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I brought this theme during the weekend. It’s great so far, so thank you for putting this theme together :)

I’m just wondering if it is possible to add a banner per collections page using this theme. I’m new to shopify, so apologies if this a very simple question.

I’m glad you like it! :) The file you’re looking for is snippets/collection-item.liquid

P.S We got an unfortunate bad rating this weekend. Perhaps you help us a bit and give Pandora a 5-star rating? You can to that on your Downloads section. It would mean the world to us.

I made a mistake. It’s not the h2 I’m trying to make into an h1, it’s the collection title on the collections page.

I’ve done the review for you. :)

oh, then the file you’re looking for is snippets/breadcrumbs.liquid. You should find {{ collection.title }} at the bottom half of the page.

Thanks, a lot!


I just bought the theme. Having some trouble uploading it. I am getting this error:

There was 1 error with this:
Upload Theme does not contain all required files: missing template "layout/theme.liquid"

Please help.

Can we disable fullscreen width? We want 980px or 960px whatever you think is best?

Also, how can we change site fonts? For main menu/heading: Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold For body: Helvetica Neue Regular More control over font style please guide.



When you say “disable fullscreen” width, do you mean to make the tablet version the default? I have not done this myself, but changing the settings for responsive code in assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid might be the answer. Try switching the width from which the responsive css get’s applied

If you wish to replace these fonts with some other google fonts, then you must 1) first find them here: 2) After that you must include them into theme. Edit the file layout/theme.liquid with your template editor. Paste the font inclusion tags in the head 3) Replace the fonts used in site by editing assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid. Menus, heading use “Source Sans Pro”. You can just search & replace them.

My account, is not appearing on our site when we upload and enabled this theme?

Can we have demo contents so, we could see what is missing?

My accounts may not show up if you have disabled the customer accounts. Look under preferences ? Checkout > Payments.

I can’t really give you demo exports file, since they include images that we do not have the right to share. And even if we gave it to you, it would only include products, not any other settings, link lists etc. Sorry about that.

Hi, Great theme first of all! Really far beyond anything else any other Shopify theme has to offer. I only have one issue and i’m sure it’s an easy fix, when I upload the slideshow images at (1920×500 as you recommended), they’re not stretching 100% like your demo. Am I missing something? Thanks again!

Hi, I’m glad you like it. We have not encountered this error before. Can you please give a link to your site? If you wish to keep if private, please email to If your sites store front is password protected, please include the password.

Hi, I would like to remove the tags visible in product page and the store display page. However, I still would like to be able to have the filter function with the tags. As it gets ugly with all the tags being displayed.

Also when someone searches for a product I would like a thumbnail image to be displayed at the side. How can I include this ?

Hi, to achieve this you will have edit the theme using Template Editor in Shopify admin. Tags for product page can be removed in templates/product.liquid. Just search for “Tags” and you will find it. For collection page you can do that in templates/collections.liquid.

Pandora does not support having images in search results, so you will have to develop this functionality on your own. The file is templates/search.liquid. You can try using this wiki to get you started.

Hi, Can you do quick help pls?


1. We need the homepage slider in 980px fixed width by default for PC.

2. We DO NOT want Fullscreen width or body sized slider.

3. Also, we need to disable LEFT/RIGHT arrows.

4. Can we have bullets NOT numbers (1,2,3…) for slider?


Hi, to make these modifications you will have to completely change the way slider is made and it’s impossible to give simple instructions of how to achieve this, since you would have to change a large number of things. If you do not have very solid knowledge of web development you might have to hire a web developer for this task.

All the markup for slider resides in snippets/homepage-slider.liquid; You will also have to edit assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid (Search for /* Main slider */); Slider is initialized in assets/theme.js. (Search for “initHomepageSlider”); Lastly the max dimensions of slides are set in config/settings.html. You will have to edit the “data-max-width” values according to your needs. You can find the slides by searching form “Slide #1”, “Slide #2” etc.

All of the modifications you wish to have are possible, they just aren’t very easy to do.

Please help:

Home > Customer account /checkout

The above said page design doesn’t appear on our site. We’ve enabled customer login options in Shopify admin.

Only default shopify theme design of the above page appears with messy layout. It should open your layout design page.

Please reply asap, thx!

Hi there,

My latest Twitter messages have disappeared from our Twitter feed in our footer. Any ideas why?

Many thanks

Hi, check your email ;)

Can we change footer headings?


and we would like to change contents underneath the above heading/sections.

Hi, yes you can. Edit Layout/theme.liquid and search for any of these texts and replace them with what you desire.

Sorry, but I did not understand which contents did you mean by this. “underneath the above heading/sections.”

We’ve tried many twitter accounts but nothing appears in the footer tweets? We can see this heading only “Latest Tweets”

Can you please help asap?


Did you update the theme and follow these instruction here: ?

Hi There Looking at purchasing this theme and have a few questions please 1. Can we make the homepage slideshow 1176×705 and NOT wideview 2. Can we HIDE the blog, best sellers and contacts and info page from homepage so we just display the large slider and 3 small adverts underneath 3. Can we have left hand navigation instead as we have so many products we need to sort by designer and type IE Jewellery/Designer Names 4. Is it possible to show a vendor logo on the product page and they can click this to view other items by this designer If these things are not able to be done in the Theme would they easily be done by a designer? Thanks


1) It’s doable, but will require complete make over for the slider.

2. Yes.

3. It’s the same as with slider. Such a design is not planned in the theme, so you will have to change everything about way product catalog is displayed. If you have solid knowledge of web development, then you can attempt this.

4. Neither Shopify, nor Pandora does not provide such a feature, but it can be hard coded in the theme.

My ‘Quick Shop’ link breaks or gets stuck. The ‘Quick Shop’ gets stuck when I open up the link and click on the image to enlarge the image. Once you do that, you can’t click on that same ‘Quick Shop’ link for the same product again. Also, I tried doing it to multiple ‘Quick Shop’ links to see what happens and the enlarged image in the ‘Quick Shop’ link stays enlarged. Does anyone else have this problem?

Hi, this error has been resolved and submited to Themeforest for approval. You will be able to download a fixed version in the following 24hrs.


Great theme!

Is there any help on bilingual support for this theme? Is there any solution or reference site/link please?


Shopify does not provide support for usage of multiple languages.

Hi there,

The slider is NOT auto playing on the homepage. Any idea?


works, thx!

Hello Planetshine,

I am interested in buying your theme, it’s very nice! However I will require it to be it in Spanish. I can translate it myself as I have translated other themes, but it has been in Wordpress by editing .php and CSS Files. This will be the first time I will use Shopify, can I translate the theme myself too?

If yes, I will certainly buy your theme.


Yes. Since Shopify does not provide any better options for doing this, you will have to edit the code files one by one, until all the text strings are translated. But I believe, that they already provide a spanish version for checkout.

I hope you’ll like Pandora.

I recently purchased this theme and am trying to convert the bottom subscribe form into my mailchimp sign up form. From what I understand my mail chimp form has to be > 230px wide and I have to update both my theme.liquid AND assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid files. I’ve copy+pasted my embed code into the theme.liquid file but am not sure what I’m suppose to do with the asset file. Anyone willing to help? Thanks in advance

When we are on checkout page the site header/footer disappears from the site and only contents page of checkout appears. Is there a way to keep site header/footer on checkout page? Also, it redirects to can we have our own site here?

No, sorry none of this is possible, because Shopify does not allow theme authors/users to modify the way checkout works.

I am planning to buy this theme.

Can I use this theme on Drupal?

No. You can only use it with