settled in joomla 3.4.8, earlier had a previous version to 3 and had the same template but a free older version, everything ran well but update the latest version. We have problems with this new version with part of the images in the following link I’ll show you: In the beginning part of the image does not enter the product. Extensive image and cell looks bad. In the cell so it looks:

In the categories is the same, the image is enlarged and does not enter the specifications what makes people see not enter sizes, colors and specifications. It is also stretched in cell no matter what size they are mounted. We have already measures 300 * 300, 500 * 500, 600 * 600, 1000 * 1200 * 1000 and 1200. They all look the same.

The following link is displayed as part of the categories is: In the cell so it looks:

We would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks.

Hello Maizo,

Please add this rule on your custom.css file, #sbox-window.shadow, .sbox-content-image img { height: auto!important; }

Good luck,

Hi maskeenan

i’m working for a migration from joomla 2.5 to 3, on a site not developed by me which uses Pajuh v1.14.1. Is this version compatible with the latest joomla release? If i should update the template too, would you please tell me how? The version i have is suggesting to use “JA Extension Manager Component”, but i checked it and i can’t find your template in the update list from the web repository.

thanks in advance.

Nice template, but since I changed to multiple language I’m not able to activate the slideshow on the homepage anymore. Can you help me? On other pages it is working …

any help? I also have a problem with the additional image thumbnails – they are not showing up.

Good morning, I have a serious problem, I installed the quickstart several times and I always get the same error … “Error 0”, I do not know what to do … Help please …

Hi vmaxcl,

I’m so sorry for my very late reply. How is your website? does the problem still persist..??


Im still waiting one year now for a simple question and they want to renew my support fow another 42$.Clever.

Asked author for help a number of times whilst my support was still active with no reply! I just wanted to know how to remove the image overlay on the product images in a virtuemart category, and instead of opening a larger image when the product is clicked, it would take you to the product details page instead.


I thank you for your trust to purchase my templates. To change and remove the image overlay, please go to templates > pajuh > html > com_virtuemart > sublayouts folder and find this line echo $product->images[0]->displayMediaThumb('class="browseProductImage"', true, 'class="modal"');

and replace it with this one
echo $product->images[0]->displayMediaThumb('class="browseProductImage"', false);

Good luck,

Hi, i’m going to buy this theme but i have a question for you: Can i add a code in the <head></head>? If yes, how can i do?

Hi Sinaptic,

I’m glad you’re insterested in buying this templates. Adding any code to <head></head> is very possible, you could easily add it through the admin panel.



I have tried to install the template from the quickstart but it does not install as the demo. The version of the quickstart engine in the template is deiiferent to the one in your documenation this asks for what sample content you want to install, i have tried all of them and still cant get it to look like the demo. Please advise.


i can’t remove the —) code in search result..can you help me ? i bought extension support!

Hello, is this template compatible with Joomla 3.8.3?


sompi Purchased

Hello, i would like a quote to make a custom change on the price on page product. I contacted you 7 days a week but i’ve still no answer. Could you please contact me to know how could we proceed ? Regards.

Hello im trying to write via support but the link does not work, i want to install the template to look like the demo, but there is no option in the joomla installation, please help its very urgent, thanks a lot


Vizum Purchased

Support link is broken, how do I contact you for support?

Hi. I have sent you emails regarding support and have had no contact within the last month. Please get back to me regarding on going issues.