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Thanks for the reply Keenan,

for now the site is local. To send you the URL to make the necessary checks before I load it remotely.

However, I tried to reinstall your templeate (quickstare) with another name and, without making any changes, I tried to register.

Unfortunately, I had the same problem: when you press the button “register” an error screen appears.

Regards, Franco

Pre-sales question: I dont want to use paypal, therefore I would like to offer my customers an option to process orders by email and send them bank details. Since the store we are building is meant for a local business where most people do not have credit cards on our area.

I want to know if I can use this template without virtuemart to take in payments and just use the template’s design to catalog and organize products and drop all items on the shopping cart prior to check out?

Is this a template’s feature or something that I need to modify on virtuemart’s code?


Thank you very much for your question, I’ve answered your PM, please check your inbox.


Really nice design but by using the quick install package I get Fatal error: t3import not found object: core.libs.browser

Hello Tix,

I’m so sorry for my late reply, anyway thank you very much for your trust to purchase my templates. How is yur site? does the problem still persist..??? reinstalling the jat3 system plugin will usually fix this issue, the installler could be found on the file which hase been encllosed on the package. good luck.


Actually I logged in the administrator panel, and run all the updates.Updating the t3 framework seems to have fixed the issue. You should probably also update the installation zip with the new t3 framework.

Very nice template. just a little questiuon. Template have all plugins included at download pack?

Hello leonevoz,

Thanks for your question, yes I could confirm that all extension (component, plugin and modules) have benn included on the package, even you will also have a quickstart package, it’s kind of the clone of my demo version.


Hi I buy the theme and design my shop but the topic is a little heavy, so it takes long to open as I fix that…


I have a problem, this very slow entry into the page, in the comments and seen that forum and was treated on the subject but I did all the steps and until now I send the username and temporary password to login to the forum

Hello Ever,

Thank you very much for your purchase. I’ve created an id for you and send the detail to your email, please check your inbox.


Hi I have a problem I think some items and adding the images enlarges all my images alone as fix that ..

Hello Ever,

I’m so sorry for my late reply. Please try to head to templates.css and find this line

.items-leading img, .items-row img, .item-page img{margin:10px 0; height:auto; width:100%; max-width:100%;}
Please delete the width:100%

Good luck,

Hi, Very nice Theme, but, I have a problem! I have installed the Theme, but not working, after installation, homepage only appear blank page. Is there anything I can do? Could you please help me? Thank you very much! IT_WEB


I’m so sorry for my late reply, anyway thank you very much for your trust to purchase my templates. About your problem, reinstalling the jat3 system plugin will usually fix this issue, the installler could be found on the file which hase been enclosed on the package. good luck.

Regards, Keenan

Hello Keenan,

Thanks for your kind support, now it works perfectly :grin: !

thanks again Best Regards IT_WEB

Please could you tell me if you will be upgrading the template to support Joomla 3.1 ?


hello mate,

upgrading to joomla 3.1 surely without virtuemart, because currently virtuemart can only runs under joomla 2.5, surely I will annouce if this template has been included with the quickstart of joomla 3.x



I have a problem with template I installed Joomla 2.5 and all the extensions manually. But, there’re no positions to configure modules. Only position 2, 4, 7 and 10

Please it´s urgent


Ready to configure, problem solved, recomend the quickstart installation


hello, as I can index the google analytics template? Can not find the option of indexing …


Thank you very much for your trust to purchase my templates. to insert your analytics code, please open head.php in templates > pajuh > blocks folder and paste your code on its last line. Good luck.

If you have another question please PM me here I’ll activate your account on my own forum.


Hi Keenan,

Please activate my account on your forum. I need to ask you some questions. Thanks.

hello axonic,

thank you very much for your trust to purchase my templates, please PM me here I will send you the jomsocial theme.

regards, keenan

Done, waiting for account activation. Thx.

Hi, I purchased and installed the template Pajuh, but I have some problems. 1. I istalado template with quickstart but when I open the web goes completely blank. Two. I can not translate it into Spanish joomla or by installing plugins. I can not translate the virtuemart.



Qucikstart ERROR, i can`t exctract the – i get always an error.

Error Message in german: Keine Übereinstimmung des zentralen und lokalen Verzeichnisses für die Datei “libaries/tcpdf/tcpdf.php” Kompressionsgröße – lokal: 1050581 zentral: 4293920725).

Error Message in english – google translate: No compliance of the central and local directory for the file “libaries / tcpdf / tcpdf.php” compression size – local: 1050581 central: 4293920725).

i need the correctly qucikstart. thx. br henry

So….. i find a solution…. ;)

Hallo I have pre-order question. In the Item detail i can not see any customization. I mean, any oportunity to select f.e. color, type of fabric etc. I know, in your sample demo it is not needed but, I would like to use it for purchasing furniture…Thank you a lot for your reply.. Have a nice day.

Yes, of course, you can add the custom fields in virtuemart to set the color, type of fabric, etc.. It’s easy to set up.

because I get this message, how can I fix:

Fatal error: t3import not found object: core.libs.browser in /home/ventasna/public_html/plugins/system/jat3/jat3/core/common.php on line 33

Hello adamwebmaster,

Thanks for your messages, unfortunately I couldn’t see your purchased badge, so apologize if I couldn’t provide any support for you. but, if you have purchased my theme you can PM me here and i will activate your account in our forum

Regards, Keenan

Hi Keenan,

This looks like a lovely template. I’am really interested in buying it. Is there a possibility to add a ‘add to cart button’ in the category view? Now you have to open each article to add it to your basket.

Like at the homepage that’s great.. Is it possible to have the same in the category view?