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I inherited a Shopify site using the Pandora theme. It’s been a bit frustrating, especially with the lack of documentation and the fact that too many hands have touched it/customized it. The most frustrating thing though was that I reached out to PlanetShine support 2 or 3 times to find out more about it and never received an email reply. I am recommending that my client move to a different theme as there doesn’t seem to be any support available with this one.

Hey, I’m sorry you’ve had trouble reaching us! All of our themes are definitely supported. It’s possible that this is a result of an issue with spam filtering. Perhaps you can give me the e-mail address/subject so I can search for your messages? We receive hundreds of junk e-mails daily, so it’s difficult to find anything there. Or just you can just explain your issue here.

I need to center the logo, but I can’t figure it out. I tried editing logo in the stylesheet, changing:

margin: 0;


margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;

Can you help? I also need to stop the theme from resizing the logo. My logo should be a bit larger, and I’m uploading a good sized logo, but it’s showing quite small. THanks.

Hey, not a complete sollution, but this should at least get you on the right track. Add something like to the assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid.
.main-header .row:first-child { text-align: center; position: relative; }
.main-header .slogan { display: block; }
.main-header .menu { position: absolute; top: 0; right: 0; }
None of this is tested for browser compatibility etc.

This works. Thanks! How can I get the stylesheet to stop resizing the image. It’s making it quite small.

Hi, nevermind—I figured it out :)

We have had issue in NOT showing order quantity for each item in “your shopping cart” section. Can you have solution? I think quantity box is too narrow for some reasons.

for above question, you can check our website

Hey, It seems to be working ok for me. Did you manage to fix this? Or is it a browser related issue – it worked fine for me on Chrome/Safari.

Hello, I want to buy this theme but I don`t see how it looks after ... I mean the all of it,after I click proceed to checkout ? Thanks. :)

Hey, Since the launch of new Shopify checkout couple of months ago we recommend that all users use that. It’s the same for all shopify stores. You can read more about it here:

just purchased the theme because it has got good ratings. I am running a professional store which is in production now. Was thinking of giving a makeover to my store with pandora theme. To my disappointment, the theme behaves strangely in various browsers

i just tested it in iPad and this issue is 100% reproducible. Looks like the theme doesn’t support new safari browser.

check your e-mail ;)

No, it’s not.


I am having a challenge where the header slider on mobile is cutting the top and bottom of the slider images. It does not do this on the desktop version. How can I get the slider to properly display the image on mobile?

Hey, try editing assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid. On line 887 you’ll find this:
.main-slider .item { height: 159px; background-size: auto 173px; }
Replace it with this:
.main-slider .item { height: 159px; background-size: auto 159px; }

That did it. Thanks

I am trying to fix some things on this theme. The product page shows “sold out” instead of the product price when a certain color of the item is sold out. I would like to show the price and change the “add to cart” button to say “sold out” instead. If the first color shown in the drop-down menu is sold out, it may not be obvious to the user that they can select a different color.


Hey, the latest version of Pandora will automatically select the first available variant. Making the changes that you suggested will be quite difficult. It will require to edit templates/product.liquid to do what you said for the sold out variant, and then modifying the snippets/selector-callback.liquid scripts to also performs this on variant change. This will require solid web development skills and couple of hours of work at least.

Hi can anyone tell me how to display more than 8 products on the home page please

Hey, you can do that by editing snippets/homepage-featured.liquid file with Shopify Template editor.
        {% for product in featuredCollection.products offset: 0 limit: 8 %}
            {% include 'collection-item' %}
        {% endfor %}
Simply change the “limit: 8” to “limit: 12” or whatever else you desire to have.

I have updated to Pandora to version 1.3.2 – and my website has broken apart….......... AARRRGGGH !! I’m not really tech savy so your going to have to break it down in English. The amount of hassle I have had with this theme.

My website is

The latest version of Pandora WooCommerce is v1.1.11. It can only be updated by downloading the file from Themeforest NOT by pushing the button in wp-admin. What you have installed there is a free wordpress theme from here:

To fix this, delete the pandora you have right now and install the correct one by downloading it from Themeforest.

How do I download it from Theme Forest ? Bear in mind I have already bought this

Sorry. It’s ok. It’s fixed now. Thanks


I am really loving this theme, but I am having a problem.

The logo, when on a mobile, is completely off.

Looks like it isn’t resizing.

What can I do?

If you have a large logo, then it my not fit some mobile screens. You can set the logo to be smaller in mobile by pasting this in your assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid using the shopify built in template editor.
.main-header .logo img { max-width: 300px; }
right after this line (around line ~800):
@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
Ik have display problem on my ipad, like this:

The product aren’t displayed correctly, it’s all a mess!

How do i fix this problem?

Thank you :)

Hey, check your e-mail ;)

I can not update this theme in my wordpress. “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” How do I do?

This is a Shopify theme. It for not wordpress. Wordpress theme is this one:

Hi is it possible to get a nicer looking search result , now its only text :(

Hey, the theme only has one type search results design. If you wish to get something a bit different you will have to make this modification yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Shopify combines search results for products and blog posts, so good way to start would be to barrow some code/design form blog section. The file in question is templates/search.liquid

Have big issues with picture gallery !!! look can not change picutres tried to reupload and nothing happend !!!

and quickshop doesnt work as it should ….

Hey, the link you included is not loading anything. Can you please check this again and include a working one?

Hi, are there any known issues or conflicts with the social login apps?


We are not aware of any issues with social login apps, but there has been not a lot of feedback in this regard.

Above the header of a page shows the nested directory links (example: Home>Collections>Products) but on every non product page it just reads Home. Is there a way to customize this or will all non product pages/collections only display Home?

Suddenly when I’m in “customize theme” the live preview displays fonts properly, but when visiting the actual site, the navbar and headers don’t seem to have the proper font weight (fonts look more bolded). Is there anywhere you can point me to look to fix this? I was going to try and back things up and reset the theme otherwise.

sorry, ignore this, I’m not sure what happened, but it’s back to normal.

Great to hear that everything is fine now. ;)

Another question if it’s alright. I noticed when I add a SEO title tag in the shopify page editor, this page title overrides the title that appears on the actual website itself (the header). Is there no way to keep these separated?

Yes, it is possible. To achieve this you would need to edit template file “snippets/breadcrumbs”. On line 56 replace this code
{{ page_title }}
with this:
{% if template contains 'page' %}
  {{ page.title }}
{% else %}
  {{ page_title }}
{% endif %}

I’m getting a “Page not found!” when an email is entered in the Newsletter Signup box (Shopify). Any ideas what I can do to make this usable?


Please take a look at newsletter setup documentation here and make sure that all the steps are passed.

If you have more questions please create support ticket in our forum here.