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Awesome theme!

Im not that keen on the quick shop option how do i get rid of it?

I would like it so when customers click on the image it takes them to the product description area where they can buy etc. The same way in which the title of the product works. Is this possible?


Hey, I’m glad you like Pandora!

You can disable the quick shop in theme settings. Under Product > “use quick shop”

Hi Love the theme BTW I have been developing our site for a couple of months with custom code and replacement pictures (within the theme).

Q. How easy is it for me to upgrade to new version?

Hi! I’m glad you like it. Well if you have changed a lot, then upgrading might be a bit tricky. Most of the files have never been changed, but some, like stylesheet and javascripts have been updated many times. Your best option is to try to compare/merge your changes into them, with tools like winmerge.

Hello , I want to buy your theme , but first I want to know if it support Right To Left languages , like Arabic , Hebrew ..etc thanks ,,

Sorry the RTL is not supported in Pandora. If you wish to use this theme you will have to adapt the stylesheet yourself.


I’ve been doing a bit of looking, and I can’t find an answer to this… I would like to replace the welcome message with completely custom code, with my own hard-coded sidebar, product images, etc.

But I can’t find where to insert my own code. Could you point me to the file and approximate line?

Thank you!

Hi! The welcome message is located in snippets/homepage-welcome.liquid.

Hey, perfect. exactly what I was looking for. and looky there, I found more things I wanted to edit!


is it possible to add more than image to the product ?? i’m selling t shirts..

Do you mean more than one image? Yes. You can add as many as you like.

thank you for fast support :) , I will buy the theme :) but the last question , is there a language files(.xml) .. ? to make translate more easy ..

Sorry, no.

doesn’t look to be fully responsive….see screenshot from iphone ( ) when checking out the form fields are well off the screen.

Also, is there another option besides making the customer create an account before purchasing?

Hi, sorry about this. This error is not present on the version you can buy from themeforest. We just have not yet updated the demo site. Thanks for pointing it out, we will address this issue.

Hi im having a strange flicker when hovering over the product images or links. The entire screen flashes.

Can you please help me resolver this issue?

The bug fix is online.

Ok so how do i get it?

If I need to download and install the theme again, how will that affect all the custom work i did?

Yeah, you need to download the theme again. The only file that’s changed is assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid so you replace only that. This fix included adding “-webkit-transform-style: preserve-3d;” to various places, so you can just search for that and paste it in your code.

Thank you. I will test and see if it works


I really want to add a sidebar, identical to the blog sidebar on the collections page, ps help.

thanks in advance!

Hi, You will have to edit the templates/collection.liquid file. Including the code from snippets/sidebar.liquid by pasting this “{% include ‘sidebar’ %}” will be a good start, but you will have to edit the CSS for collection page, to make them with nicely. This will require very solid understanding of web development, and if you don’t have it, you should consider hiring a developer to do that for you.

Hello I am thinking about purchasing this theme today. I would like to know if I could see some examples? Any other users out there currently using this theme I could review? Hey it will get hits to your website :) I just want to see how well its working for you! Thank you – Jordan

Hello! Our customers are using pandora for selling everything from body builder food, to wedding invitations and hair products. But we can’t really give you any links to shops without their permission, unless, of course, they step up themselves. If you have any other questions just let me know ;)

Hi, just bought this. When I try to upload to Shopify it says ‘Upload Theme does not contain all required files: missing template “layout/theme.liquid”’

Can you help!? Thanks

Thank you! Should have read the instructions properly ;)

You’re welcome! ;)

Hello so I bought the theme and its working great! Just two quickies. The lower left section that is titled “Latest from the news blog” how do I change this title? I couldn’t find it in the editor.

Also, the Footer section About us. How do I change this title and also where is it pulling this content from? It pulled part of one sentence but I am not sure where from?

Thank you!



You can change “Latest from the news blog” by editing snippets/homepage-bottom.liquid with your template editor.

“About us” is located in layout/theme.liquid. Just search for it.

The latest section on homepage show 30 first words of each post. Shopify does not really have “more” like WP. Did not understand the part about nothing showing up.

Thank you found it all. Latest Tweets at the bottom is no longer working. I rechecked the widget id and then got a new one even still only shows the word “Tweets” please help

Make sure that you have the latest version of theme (the twitter feed got updated about a month ago). Then validate that you have valid twitter widget id. More info here:


We are in the process of changing our theme to suit our style more. We changed the body text to white and now all the drop down form elements can’t be seen. Where in the css is this controlled?

Thanks! :)

Also we are trying to change the white 1px lines above and below the slider to another colour? Where do we do this?


Search for ”.main-menu ul li a” in the main-stylesheet.css.liquid.

The second one is a bit trickier. Each slide has a blank white background image that’s needed for resizing purposes. You have to replace that with a blank picture in the color you need. That can be done in assets. Look for blank.png.

Perfect! Thanks Planetshine :)

Hi Planetshine,

Great Theme! I have a somewhat repeated question… My Twitter feed has disappeared and been replaced with just a twitter link.

Thanks (^ _ ^)

There might be some twitter issues.. Who knows. I have not managed to replicate this error.

Take a look at config/settings.html. There is a file upload called “logo_image_upload”. Edit the values data-max-width=”400” data-max-height=”120” to change the limits.

Let me know if you need any more help ;)

... figured it out … guess I just needed some sleep … (_) thanks anyway …

(_) looks like we posted at nearly the same time…

Thanks for all your help.

Hi there is it possible to change the color of the text when you hover over featured picture.


Hi. In theme settings, try to change Typography > Image Overlay color value.


Is it possible to have the same product in two different collections using two different templates? I want to make a hire section for some of the products so don’t want to show price or be able to add to cart.

No, the theme does not provide such a feature. Coding it manually would also be rather difficult.


Is it possible to change the image size on the product page? from 470 to something smaller.

would it effect the viewing of the theme in any browser / resolution?

It will require some editing of CSS, and Javascript, but it’s very doable. Each of the responsive states have their own product images size settings. If you change one of them, the other will remain unchanged.

Hi, I just bought Pandora theme for shopify, my question is:

you know on footer section, “About Us”, it shows whole bunch of words and it really makes my website’s footer looks so ugly. How do i change the text or how I actually fix it into a sentence?

Hi, here is my link: if you go there, and have a look on the footer site “About us”, it looks very messy, with a very long text. How could I edit it?

In your General settings. Like here:

Thank you so much for the quick response! All fixed! =)

Hi, is there any way to make the home page slider rotating by itself?