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Hi, The theme is great. have 2 questions, how do i get Images and Tables to be responsive?

Thank You.

If you want to add some non-default elements responsiveness, you have to write specific CSS that specifies their width in tablet and mobile mode.

If you open assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid and scroll down you will find ”@media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 959px)”. Everything within the brackets is applied only when page is in tablet mode. Even lower there you will find a similar construction for mobile layout. You have to insert the CSS code in those both sections of stylesheet.

Hi, For images i just went with width 100%. For tables went with span width %.

How do i get the DROP DOWN MENU from the the full width version, display in the mobile version?

I replied to a comment before your’s with something you might find helpful: “If I understood you correctly, then you mean the second level of drop downs. The mobile only shows the first, because we felt that deeper navigation on mobile phone would be very inconvenient to use. I created something that could be used to show also the second. if you wish you can try to apply that to your theme. Take the code form here: and add replace the “mobile-menu” section in your layour/theme.liquid. “

If you wish to show the menu as it is in full width version, instead of a select box, then you will have to completely remake it, because it simply does no fit in the 300px width of a mobile version.

Hi there,

Is possible to alter the height and width of the slider so that it isn’t full screen?

Yes it is possible, but changing the slider height is a bit tricky. However editing the width will require essentially remaking it from zero.


what is the welcome block dimensions for an image? mine just keeps getting resized down small because its to large

The max dimensions are set at 422×208. You can edit that if you like at config/settings.html. Open the file in your Template Editor and search for “homepage_welcome_image”. There you will find attributes: data-max-width and data-max-height

Hello I am interested in buying this theme but I would like to know instead of pictures can I use the main slider to have a video gallery instead?

It is possible to do, but such a feature is not included by default. You will have to modify the slider to achieve this.

How can i change the colour of the drop-down menu? How can i change the height of the slide show? How can i link a page for exemple in your design ’’Women’‘

Please be very specific thanks

1) Open assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid and search for” .main-menu ul ul” and ”.main-menu li:hover > a” Edit the background-color property.

2) This will be quite tricky to do. Start by changing the height of ”.main-slider .item”, ”.main-slider .item img” and ”.main-slider”. From there on you should be able to debug the sollution to find a suitable configuration. Also if you wish to increase the height, you have to edit the max height value for slider images. To that by editing config/settings.html. Search for “data-max-height=”500”“

3) Go to Navigation in your Shopify admin. Click “add link” under “main menu”. From “links to” select “product collection”. Choose your previously created collection and add the link.

Sorry, but if you are unable to perform the customization you wish to do yourself, then we can’t help you. All we can to is to provide guidance about things that are specific to this theme, not web development in general.

Hi there, How do we get the Drop down menu to apear on the Mobile devices ? it also doesn’t seem to work when you shrink the browser to a mobile device size. A drop Down menu within a drop down menu needs to be generated. Thank You.

If I understood you correctly, then you mean the second level of drop downs. The mobile only shows the first, because we felt that deeper navigation on mobile phone would be very inconvenient to use. I created something that could be used to show also the second. if you wish you can try to apply that to your theme. Take the code form here: and add replace the “mobile-menu” section in your layout/theme.liquid.

When I try to upload the theme to Shopify it brings back this message: missing template “layout/theme.liquid”?

—Update --

Saw this in the comment section :)

Planetshine Hi, this error usually happens when the you’re not uploading the correct folder. Unzip the file you downloaded from Themeforest. There you will find some other files like Readme.txt, documentation and The on you have to upload to Shopify is “”.

Hi there,

Just wondering if it’s possible to add a picture/banner for each product category page? Also, is it possible to change the ‘grey banner’ that appears at the top of each product and category page?

Many thanks : )

Hi, In Shopify admin you can add a picture for each category. Then they get display like this: [we have not added anything :( ]

Yes, but you will have to do that manually by editing it’s CSS styling. You can start by opening assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid in your Temlate Editor and searching for ”.main-navigation”

Thanks : )

Hi, Thanks for a really great theme! I have one issue I hope you can help me out with: How can I make the images inside the single product page display without being cropped? Originally in the theme these images shows in 470×470 and the eventual overflow will be hidden, but I would like to keep 470px as width, but don’t have any set height, so the full image will be displayed.

