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Looks great probably going to purchase soon :)

Is it possible to show two different prices for a product? The client wants to show a wholesale pricing option along with the regular retail price. Thanks -John

This isn’t really a theme feature. Things like these can only be done using Shopify apps. I think you could find this article helpful:

Hi, Sorry new to Shopify. Thanks for the link. -John

Will have a HTML version? I need just HTML/CSS

Yes, but we plan on releasing it at the beginning of the new year.

Hello, there is a version of Pandora does not e-commerce but simple html responsive?

Hi, there will be. We will release it in the beginning of January. PSD files will also be included.

Hello, can you tell us what the main difference will be between the new HTML version and the current version? I want to know if I should wait or if the new version will be easy to upgrade to.

Hi, this is a theme that’s made for use with Shopify ecommerce platform. It contains a lot of specific code to work as a full fledged shop within Shopify.

The HTML version will contain only the HTML, CSS, Javascript and PSD files. This is the version that you need if you wish to code your own shop.

If you want a working shop now, then this is great for you – just set up an account in If not, the the current version is not for you, and you should wait till the beginning of January when we release the HTML only version.

I wonder if there is a possibility to change the prices for the same product when there is a choice of colors or materials. for example: when the customer selects the material or color change the price immediately. Tks

Yes, that’s how it works. Try changing color here:

Thanks for feedback. Yes realized the exemple. But my question is about the price, if I can put different prices for the same product with different colors or sizes, and to select them the price changes automatically. tks

Wow, this is an awesome look – I just launched a print store online and am looking for themes (because Shopify has some corky code). However, I think this one will fit the bill quite nicely! :) Can you tell me if I can change the font color to match the theme of my company?

We’re glad you like it. As for the font colors, sure, Pandora is build that way so you can easily change font color.

Planetshine, I keep getting this message: Theme does not contain all required files: missing template “layout/theme.liquid”

Hi, this error usually happens when the you’re not uploading the correct folder. Unzip the file you downloaded from Themeforest. There you will find some other files like Readme.txt, documentation and The on you have to upload to Shopify is “”.

Hello : We are considering this theme for a store – but testing it on various browsers and OS, we see an issue with Safari on OSX (Mac). While rolling over the images where the “quick shop” would appear, the rollover process causes the whole page to blink. Is this a known issue? Thanks in advance!

Hi, did you get this error while viewing the theme with the Themeforest frame around it? Click “remove frame” at the top, to remove it. Webkit browsers (Safari&Chrome) have some issues with pages that are shown using iframes (as it is in this case with TF frame) and errors like these can happen.

This does not affect site that is shown normally and won’t affect your shop if you choose to purchase this theme.

awesome, that was it, thanks. Great theme – looking forward to using it.

happy new year! just purchased the them and so far its GREAT!! thank you for making this available…just one thing: is it possible to slow down the homepage slideshow speed? thx in advance..


sorry to keep bugging but….how do you get rid of the “sale” banner in the cart? the item prices do not have a “compare to price” on them but on the cart page the green “sale” banner is attached to the item image…thx in advance again

Hi, just edit cart.liquid file in your template editor and remove this:

Thank you again! really loving the template!

when will the html or woocommerce version will come?

HTML version is scheduled for the next week. We might do a woocommerce version at some point in future, but nothing concrete yet.

thanks for the information

Hi there really happy with this theme, good job. How do you activate the quickshop feature? Thanks. -John

One more question…How do you change the hover color of the quick shop feature? If you direct me to the line # in the css, that would be great. Thanks again. -John

.item-block-1 .overlay ~ line 70; background-color is the attribute you are looking for.

Thanks so much. -John

this website is for use in wordpress?

no. It is only usable for

Shopify should I pay to use the template? or I can install it on my own host.

Theme can only be run from within Shopify, and that means paying a monthly fee.

do you still have to pay a shopify fee per month for having a store and is the shopify logo on your template when you buy it??

Hi, yes you have to pay Shopify a fee to run the store. This theme only works with Shopify ecommerce platform. The logo is there, but you can remove it if you wish to.

Hi, its me again. My client wanted the homepage slider to transition between slides every 4 seconds. Is this possible? Can you direct me where in the JavaScript files to make this happen? Thanks—Everyone is loving the look of our store :) -John

I am assuming if I install the new theme version it will erase all the work I have done. Is this correct? Or can I install just the files I need to make the contact form to work properly on a small screen?

yes, installing will overwrite everything. You can just replace the contents of assets/main-styleseet.css.liquid

ok thanks

Is there a section in this theme to add a Promotional/Discount Code at Checkout?

It’s there by default for all Shopify stores ;)


I like this theme and the options it gives but i was wondering if it is only useable for fashion and if it has an item cap on it?

as I would be looking to put up over 150 items for sale

Hi, there is no reason why you couldn’t sell anything you like with this theme, not just fashion. Shopify has item caps for various pricing levels. check them out here:


looking at purchasing this for my online store, but are you able to change all the colours of this theme eg. not have the pink. can you just change all the colours through the theme settings?


You can edit all major colors using just the admin panel. There are about 6-7 colors that are used for most of the elements, and those can be edited.

Hi, so far very impressed with the build of this theme

just starting to research tweaking the theme but thought I would ask in the mean time in case it is a quick change (and wondering if it is likely to break the structure), I would like to add a sidebar to the catalog page?

The slider just takes the height that the images themselves have.

To change that you must do several modifications:

  • Edit the image height in main-stylesheet.liquid.css ”.main-slider .item img”
  • Change the max image size in config/settings.html. Search for “slider_item_1_image”, and edit the “data-max-height”
  • There might be some other CSS values you have to change – like slider wrapper or similar

Thanks so much for the quick repsonses.. ..and apologies, I didn’t explain very well – will keep looking though, as like the above comment it may be getting called somewhere in the css that I’m not seeing – but I’m basically trying to heighten the responsive product slides, as I now have an extra line below the pricepoint that is overflowing the boxes

found the right padding selector – thanks!

Can the newsletter signup be connected to a CampaignMonitor account?

Sorry, I don’t have any experience with CampaignMonitor, but it seems, that they have an Shopify app, so it should be possible somehow.


I just purchased this. Is their a way I can change background to white is Shopify?

Yes, go to your theme settings. Under “Background” there will be the color option. ;)