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Neither had seen a design dreaming so nice and good as this, I’ll buy soon, you’re a genius.

Thank you for your kind words! :bashfulcute:

Hello I have bought, the moment the first question that arises is … Is there any way you pass me by mail that PDS so incredible that gives life to the template, was one of the great reasons to buy the item … If you do not mind I could say that like logos and are as if they were part of the web here on ThemeForest. If you clarify me I appreciate it.

Thank you too!

Me again sorry for the inconvenience, if I solventas this doubt no longer bother you more, I think handling the subject well, how I can remove or change the favicon without giving up my avatar? Incidentally future buyers if Google Adsense works, you can check here:

I sent you an email with the details.

So, how do I upload it? Which code do I use?

It’s an index.html file. Please read the documentation for more info.

I have purchased a theme, Working nice. However, Notes are not viewable. Disqus comments are also in a dark shadow and could not readable clearly. Please check it at If Possible, Send me PSD file for Logo. Two Side sidebar and Logo was the true reason to purchase this theme rather than fast-blog theme. Regards

great support, Thanks

Hey sorry for disturb you, I was testing css sprite images on this theme so i tested on a Tumblr blog but on permalink page, Sharing icons and comments are gone. Please check it here

One more thing, How can i change text size and font of the text? I tried to change middle content css but couldn’t resize them properly

This page doesn’t exist anymore, but I’ve checked your blog and everything seems to work fine.
The same with the font size, so I guess you already figured out how to deal with it.

Sorry for Disturb you, I got an serious issue which is effecting my search engine rankings. My posts are indexing multiple time for one post in Google Search result. Check this screenshot. The two main reasons i have noticed. First is notes – Notes shows short url check below screenshot pagination url is also in short form but notes are only shows same url with short form. please check first screenshot carefully.

Notes are automatically generated by Tumblr tag: {PostNotes} and I don’t have any influence on that piece of code between: <!-- START NOTES --> and <!-- END NOTES --> so I guess you probably should ask Tumblr Support about this.

After changing my theme with this magazine theme, Now Google is indexing same page two times. Please fix the issue.

Facebook Open graph also not appearing

I have edited source: I have removed pagination from permalink page have removed my scroll to top button ask box customization and pre settings

but still problem is the same

Still looks fine to me. I can’t see any double results.

One more last help needed. I worked hard to increase font size for text post but couldn’t change it. Please guide me to change font size for text posts. Check out any post. Which css code i will need to change to increase text post font and size?

Just change font-size:13px; for any other size, inside .post .caption. It should be somewhere around line 187.

template havent the default photoset style show all the pics on photoset post big. how to change this?

Please contact me through my profile page and I’ll send you the modified file.


The red logo box at the top left-hand side of the page. How customizable is that? Can I give it a white background? And does it have to have that design or can I just make it like a rectangle or circle or something?

You can upload your own image there with a few clicks.

I just purchased this and in the index.html that is listed under the HTML tag it gives me the complete wrong code. It gives me a bunch of code with the <block> code, the layout does not appear on my tumblr at all. Can you please just e-mail me the code or something.

Email sent.

Pretty bummed … the first step into installing this is opening the index.html file and I can’t move forward because this is what i get

Email sent.

This is an excellent theme. It is a real magazine theme for tumblr. It has three columns. But it looks nicer if you modify it again. Thanks.

Thank you for your comment!

I DL’ed this but now what do I do with these files? How do I get this on tumblr?? I cant open the index file, it takes me a messed looking version of the theme I bought. I dont know much about web design Im sorry

I figured out how to upload this to tumblr. however I need the full main splash page but the comments are located right there? How can I move the comments down by the About sections below?

Email sent.


I have a question why won’t my author info show up?

Here is the code:

<p> <a href=""><img src="" /></a> <a href="">example</a> </p>

Could it possibly be my img src? What is the requirement for the img source?


Are you asking about list of authors in the left sidebar? If so, check if you have “Show Contributors” option ticked.

Yes, I do. There is no option for it. So, I went to manually put the code in but nothing.

Yes, there is an option for that in the “Appearance” section.
You must also know that manage multiple users works only on secondary blog, so if you are trying to do this on your primary, then it won’t work.

Hey, I really love the design and everything however there is a feature that I deeply wish you can integrate as soon as you can.

I have a wordpress site and I use the sharing option with my tumblr account however with this theme the tags don’t show from my post. With my old theme the tags show from whatever I posted on my article on wordpress.

I need this because that is where I get the majority of traffic from tumblr, please insert this!

Thank you! I’m glad you like it…
I’m not sure which option do you mean. Could you give me an example?

I want to turn the date stamp off in the recent posts section, but after hours of looking cannot find how to do that. Is there a simple way to do it?

Your script pulling the information from the RSS feed is this:

<script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function () { $('#recent_posts').rssfeed('http://{Name}', { header: false, content: false, media: false, showItems: 20, limit: 20 }); }); </script>

Is there a property I can add to suppress the date?

Nevermind, I figured it out (I added date: false, pubDate: false). Not sure why the .js requirs both to be there, but it does).

I was wondering if you could help me figure out how to get the disqus-comment-count to appear on the front list page, and not just on the Permalink page. I’ve tried everything and it just won’t play nice!

Ok thanks :) Yes, it’s bizarre. I’m trying to get the disqus mods to look at it for me. It’s a bug in their code, I’m almost certain.

I figured it out. Let me know if you want to know how, and I’ll send you the code. Basically I added ”#disqus_thread” to the direct links, and removed the {block:PermalinkPagination} from around the disqus code and replaced it with {block:Permalinkpage} just around the top part (otherwise the disqus comment box also rendered on the front page). Nothing else worked for me, not even the {block:Date} hack other people use.

Awesome! Could you send me this code then? I would like to take a look.

Hi there, I just recently bought your theme, and I’m testing it out on one of my test blogs. I copy and pasted the index.txt like you said, and the theme wont show up at all. Take a look at my tumblr:

To kind of summarize that…. how can I put a text widget on the right sidebar as well that will allow me to paste whatever content via the “Appearance” tab?

okay sorry just a few more questions! better late than never i guess lol ._. I tried making my logo fixed so that it will always be in view no matter how far you scroll, but when I changed “position:absolute” to “position:fixed” it ended up placing the logo way far off to the left.

Please contact me through my profile page and I’ll send you the details about the logo and the right sidebar.

I have purchased this theme and cannot get it to work. It shows nothing when I paste the code from index.txt to Tumblr. Just shows a blank page…

Did you follow my installation instructions? Just be sure, that you are copying the right code. It should have 2984 lines at the moment.

The code I have in TEMPLATE > TXT folder is only 431 lines long. I re-downloaded a few times and it is still only 431 lines.

I have no idea why but when I open this file in TextEdit on a Mac it is only 431 lines long. I opened with another text program (TextMate) and everything is fine now….