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How do I amend or completely disable the mobile theme?

Hi, you have to delete the CSS code that specifies mobile mode of the side. Open assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid, search for ”/* iPhone layout */” and delete everything below that.

Hi, I really love the wide banner and how your product page is displayed on pandora. But I also like the texture background and the quick look type for callisto. Which should I purchase? Will I be able to get the background texture and adjust the quicklook type to look like the callisto one if i buy pandora? Love your work btw.

Hi, I’m glad you like both of our themes. If you buy either theme you will be able to set any background you like. Adjusting the quick look will be trickier, but if you have solid knowledge of CSS and HTML you may do that.

Is there anyway I can use mailchimp with the theme?

Yes, it’s possible, but not support by default. Perhaps this app can help you.

Hi Ken21…

Not sure if you’re using Shopify’s postage calculator on the checkout page. If you are, have you managed to get it working so that it is styled correctly?


Sorry for a “non-sense” question, But how do i disable theme from being responsive? i need the page appear on iphone and other devices 100% width. Thank You.

i have done that and it almost worked, website doesnt zoom in on iPhone, the footer (green) background, and the slider is not 100% of the screen.

please advise

ah, yes, it seems that you shoud also go to layout/theme.liquid and delete ”<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=100%; initial-scale=1; minimum-scale=1;” />”. Let me know if something else comes up.


Can i add video to the individual product pages instead of the main product image? I sell dvds.


No, not by default at least. That might be possible using some shopify app, but I’m not sure.


is it possible to embed a vimeo video into the slider instead of a image? if so how?

thank you

It’s not possible by default, but can be achieved by a rather complicated modification. If you don’t have the technical skills needed, you might consider hiring a “Shopify Expert”.

How do i change the product image Height and width to display the entire photo?

checkout the e-mail I sent you ;)

Thanks for getting back to me. One more question, How would one remove the .00 from showing on the price tags?

Hi, you can replace this: {{ product.price_min | money }} with: {{ product.price | money_without_currency | remove: ’.00’ }} in all the places in theme, that displays prices. (like snippets/collection-item.liquid etc.)

whats the product image dimensions to display the product in full?

The product image is 210×260 in collections, and the full size in product view is 470×470.

Hi .. i wanna purchase Pandora theme .. but it’s not support arabic language ! Is it possible to make it compatible with the Arabic language ?

waiting your replay ..


Hi .. i think i make a big mistake :( I bought Pandora theme coz i thought it was intended for WordPress !

i sent the theme to my friend for translate manually and he said theme for Shopify not WordPress !

i know this my mistake & i take all the responsibility on it..

kindly try to help me .. just i wanna Pandora theme works on WordPress .. if u can not i’ll be glad if you back my money !

i installed WordPress here on my website to use pandora theme on it Note: I bought also sahifa theme from here to WordPress and use it here on my website :

I wrote this note just for prove I am honest what i said above

waiting your replay Yousif

Pandora only works on Shopify, and it’s not possible to make it run on Wordpress. For refunds you have to contact Themeforest support, since they handle all the money operations.

Can we just use this for mobile theme with our current own regular theme?

Will it interfere/work?

First off I must say this is a great theme one of the best shopify themes around – make more you guys have some skill

Is there anyway to make the home slider automatic like most websites?

I’m glad you like it! Yes it’s possible. Just check out this FAQ:


I’ve purchased this theme and is already implemented on a live site. So far so good…

But we’re having problems with people browsing on mobile devices. Because the homepage slideshow images are massive files they take too long to load on 3G networks and end up crashing the browser.

How could we provide alternate smaller size imagery for mobile devices?


Well Shopify by default does not provide theme developers with any way to achieve this. I can think of 2 possible sollutions:

* Upload another Pandora and set it up as mobile-only theme. Then use smaller images for sliders etc.

* Make a workaround using javascript to load certain images if window size is larger than x pixels. This will require solid knowledge of Javascript, but it can be done.

Thanks, I’ll try that

How do I have a varient not appear on the drop down if the inventory = 0. also if all = 0 just show sold out.

Hi, to achieve this you should edit templates/product.liquid and wrap the code that build option list in {% if %} statement that checks for variant item count. Use this variant.inventory_quantity property. More info here:

The theme should already inform the user in nothing is available

Child Links are not working on the mobile version. Is there a way to fix?

Can you please be a bit more specific about what you mean with “child links”?

On the navigation. If there is an item beneath another item. Such as T-Shirts > Mens, The T-Shirts will show on the mobile drop down menu but not the Mens. Is there a way to fix that?

The mobile only shows the first level, because we felt that deeper navigation on mobile phone would be very inconvenient to use. I created something that could be used to show also the second. if you wish you can try to apply that to your theme. Take the code form here: and add replace the “mobile-menu” section in your layout/theme.liquid. “

is it possible to change or delete the special offers heading text?


Yes, try editing the file snippets/special-offers.liquid in your Template editor. Should be pretty straight forward.


I need to display prices on the site with and without VAT tax.

I’ve followed shopify’s instructions to do this and it works perfectly on pages with no variants by using the following tag:

With VAT 20%: {{ item.price | times:1.2 | money }} Without VAT: {{ item.price | money }}

However this doesn’t work for products with variants and selectCallback function.

How can I do this for products with variants?


You will have to edit snippets/selector-callback.liquid. It holds Javascript that changes the price on variant change. Should not be too hard to figure it out from there on.


Just trying to install Zopim Live Chat but when I enter {% include ‘zopim’ %} in the sugested spot in theme liquid it doenst work. ANy ideas where to add this line?

Thank you

No, not really. For these kind of questions you should contact either Shopify or the App support.

Do you have any suggestions for IE 8 support? The theme performs great in 9 however in 8 the menus and slider do not display very nicely.

No, when we made Pandora we made a decision to drop legacy browser support completely and use all the latest and greatest technologies, that exist. You won’t make it work nice on IE8 unless you are willing to re-implement almost every aspect of it just for IE. Besides that the theme already uses a special script that enables HTML5 for IE8, just to have it not fall apart completely.

How to make the dropdown menu like

Hi, it’s a custom modification not a feature of the theme, so I can’t really help you edit your shop to look like that. You can try inspecting source code of that particular shop to get more insight.