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I love this theme! Great customer service and really fast, helpful responses!

Thank you,


Hi guys, love the theme! I am having an issue with our home page images loading on a mobile device. We are showing a collection and all we get are white boxes where the products should be. After I visit a few pages and come back they appear, but they are not there on initial load. I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. I also had a friend check it on her Samsung phone and had the same issue. Any thoughts?

Hey, can you give me a link to your site? If you want’ to do it privately, you can send it to

I love this theme. I do have a few questions though. Can this theme use any Google fonts? Also, can you add a mega menu option and if so, what is the additional cost? We have a ton of product categories and large sub categories that need to be managed so a mega menu is a pretty big deal for us.

Thank you, Joni

Yes, you can use any google font. But no, mega menu is not supported. Shopify in general imposes some difficulties for menus with lot’s of sub levels etc.

hi guys, need your help ASAP in order to let other website like coupon website to integrate with my website I need to create a public xml feed. pls pls pls I need someone to help me with that karin – spirulina kids street wear :confused: :confused: :confused:

Hey, I responded to someone on your team about the options you have for creating something. In short you have to make a custom Shopify app for this.

Hi, I am having an issue on my site. On my collect pages the Breadcrumbs and title (directly below breadcrumbs) is pulling from the search engine title field not the collection details title field. Any ideas?
Hey. This can be changed in the file snippets/breadcrumbs.liquid. By default the theme picks the name Shopify gives as “default”. In some cases this might be the search engine title. That can be changed by adding something like this:
            {% elsif template contains "collection" %}
                {{ collection.title | link_to: collection.url }}
before this:
            {% else %}
                {{ page_title }}
            {% endif %}

Thanks that worked for the title but the breadcrumbs are still pulling the meta title. Can you let me know how to fix this please.

Hey, You can try to replace the {{ page_title }} with {{ collection.title | link_to: collection.url }} in here. (also in the same file as before)
{% elsif template contains "collection" %}
                    <a href="/collections">Collections</a>
                    {% if current_tags.size > 0 %}
                           {{ collection.title | link_to: collection.url }}
                        <a href="#">{{ current_tags.first }}</a>
                    {% else %}
                        <a href="#">{{ page_title }}</a>
                    {% endif %}

This template worked so well I was up and running in no time. I altered the appearance a great deal but it was not hard. Thanks

Hey, I’m glad you are happy with it! If you have a moment of time, please consider rating the theme in Themeforest downloads section. Thanks! :)

Hi Planetshine,

I would like to see the checkout page but it wouldn’t let me create an account to see it. It just has the login/password.

How can I access it? Thanks!

For the current demo shop the checkout of hidden due to some trial version limitations. If you want I can privately show you the checkout on a different demo shop. If so, please e-mail me to


Can you please explain what the automatic image resizing system does exactly? How is it different than any other theme free/paid on shopify?

I have pictures of all different sizes/dimensions. Will it make them all look somewhat uniform?

Thank you

The image resizing system performs so called “zoom-crop”. Your product image get’s resized in a way to fill it’s container and at the same time show as much of the original image as possible. This removes the blank sides for images that have non uniform dimensions.

Hi, enjoying the theme so far thanks.

I have created my own link list and I wish to use it in the sidebar but I can’t see how to make it show.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


hey, check your e-mail ;)

I just setup my shop @ and liking it so far

but i saw a message that i wanted to share the link and ask if yo uwill be updating the theme any time?

Thank you

Hey, the theme currently supports the legacy way of setting variant images. You can check that out in docs (sorry, the screenshot are bit outdated):

But will will definitely be updating all of our Shopify themes to support this and also some other recently added Shopify features. The updated version should be available for download in TF in couple of week time.

ok will check this out thank you

Also how do i remove the tags – just looks weird

Hey, you can remove them by editing templates/collection.liquid in template editor. Find and delete this part:
{% assign colItems = collection.all_tags | size %}
        {% if colItems > 0 %}
        <div class="tags">
            {% if  current_tags == blank %}
                <a href="/collections/{{ collection.handle }}" class="active">all</a>
            {% else %}
                <a href="/collections/{{ collection.handle }}">all</a>
            {% endif %}
            {% for tag in collection.all_tags %}
                {% if current_tags contains tag %}
                    <a href="/collections/{{ collection.handle }}/{{ tag | handleize }}" class="active">{{ tag | downcase }}</a>
                  {% else %}
                    <a href="/collections/{{ collection.handle }}/{{ tag | handleize }}">{{ tag | downcase  }}</a>
                {% endif %}
            {% endfor %}            
        {% endif %}

awesome that worked – thank you

Hi there,

I am looking to purchase this shopify pandora template. If i decide to stop using shopify, and would like to transit to an html5 only version. Do I need to buy the other template?

