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Figured out a way to buy it. It’s excellent, and the help files are really thorough. Fantastic theme.

Thanks a lot! :)

Do you know if there’s an (easy) way to get the Twitter feed to show the entire stream from a Twitter account i.e. show all the tweets from those followed, not just the tweets made by that account?

This has stopped working again – I know Twitter recently changed the way widgets work. Did you have updated code by any chance?

I think to completely remove Twitter widgets from all my templates, because of this new ridiculous Twitter API.

I figured out how to use it but yeah, it’s pretty bad isn’t it :( I can’t get it to scroll dymanically in a loop like before, but it works!

... or alternatively, could the Twitter stream be set up to follow more than one account?

One last question, sorry! Is there a current issue with the Blog roll? It doesn’t seem to work for me i.e. it’s not appearing even though I’ve checked the options box and I’m following some blogs…

Unfortunately things like blogroll works only on primary blogs. Blogroll

And another (I hope final) question/issue. The Flickr stream works for individual user numbers, but not for group ID’s. Is there something that must be changed in the code for it to successfully pull down pics from a group?

This widget allows you only to choose all of your (or everyone’s) public photos or your (or everyone’s) public tagged photos.

P.S. I fixed this… works for groups too now.

Great! :)

NM, figured it out. You must change the flickr badge code paramaters from “user&user” to “group&group” etc. – in case anyone else hits this.

... and thank-you for all your replies, and sorry for clogging up your comments!

Hi, thank you first of all, this theme is wonderful.

Can you please help me figure out how to remove the timestamps that appear on every post. Would really like to get rid of them. Thanks so much!!

Yep, I can help you with that.
Just please send me a message through my contact form.

Can any of you who purchased this theme give me your website address so that I can see what your website looks like! Thank you

The badge that says “pandemonium magazine” at the top of the example page isn’t there once purchased right?

It’s there, but only for demonstration purposes and it’s easy to replace with your own logo.

Hi, I’m thinking of purchasing this theme but I was wondering if it comes with the Tumblr Ask feature and if it doesn’t, how I would be able to add it in?


I think I replied to the e-mail you sent me. I was wondering if you have gotten it?

Yes, I got it.


I want to get this theme, and I’m a musician. I want to know if I can put an HTML widget in the sidebar, for example instead of ‘Recent Posts’. I’d like to put a SoundCloud widget in.

Thanks! :D

Yes, you can.
There is a Text Widget included in this theme and you can put there almost everything you want.
I’ve just tested it and SoundCloud widgets works without any problems.

Does this theme support google ads?

I have no experience with Google Ads, so I can’t answer your question.
If it’s a html code then probably it is compatible with this theme and you could put it into Text Widget.

Yes it’s an html code

Is there anyone who uses this theme with google ads?

Does this template have a read more function?


where can I find HTML to copy into my tumblr?

It’s in index.html file, inside HTML folder.


Can you help me, how can i change the column number? 1->3 . I wait your answer. Best regards. Bye Gabor

this is my page ( I would like to make 3 vertical line appear in the posts. for example, it

Sorry, but I’m still not sure…
Did you mean 3 columns with posts only?
It may looks easy, but it’s a lot of code to change – almost like designing a new template.

Ok i understand! Thank your help. Best regards, Gabor

hi! I cant seem to copy the right HTML when I open the index.html file some of images come up so when I paste it onto tumblr its just a bunch of text… If that makes any sense… Suggestions on what I can do? Are you able to send me the html?

You’ve got the right html file, but you are using it wrong. Please read the help file – it says, that you must open an index.html in any basic text editor, like e.g.: Notepad and copy whole code from there.
So, please try to do this.
If you’ll still have any problems then send me a message through my contact form and I’ll send you the same code in a txt file.

Is there a way to post advertisements in the side bar?

There is an option to paste whatever you want into “Text Widget”, so try to add your ad there.