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Just wondering—can the background colours, font colours, border coours etc., be changed? And if so how hard s it to customise all those things given that I don’t know anything about CSS ??? Dying to buy this theme but curious to know if I’m stuck with this exact colour scheme…

Yes, this is the only colour scheme available, but there is a .PSD file included in the package, so you can adjust colours there. You can also make some changes in “Add custom CSS ” area in your Tumblr “Advanced” options.

Hello—love this theme, but one question. Is there anyway to replace the tag cloud with other widgets. I have the code for them, I’m just not sure where to place it in the html.


Try to paste it into “Text Widget”.

Wow … feeling pretty silly now. lol


Actually, is there a way to make the text widget appear on the right side?

Yes, it is possible. But please send me an email through contact form on my profile page and I will explain it there.

Hi, it’s an amazing theme!!! I definitely want to buy it but before I have a couple of questions that if you answer, I will really appreciate it.

Why didn’t you submit to official theme garden of tumblr? And another question it’s a very professional theme and themes like this are usually $49 or more. Why did you put a low price? (not because I’m dissatisfied with that, I’m just wondering :D)

Why didn’t you submit to official theme garden of tumblr?

First of all, I’m selling exclusively for Envato’s marketplaces. I owe them a lot and I’m quite happy in here.

Secondly, as far as I know, Tumblr premium theme program is currently in invitation-only closed beta and they don’t allow to submit themes by new authors.

Why did you put a low price?

It’s not me, who sets the price, it is the Envato’s people job :)

I’m having a hard time placing the Ask and Submit features. Can;t seem to get them to work – I’m sure the solution is simple but I’m a first time tumblr user and the help files didn’t help.

Unfortunately this feature is unavailable.

I’m having trouble getting my Flickr photo stream to work. Can you walk me through this?


Everything what you need to implement Flickr widget you’ll find in the help file.

I did try everything in the Help file and it still isn’t working. My email is if you’d rather reply to me there.

Thanks; Howard

Message sent.

Im not sure if I am installing the theme improperly or i received a bad code. When i paste the code onto my tumblr it does not show a theme at all. Can anyone offer help? I am not very familiar with css but i followed the instructions.

Please send me an email through contact form on my profile page.

thank you adraft for your support

You’re welcome.

Hey I have a few questions but 1st I want you to know again that this template is great! I recieved a lot of good feedback so thank you. My 1st question is is there any coding you can provide to add more tabs? 2nd question is is there a way I can use something other than flickr on the bottom page?

Please send me an email and I’ll answer you there.

Hello developper! Thank you for this wonderful theme. I hesitated before if I should take it but I really don’t regret. It’s absolutely easy to handle and very flexible. Thanks :)))

Thanks a lot! :bigwink:

Hi, I would like to know, if it is possible to add some photos in the slider maybe 8 instead of 3 for example? Thank you!

Yes, it is possible. Please send me an email through my contact form.


DJ5 Purchased

Hello, I just purchased this theme. The PSD template and images are welcome but when viewing the layers in the PSD I have found that the logo is not editable. Could you provide the logo in PSD with the text layer included so that we could place our own title or font within it? Thx.

I sent you .PSD with logo yesterday, so please check your email.


DJ5 Purchased

Got it. Sorry it landed in my spam folder. Great service, thank you!


In need of some help:

1. How to change the Favicon in the web address bar?

2. How to change the background solid color black to an image?

3. How to change color scheme?

4. Under the About Section on page, how to change default picture or remove all together?

5. Is it possible I can add Soundcloud & Instagram?

Thank you,


I have two more questions to add:

6. How can I add advertisement banners?

7. How can I add more Slides to banner?

Thank you for your time!

would this be compatable with google adsense and analytics?

I don’t know about Adsense, but it definitely works with Analytics.


The images that are in the slider, is it possible to link them to any location?

Unfortunately not, but you can send me a message through my profile page and I will modify it for you.

Thank you and last question for now. Is the logo updated inside of the tumblr control panel or how is that updated?

Yes, you can upload the logo in the theme options.

Actually, I do now also have an additional question, in addition to the one about the logo. I just purchased the theme and when I followed the instructions, to copy and past the index.html, I am not seeing the theme in tumblr at all? Please advise as to how to fix.

Thank you for buying!
Please open this file in the very basic text editor, like Notepad, Notepad++, etc., or its equivalent for another operating system.

Oh, okay, I see! I had opened the file as an html file, instead of in Notepad. That worked, thank you!

No problem :)

Hello, I am planning on buying this theme, but I just have a few questions before I pay for it.

- is the “logo” size adjustable? For instance, could it potentially be almost the same size as the slideshow frame?

- Can the navigation menu links be positioned under the slideshow?

- Is the size of each column adjustable?

Thanks, the theme looks great, just wondering if these options are possible before I purchase it.

I see that in the Help document, there is a very brief section describing the layout of layers in the psd, but I am wondering, once I modify it, how do I tell my tumblr to actually use my new version of the psd? Must I upload it to server or…?

Yep, like with every other website.
You must upload it e.g. here and change proper path in the code.

I see, thanks! I did not know about this “static file” upload page of tumblr.

I really want to buy this theme but refuse to use Paypal ever again (or companies like it). Is there a way to purchase this via a normal Credit Card transaction, or money transfer?

I’m glad you like it. Thank you!

Please ask Envato Support about any financial issues.

Yes I have sent them an email too. I hope we can work something out as this is perfect for my needs.

Great! Good luck! :)