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Nice template,. GLWS..


great demo video. i loved it

Thanks, that means a lot :)

Nice looking template! Good luck with sales ;)

Thank you!

Wow great work buddy! ;)


opencart version please ?

It might come at some point in future, but no concrete plans yet. Sorry.

Awesome template, Can I use it on Wordpress ?

This is an HTML template, not a WP theme. You can use it as a basis to code your own WP site.


I was thinking of buying it but there are several pages missing, or at least the link lead to a not found page. Is it your live preview which is incomplete, or if I buy the template I’ll get the same missing pages?

Hi, For example in the live preview, home page, if I press the ‘contact info’ menu nothing happens. If I click the ‘blog’ menu I get the list of blogs, but there’s no way I can get the blog detail page. In the checkout page, if I click the ‘continue to next step’ button I get this “The requested URL /demo/pandora-html/customer-checkout-step-2.html was not found on this server.” If I click the ‘return to store’ button I get this “The requested URL /demo/pandora-html/main.html was not found on this server.”. Also I cannot find any contact form, any checkout step 2 and 3, any customer section (login, addresses, order history, single order). Which leads to my rephrased question, where is the problem, bogus live preview or template without announced pages?

It looks like there are some missing/incorrect links in the demo site. We will fix that. Any way, for now you can use the list of templates in description, it links to each and every one of templates.

ok, thanks. It’s amazing but I didn’t get the idea to click the links in the description.

Did you do the actual test in Opera? How it looks in Opera 12.13:

Yes, we did, but thanks for finding the bug! We have just submited the fix and it should be online within 24 hours.

Hi – great work with this. I’ve just purcheased and I see that the PSD of the homepage for web is not included (just ipad and iphone). Can you send this to me?

Hi, You should have file named “pandora-homepage-login.psd”. It features the full homepage + login pane opened.

Ahh, you’re right! so sorry for wasting your time! The file is complaining about missing fonts. Do you happen to have a list of the main fonts you have used? Thanks again.

We use google fonts: Source Sans Pro and Montserrat Subrayada for special texts ( titles etc), and Arial for regular ones.

I’ve replaced the text logo with an image. Is there a way I can ensure the logo re-sizes responsively downwards? (like the images in the blog for example)

Many thanks

You have to add CSS code that resizes the logo image in other 2 of the states of the page can have – tablet and mobile. If you open assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid and scroll down you will find ”@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 959px)”. Everything within the brackets is applied only when page is in tablet mode. Even lower there you will find a similar construction for mobile layout. You have to insert the logo resizer CSS in those both sections of stylesheet.

That’s perfectly clear now. Many thanks again for your great support (and patience!)

Is there a way I can have a sub-menu wrap? I’m finding that if I have a menu list that is too long is getting folded under the footer of the page, so, what I’d like to do is wrap them menu so the extra items are inline.

For example, the ‘Women’ menu item drops down, but if it contains a lot of items, it continues to drop-down, however stretches the height of the page under the footer area. I’d like to put half of them next to the drop-down?

Let me know if not clear, I can probably send some screenshots.

Hi, I think that looking at screenshots would be beneficial. Can you please send them to

How can i add more than one quick-shop item? Am i missing something? How to tell which quick-shop-item should be shown?

Thanks – great work so far!

I believe that I just sent you an email with a long response. Check your email.

Hi planetshine, great theme! Can you please also send me the email with the long response (as you mention above) about the viewing of quick-shop-items? :-) I’m quite confused…


The quick shop is really built with the idea that you would use AJAX to fill it up with content (that’s how most of client prefer to build their sites). I would suggest linking a Javascript function with each click on “quick shop” url, that launches an ajax call which loads the content for quick shop window. Then the function should replace the old content with the new one and display the window.

If you absolutelty want to avoid ajax, you can try using a method that we used when making our Shopify theme. Shopify does not give the theme designers the option to make ajax calls, so we stored each items quick shop item on page, and switched what goes into the window with Javascript. It’s complicated and it’s slower, but it works. You can check out how we did that by inspecting the source code of this:

please is the search functional or you can provide some soft of support with a fee. if you can send me the quotation my email:

Hey, this is just a html template, so it does not function. Templates are used as a design around which to build functionality, so this item only includes front end code. If you are looking for working shop, you can take a look at Wordpress or Shopify versions of this design:

Hi.. this theme is looking god.. can you guide me or send through my personal email a details that HOW I CAN INSTALL THIS THEME USING WP?.. i’m waiting for your feedback and kind co-operation. Thanks very mucvh..

Hey. You have purchased HTML template instead of WP theme. Here is the theme: