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Demo = 502 Bad Gateway :(

oh… it’s temporary trouble. I move it to a new stable hosting soon :)

I got the same error = 502 Bad Gateway

New demo here: “Live preview” will be updated soon :)

loads fast, lets people know whats happening in the bg, very nice, clean and practical and well commented – thanks mate

Thank you for your appreciation! I’m glad you like it :)

Thank you)

This is great. I do not suppose there are “shortcodes” so we could create more pages etc and expand it into a bigger project? Good luck

It was originally conceived as a onepage template. Thanks :)

This is really cool! Great job

Awesome Design .. GLWS

Hello. I love its design. The only thing that stops me to buy it is the slide. When viewing all slides in the slide can not keep pressing the button to start again. Is there any solution for this? If so buy this design.

Excuse my English. Thank you.

Ok, then I wait for this. Thank you.

Version updated! See new demo :)

Nice. Sold. Now is perfect. Thank you. :)

Hi, are there more color scheme options available ?

Instead of the slider i’d like to see each section of the slider as a separate following section on the page, is that feasible ?


You can use any color, just change one LESS variable ”@basic-color” (it is described in the documentation).

Separate sections instead of the slider? It is not included in the immediate plans, but I think how it can be implemented.


hi there, what is the problem when i opened this great theme in Chrome, the top slider is disappear? But its working fine with firefox? do i need to set something with my Chrome? thanks (really want to purchased it but Chrome stuck me.)


It’s strange, because this template was developed using Chrome, and tested in Windows/Linux. What operating system are you using? Version of Chrome? Maybe, it need to update? And send me screenshots with bug on, please.


I really like your theme, but it seems like there is an error. Sometimes, the page doesn’t load.

I think it’s because of the page loader. I will fix it soon.

Template updated.

Just wanted to leave a note to say that this is a fantastic, lean, and beautiful work that I’ve enjoyed working with. Author support has also been prompt, courteous, and above expectations.

I definitely recommend this theme!

Great theme! I’m considering the possibility of buying it.

Is it possible to make visible the changes on menu links in order to optimize SEO stuff?

Thanks a lot! please keep me updated ;)

Update ready! Please, click “remove frame” in live preview to see hash links because it not displaying inside frame. Also, may still need to clear your browser cache.

nice! this is what I needed! I will buy your theme

awesome job!

was wondering if you could point me to the icon set that was used for the 3 icons within the green circles?


Do you unzip into the themes folder for installation?


it’s HTML template, and it doesn’t required of istallation. Just unzip “HTML” folder to your hosting or local drive and open index.html

I purchased the theme and its great but I do notice that some of the menu links don’t work when the browser window is resized. Is there a quick fix for this? -Jordan

Thanks for details, I found this bug and fixed it. Template will be updated soon.

Fantastic response! I scrolled through your update and changed the code accordingly so now its working like a charm. Thanks again for your prompt support and great template.

A quick fix …

Old Code:

Replace with:

I’m glad you like it :)
>>A quick fix …
You need details about last update? Please, write me e-mail and I will send you changes of code. (this comment form don’t displayed html tags)

Great theme and very proactive designer! Congratulations…

I am really happy with this design for Chrome and FF, but what the heck is going on in IE10? It looks terrible compared to Chrome or FF, I must admit I didn’t check it in IE before I bought it but I wish I had of, so does my client – so much so I was told to bin it.

I test it in IE10 – all works correct. Can you send me screenshots on e-mail?

this is a public apology to the author – I was wrong and he was right. There is NOTHING wrong with this design in IE10. It was my stuffed up browser. So go ahead and buy this theme – it is very well built and has good support. My apologies again.

It’s okay, I was happy to help you! :)