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amazing deff buying it this week


Is it possible to make it as 2 columns only?

Sorry, but it’s only 3 columns version available.

Nice! Is it possible to have sub pages in the menu?

Unfortunately Tumblr doesn’t support submenus.

great work…

Thank you!

I know this sounds crazy but how do you install this them after you downloaded the files? Is there any documentation for help because i”m a very big noob for html or is there any support? thanks…..


I found a link within the help file…...Thanks by the way IT LOOKS AMAZING !!!!!

Thank you for purchase!
And yes, there is a very detailed Help file in the package. You will learn, how to install and customize this theme, step by step.


I have a spanish blog and I wonder if I can change the titles of  "Post recents", "Twitter stream", "About website" into spanish translation.


Yes, every single heading title is editable. You can change them in appearance options.

I literally just purchased this theme and before I even edited any HTML or coding – I am already in love. Thank you for the beautiful template; it seems you are much better with when it comes to communication compared to my previous template host. However, I do have one question:

I was curious if this template will work with Instagram or is it recommended to work with Flickr? An answer would be greatly appreciated as soon as possible.

Please reach me at my contact email or on this comment.


Thank you again picpackit! It’s really nice to read comments from satisfied customers like you. :inlove:

To be honest, I have never used Instagram in my life and I don’t have any knowledge about this application, so I have no idea how to use it instead of Flickr. Sorry!

In relation to changing colors – it’s possible to do this only in .PSD file or you can manualy change color values in template file or simply by editing custom CSS in “Advanced” theme options in “Add custom CSS ” area.

I am working on the coloring as we speak and I hope to update my site either this evening or the near future. I’m in finals mode (Michigan State – Go Green!) and I’d love to have an email if I have any questions. It seems you are quite fast at responding; I would be grateful to seek you for any questions or advice – after all, we now have a partnership after all! My email is If you could, please shoot me an email or somewhere best to reach you when you aren’t sleeping, eating, and doing other things ;). I will give you my personal email once I hear from you.

Hope to speak soon – and if anyone is reading this: THIS TEMPLATE IS BEAUTY . Just giving you all a TIPP .

Thanks again!

Adam Weiner Founder/Chairman and CEO

Email sent…

it’s possible to change the slyder in a static image?How about the fonts?

Yes, it is possible to change fonts in CSS and it’s also possible to use a static image – you’ll need to upload only one image into slideshow instead two or three.

How do you add items to the Blogroll functionality

To display blogroll, mark “Show Blogroll” in “Appearance” options. To add new blogs, simply click on “Follow” button, which you can find on every Tumblr blog you want to follow.

Hi this def looks like the best tumblr theme but a ques.. I know this sounds crazy but I downloaded the theme and cant find the html code to paste into tumblr..where in the download is the code? thanks

There is “HTML” folder in a package and “index.html” file inside it.

OK I Got It Thanks!

Can I add fonts to this template? If so, how?

Yes, paste your JavaScript code from into Head section, choose your new font and add it’s name in any CSS selector you want. All necessary info how to do it is available on Typekit website.

Hey – I really love this theme. I’ve never developed tumblr themes – though I’m a web dev who’s had experience with making wordpress templates.

Could you let me know how easy these changes are to make I modify the theme files?

Turn to 2 columns instead of 3 Take off the javascript effects on the menu Use my own logo – I assume this is already supported, but didn’t see anything on it in the description

Thanks, jherndon

It is designed to display 3 columns only.
To remove effects from the menu you’ll need to delete only one line from the code.
To change the logo, just upload an image in appearance options.


I purchased the theme, and I copied the HTML text to Tumblr but the theme only appears as text for me in Tumblr.

I used the normal “textEdit” program that’s on a normal Mac. I’ve never run in to this issue before with other themes, but “text Edit” is the only thing I can think of.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Rob

Thanks for purchasing!
Did you install this theme as it was suggested in Help file? If so, it should display normal.

What I’m noticing is that in the HTML opened with “Text Editor” the lines of code are all beginning and ending with an open and closed “{” symbol as opposed to the normal ”<”

I have the feeling that it’s the way that my text editor might be opening the file. I’m currently downloading another text editor to see if this might be the problem.

I’ll fill you in shortly.

Yup, that’s exactly what it was. Very odd as I’ve never run in to this problem before. I got “Text Wrangler” and the brackets changed.

thanks again

No problem.

Hi I purchased this theme about a month ago and I just want you to know that I think it’s great. I only have one issue I need resolved. I am unable to get the twitter feed, flickr feed, and recent comments to work. I have put in the url where it is supposed to be and user name. I pretty much tried everything. I even went into my tumblr settings and allowed comments to the page and still got nothing.

I gave flickr access to the page so it can upload the pics and still nothing.

Please let me know how I can resolve this issue.

- Jason

I replied to the email you sent me.

Another question.

I’m Photoshop proficient, but I know nothing about CSS . Am I SOL as far as changing the colors of the theme? Or could you lead me to anything that can help me out?


There is plenty of online CSS tutorials, tips and tricks. You can easily learn how to manage with colors and everything else.
Honestly, I don’t know how could I help you with that.


First, great job.

I am hoping to buy this theme for my secondary tumblr blog, can you let me know how this gets installed? Can the theme be modified normally on tumblr? Also, how does the picture on the title area change, is it manual or automatic depending on posts?

Also does it come in a lighter version? Does anything need changing before I can use it?

Would really appreciate your answers on this.



You can easily manage with many things, like:
- upload new logo
- upload up to 3 images into the slideshow
- show/hide: slideshow, tags, tag cloud, notes, recent posts, recent comments, blogroll, text widget, authors, social buttons & icons
- use Flickr & Twitter widgets
- connect Disqus & Google Analytics

You can do all of this through the Tumblr’s “Appearance” options and you don’t need to change anything in the code.
It’s pretty straight forward.

Hi, I purchased the theme, and it looks very nice!

I just have one question:

How do I enable the thumbnail functionality like the default theme instead of showing all of the pictures in medium size?


Sorry for delay.
This functionality has changed permanently and to be honest, I don’t remember how to bring it back.

How do i change the whole background to White?

Go to Tumblr, click on “Customize appearance”, expand “Advanced” options, scroll down to see “Add custom CSS ” area and paste this code:

body {background:white;}


body {background:#fff;}

And of course click on “Save” button.