Discussion on Palazzo - Real Estate WordPress Theme

Discussion on Palazzo - Real Estate WordPress Theme

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Vsgo Purchased

After The Update my Website is DOWN, nothing is working. I redewed the support for 32.28 $ today (10.05.2022), I can not contact the Support Team

On https://nootheme.com/forums/forum/palazzo/ is “You must have valid license to create new topic in this forum.”

Thank you for contacting us.
With the new version, you also need to update all required plugins. We have checked and revalidated your support. Please check it again.

Yes, How can I help you? Thanks.

Good day,

Do you have plans on updating this theme?

Thank you

Hi again.
On our site, it still works fine. Please remove that plugin and updated the latest version from our site. Don’t forget to update our theme and plugin. Maybe that can help you fix the issue.

Good day,

Thank you.

The one installed from the theme dashboard works fine.


Yes, if you need help, please let us know again.


After installing theme there is some issue in header and theme options.I can’t access some theme options and it also not working.

What could cause this ?

Dear, If you have any problem when use theme. Please kindly contact with our support team on https://nootheme.com/forums/ Our supporter will check details to help you.

Best regards.

hi for some reason, all of a sudden in the backend dashboard, if i click on properties > and click on an individual property or create a new one > the Property Options section titles are all blank. What could cause this ?

Dear, Please kindly contact with our support team on https://nootheme.com/forums/ Our supporter will check details to help you.

Best regards.

hello, thank you for making this wonderful directory made available – we have some questions and are very interested to make the purchase. we want to use this as a ‘searchable’ director’ based on keywords and industries, is this possible. Also when some is conducting a search – we would like to them to submit their ‘details’ for reserving or booking with us – is it possible to do that? – also we may use ‘multi-keywords’ based search sections – is it possible? — and finally is there an example we can see for what we are asking for? thank you so much

Dear, the theme not support ‘multi-keywords’ it only you add custom field to search form like theme demo.

Best regards.


I installed the noo-palazzo theme after I bought it and I have a problem with the header.

I still have the background color which is in white and doesn’t change despite the modifications I made.

the site is habitat99.com

Thank you for your help


Dear, Please kindly contact with our support team on Support forum Our supporter will check details to help you.

Best regards.

update is working

What is update ? Please kindly give me more details.

Why isn’t this theme up to date? With all the wonderful features, it is right for you guys to regularly update your theme. Right now, the templates don’t work with Woocommerce. What should i do?

Dear, If you have any problem when use theme. Please kindly contact with our support team on http://nootheme.com/forums Our supporter will check details to help you.

Best regards.

Hello Is your theme up to date for worpdress 5.6? Thank you and happy new year

Yes, the Palazzo tested with WordPress 5.6


I requested a refund but I am not getting a response. Template does not work. It gives a javascript error. Please make my refund. Now whoever is the responsible person, answer

Please kindly contact with Envato Support to help you refund.

Best regards.

I created a refund request via envato…

After purchase, the demo doesn’t install properly and a lot of the customization doesn’t work like the header settings and more and also support from the theme is very very terrible.

my Website: www.rosenbergimmobilien.com What i want: http://wp.nootheme.com/palazzo/

- purchase & Installing (Install-Guid) - The installguid is not good - Installing is very very very difficult - Does not work properly - this Theme is only for Experts - Design is not the same like the Demo Home 1 http://wp.nootheme.com/palazzo/ (differs from the DEMO) - almost every page - The Design is not working like the Demo - after hours my nerves run out (this is not my first Template)

Dear, If you have any problem when use theme, please kindly contact with our support team on http://nootheme.com/forums Our supporter will check details problem on your site to help you.

Best regards.

Thanks for the answer. I have made. Best regards


Hi, In the filters How can we enable multi select option for the listing types, cities etc? Is it possible in palazzo?

Sorry, the Palazzo not support multi select in filter.

Best regards,

Hello, I am willing to purchase the theme but there are a lot of negative reviews on the reviews tab, were these issues ever solved or I will get the same?

Hi, when I installed the theme and import demo content. it’s header on front page not showing properly. menu is not working. I tried different methods but still not working. can you please check this. I am waiting for your response. I am also sending an email to you with credentials. please fix it. Thank you

Dear, please kindly contact with Our support team on Support forum Our supporter will check details to help you.

Best regards.

Heyy where change $ for difrent value?

Dear, please go to admin menu ‘Realty Portal -> Settings’ and change it via setting ‘Currency’

Best regards.

Is any way to translate this website for polish quite fast?

You can use Loco plugin to translate theme.

Best regards.


I am interested in this theme, but have few questions. Appreciate your earliest revert on the below questions :

1. How many user/agents can register in the website? Also, can it be two type of registration – Agent & Seller? Agent can see all the available options & Details wherein a seller can post its property image, after verifying it from admin..that particular property will appear on site.

2. Can we put a video instead of a banner at the homepage? with a search bar of city, category and duration (month/year)

3. Can we increase one more filter page? e.g. if we explore by category than next page will be sub-category of that selected category with certain filter options. Than final product page can be visible.




1, Unlimited user registration. There are 2 types of users: Agency and agent. 1 Agency may include multiple agents (like parent agents and sub agents). Agency will manage all properties from agents. And each agent will manage the properties they create.

2, Yes, we use plugin Revslider, you can custom it.

3, You can check seach property here: http://wp.nootheme.com/palazzo/properties/

Hi, We have purchased your theme Palazzo couple of days ago, after installing the theme we are unable to install the required plugins which came with the theme (Noo Palazzo Framework, Slider Revolution, Visual Composer, Realty Portal). Even if we install them they aren’t showing up in the installed plugins section and the install option is still being available.


Please go to Palazoo -> Dashboard -> add Purchase code and install again. http://prntscr.com/rxam7f


I did enter the purchase code and even got a success message displayed…but unable to install the plugins.


Please send me the site info (link and admin account) to contact@nootheme.com . I will help you check.

Best regards,


does this theme support auctions plugins ?and if yes please recommend the best one

Hi, We have not tested compatibility between palazoo and any auctions plugins. Most of these plugins will run independently and have their own interface. I think you can install them to test.

can i test it before purchase ?


We do not currently have a test site for you. You will need to purchase theme in order to test with the auctions plugin. We will assist you if there is a problem between the plugin and the theme.

I have added a number of LOCATIONS in the LOCATION section. However, when I go to add a new Property, there is no LOCATION on the right side. How do I assign a property to a LOCATION?


You need to complete each step before you can add Location.


If all else fails, please send me the website info (link and admin account) to contact@nootheme.com We will help you check.


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