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Hi. I think there is a bug in the theme. It only happens when at least three pages with Background Start and End elements are placed below each other.

I reproduced the problem here you already have the access.

I would be grateful if you could help me with that. It is really urgent. Thanks a lot.

I tested the theme several times just to make sure, and I got the same problem every time.

Anyways, try installing the theme on the provided link.

I already sent you the credentials before (I will send them again). Please note that the problem does not occur in the demo (sample content). It happens with certain structures, so please observe the current pages structure in the admin panel.

OK, will check it and get back to you via email.

Great support, great theme. 5 stars

Hi, I have probleme with the icon Box settings. I can choice an icon, write a title but I can’t write the main text of the box. Please, could you help me ? :) Thanks.

Hi, I contact you because I can’t add the slider to the header area above the Main menu (Palette Themes).

Could you help me please ? I read the documentation but nothing happens :/

Hello! Please post this request on our help forum, you will be guided.

Ok, thanks ! :)


Im having a problem with the bottom padding of the content before the footer on every page. I have a grey line I need to remove. I have opened the developer tools and found the css to be this:

.disable-padding.content_block { padding:0 0 60px 0; }

I changed it to this in developer tools and it fixed the problem.

.disable-padding.content_block { padding:0 0 0px 0; }

I have gone into the theme and added this to the custom css, but still, nothing is happening.

Here is the website for reference:

Hello! TF stats shows that you did not purchase this item of ours

I’m doing maintenance on this site for a client. Are you still able to help me?

If you provide your envato purchase code we we will do

Eit, were are the sample DATA not appear nothing.

yes but I have the response. here info to access User: admin Pass: admin2017

You need to put it on the site that will definitely stay?

We’ve finally log in. The content is not available because you did not follow the steps in the documentation. None of the required plugins have not been installed. We’ve added the plugins and imported the demo content. Feel free to work on your website ;)