Thanks. Jason

Yes, you have to buy it. Just in case, please be aware that the plain HTML5 template (not woocommerce, or shopify version) is not a functional shop. It’s just the HTML, CSS, Javascript and design files needed to code the shop yourself without worrying about frontend stuff.

Hi Team – love the theme. I noticed in another comment that mega menu seems out of the question. Is this a paid piece of work we can get you to do as it’s a core feature on our criteria list. Or could another freelancer do it. Just trying to get the feel if it is highly ‘not recommended’ to do or just a feature you do not wish to include.


It is possible to make the mega menu, it’s just not a part of the theme’s default functionality. Due to the way Shopify’s menus work, it will not be the most easy thing to administer, but it’s certainly possible. There are various way’s to achieve this depending on what exactly you need. You can e-mail me to and we can talk this over in more detail.

Hey PS,

How can I have it so that its the individual categories are displayed and not individual areas like just released etc?

similar to this

Thank you

Hey. Can you please clarify the question? Do you want to not show certain collection in the collection list view?

Hey PS – No I want the categories to be on the home page individually instead of only one at a time – Is this possible?

This is not a theme feature, but you can code this. A good start would be to include the snippets/collection-listing.liquid in the templates/index.liquid file. This will require some coding skills, as there probably will be some liquid/css adjustments needed.

Hi Planet – I found another theme online that has a lot of identical elements to your Pandora. Is it a company of yours or unrelated? Hover over the product images, and click around the site a bit. Its basically the same thing with minor visual modifications.

Yeah, I’m aware of them. They have used some of the same elements as Pandora & Callisto, but we did not invent them anyway. We just saw an opportunity to bring these features to Shopify and make them prominent in our themes.

Hello, I Just purchased this Theme, Great looking theme, However i have a couple of questions.

1, How do i activate the Contact form? I would love to use it but i cant see it anywhere in the settings

2, Before installing this theme i use to always leave NOTES on customers orders, After the installation it seems the NOTE section has shrunk really small and now i see no text at all.


Do you want to remove it completely or just the top part with columns? I have not tried this myself, but you can open layout/theme.liquid with template editor and delete stuff between these two:
<!-- BEGIN .main-footer --> … <!-- END .main-footer -->

Ok i will look into it, I have another question also. I sell stuff on facebook from time to time. When i go and copy the url from a certain product i will paste it in facebook, But for some reason 50% of the time, It will come up with a different photo ( product) Why is it doing this for?

Hey, Facebook requires you to specify what image, title etc. you want to be displayed. Here is how you can control what get’s shown:

I’m considering your theme for my store but I haven’t seen screen shots or even references to you back end user interface. Are modifications to your theme mostly handcoded into liquid/CSS or can most simple changes like fonts, bkgs, colors and slider frames be done using a user interface? Also what if any shortcodes do you support? Thanks

Thanks much! And if I have coding questions related to things that aren’t controllable by an interface, you’ll give me a hand or give me the info I need? It’s an impressive theme.

Yeah sure, we’ll give you all the info you need to find files/functions etc. that need to be edited to achieve what you want to get done. The only thing we don’t do as a part of customer support is doing modifications etc.

No problem…not afraid of learning how to do stuff so long as I can questions answered. Thx!

Theme works and looks great!

What size product photos is everyone using? I am using 1028 pixels square photos and some of the product images are getting cut off in the “thumbnail” view on the collection/catalog pages.

Any recommendations?

The collection page images are in portrait landscape, so they will cut some of part of the original in order to perfectly fit the frame. The best way to handle this is to simple leave some extra space on sides in the image and have the main content centered. Or you make sure that you’re imaged are in 1: 1,25 with to height ratio.

Excellent, I will give that a try. Thank you for the rapid response!

how can we add an instagram link to the social media section? :)

Hey, unfortunately there isn’t an instragram icon suplied with the theme so this means you’re going to have to implement this yourself. Find an icon you like and insert it by editing the footer with template editor in Shopify admin. The file you need to edit is layout/theme.liquid. Search for this and you’ll find where all the other icons are:
 <div class="social clearfix"> </div>

Hi, This is a presale question, Can I install any 3rd party app from the Shopify App store and be able to integrate with you theme? like product reviews etc

Thanks in advance SK

Yes, you can.