Hoping for a quick reply. Thanks a lot.

This will be tricky. You can start by editing “resizeImage” function in assets/theme.js. Try adding conditions for when not to adjust height in cases when the maxHeight = 470px. But as I said, this will be tricky since the resizer code is complex and takes some time before it can be understood well enough for editing.

When I click the Checkout link I’m taken to a NON styled page as per the image below:

Hi there,

Has anyone got the shipping rates calculator to display correctly on the cart page. After following Shopify’s instructions the calculator appears ‘wonky’ on the Pandora theme. I contacted Shopify about the issue and they said that they are not able to help with custom themes. Any help would be really appreciated : )

hey there,

all the product tags appear on my collection pages. are you able to hide these? if so how?

thanks but which one do i delete the raw pasta data or the top paragraph? thanks

The thing that was in the paste, leave what’s above and below as it is.

great thank you

The theme is great and my store is coming along nice. Few questions:

1. When I click on the Quick Shop a light box pops up with product image and description. Is there a way to add a link to go to product details page from there.

2. On the product detail page, is there a way for me to edit or remove the share functionality.

3. On the product detail page – when someone click on the image a light box pops up to show the large image. After lot of testing I have uploaded 1024×1024 images. This popup does not seem to be responsive. It looks great on big monitors but looks ugly on small laptops as it covers the entire screen.

Please let me know. Thanks!


1. Clicking on the product title does that.

2. Yes. You can edit/remove the share functionality by going to Template editor on Shopify admin. Open snippets/share.liquid. You can either delete the whole thing out just remove the unneeded ones.

3. Well, this could be mended by adding some CSS to handle it responsively. There is an update comming up for Pandora in next week, I’ll make sure we include that.

Hey, you can re-download the theme now. We have added additional responsive styling, that limits the max width of these images.

Glad to know that the developer is still so actively providing support to this template and I decided to buy it now!

Bought it and looking forward to contribute my sharing here

Hi can i check if there is anyway to automate the sliders images to rotate every few seconds? Thanks

Update: Hi I found the answer under previous replies by going to the theme.js and change the time out :)

Thank you.

I’m glad you managed to get it done! ;)

Hi the theme is great. A couple doubts though.

I am using an image with the welcome page at the top of my frontpage. The thing is that the image is higher than the text and it looks odd.

Also, is there any easy way to change the font of the titles? It’s too thin.



You can adjust the height etc. for the welcome section by editing assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid in your template editor. Just search for ”.welcome-message-1”.

You can edit the font-size and weight for titles by searching for ”.main-title p”. If you wish you can also just replace the font altogether.

Hi Planetshine.

Would you be able to paste the additional responsive styling that limits the maximum width of the pop-up images? I don’t really want to re-download the theme for fear of losing the work I’ve already done ;)

Well you should download the theme and use some sort of file compare software too merge your version of assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid

The changes are very small – add this within media queries for tablet version ”.quick-shop img { max-width: 950px; }”; And this for smartphone version ”.quick-shop img { max-width: 280px; }”

hey there,

when clicking the image in the quick shop it goes to a ” page cannot be found”

how can i fix this?

thank you

Do you have the latest version of the theme? It’s an error that was fixed a while ago. Try updating it. If not, please email me to the address of your site, so I can look for myself and fix this quicker.

iv emailed you thank you

Hi just want to say that the installation of this theme is very easy and so far I have no issues with it. Looking at the way developer is supporting this theme, it is the best choice among all and I felt assured by the active support rendered.

Great job keep it up Planetshine!

Thanks man! Really appreciate it!

Hi I wanted to change the main menu hover color but tried and is not successful.

I saw this guide here but I guess I have no knowledge to edit it. Is there anyway you can help me with this pls?

1) Open assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid and search for” .main-menu ul ul” and ”.main-menu li:hover > a” Edit the background-color property.

Hey, set the RGB background-color property for those two rows – ”.main-menu ul ul” and ”.main-menu li:hover > a”. You can lookup RGB colors here: The end result would be something like “background-color: rgba(0, 204, 102, 0.85);”