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On the site I’m building, I can’t get the footer widgets to show so I’m unable to added any content in the footer. Have I missed a trick? Any suggestions? Thanks!


Go to theme settings and look under section “Footer”. There you will find checkboxes for thing like:

* Show Newsletter subscription form?

* Show twitter feed in footer?</[>

* etc.

There you have to enable these elements and also provide all the needed information.

Can I get the PSD files to this please, or info on what size the logo and sliders should be. Thanks.

Hey, we can’t really give you the PSD, since it’s a part of separate product:

The logo has no specific size needs, just make sure it’s not extremely long. The slider images are 1980×500px.

Okay, thanks for the reply. I’ll pick up the other theme as well. I wanted to know do you offer custom work?

Yes. You can write us to with more details about your project and we’ll see what we can do.

Hello -

I’m having major issues with the site load time. My shop has a very high bounce rate because of it… I know that the image load time (particularly thumbnails on the product category pages) is a major culprit – sometimes the images take upwards of 20 seconds to load. On good times, the load time is about 3-5 seconds, which is still too long.

Page Speed Test

Is there a way to use thumbnail images on the product pages, or to change the way the images on the pages are rendered?

Thanks for any advice, Andrew

I resized the images from “large” in the collection-item.liquid page to “compact” and it reduced the image sizes – but the load time was still 4-5 seconds. still no dice. :(

That’s odd. I really thought that image size would make a difference. Besides replacing the various icons you have on your page with css sprites, and hosting Javascript on a third party server, I have no other ideas. You might consider contacting Shopify support, maybe they have some solutions for this.

A side note – your site performs considerably worse than default pandora demo site.

Dang. they said to check with you. Ok, it must be something I did custom. Thanks.

Does this theme include a collection filter to filter by product variant? (just one variant (eg SIZE = small, medium, large, extra large).

If not, could you develop as a custom mod?

No, there is not such a feature. It could be developed, but since Shopify does not provide the option to filter collections AT ALL, it would require some custom work. In theory we could develop such a custom mod, but currently we are very overbooked.

OK .. Thanks for the quick reply.

good day

I downloaded this theme but I am not able to install, do not know if it’s missing files, but the wordpress notifies me that missing the style.css.

Could anyone help me?

thank you


Hey, make sure that you unzip the folder that you downloaded from Themeforest. In there you will find That is the file you need to upload to your site.

Hello there,

I need to check if I can change the fonts & size within the navigation, background, logo position (to be in the center), remove the footer, add a scroll to top button at the bottom of the site and finally make the entire pages a bit wider. Thanks in advance and apologies for the question amount.. Figured to get it all out now before. Beautiful theme btw :)

Hey, check your email. ;)

Thanks, I am interested in setting up a Shopify store using your theme. I kinda know how to adapt a little CSS and HTML but wanted to know if all of the above are possible prior to purchase. Thanks

hi guys, if you post a picture on a tweet (which is common) the twitter feed on the footer of the page breaks, the image sits on top of the bottom copyright area.. I can send you a screenshot if you like.

Yes, that would be helpful. E-mail us please to


I was thinking to replace/change the drop down menus to use the jquery driven Chosen ( The reason for this is because I don’t seem to be able to modify the <select> <option> with css. From a quick google search, I found out that things like the hover colors are controlled by the os, and thus untouchable.

Installing Chosen was not a big problem, and it seemed fairly easy to implement it to the code – or so I thought.

I spent a good amount of hours to tweak it’s css to get the drop down to look and behave like I wanted, modifying the item quantity drop down in product.liquid like so:

<p class="item quantity">
        <select id="quantity" name="quantity" class="chosen" >
        {% for i in (1..6) %}
            <option value="{{ i }}">{{ i }}</option>
        {% endfor %}

Made use of this jquery script to initialize Chosen at the bottom of product.liquid:

    $(document).ready(function() {
          {disable_search_threshold: 10},
          {no_results_text: "No matches found."},
          {allow_single_deselect: true},
          {placeholder_text_single: "Select an option."}

And added this line to theme.liquid to load the jquery file:

{{ 'chosen.jquery.min.js' | asset_url | script_tag }}

That the old drop down button was still visible besides my new button was of less concern for me, because I was thinking it was something simple such as the <select> drop down was surrounded by some element class.

So after these hours of making my new drop down, I started to investigate why this could be but I couldn’t find any way to make that old button disappear.

Then, just for having done it, I tried adding my tailored Chosen class to another <select> in product.liquid:

<select id="product-select-{{ }}" class="no-uniform chosen" name='id'> ...

but this didn’t quite work either. :)

So after this wall of text, I have but one question: How do I use Chosen properly together with the Pandora theme?



Shopify’s variant selectors are a world of pain. Seriously.

You should have no problem with quantity. However variant’s will be a major problem because of the way they are made.

Products can have many variants like size, color etc. If you disable JS on your browser and load the page you will notice, that Shopify outputs only 1 select box for all the variants together. With JS enabled it uses a script to split the select box into multiple new select boxes and hide the original.

The only way we could style the select boxes ourselves was to initialise the style after shopify has done it’s thing. We do it with this function call on product.liquid

pandora.customFormElements('#product-actions-{{ }} select:not(.no-uniform, #quantity)');

We love the theme and the website is working great. However, where do the newsletter signups go? I don’t see the emails being collected anywhere on the dashboard. Please help.

Thank you!


Hey, you have to use a service for that. Here are instructions for setting up mailchimp. But the system can be used for other services too.

Thanks. I cannot located the ‘Newsletter Form Action’ section under Footer > Footer Newsletter. All I have is the box to turn the Newsletter on, Newsletter Description Text and Text to show after successful subscription. Please help thanks!

oh, sorry! The answer I have you was correct for Wordpress version of Pandora, not Shopify.

For shopify the newsletter signups get added as new customers. They are auto checked as ready to accept marketing messages.

The facebook and twitter icons are not showing in the footer. Any reason why? It seems to also happen in your demo. I checked the assets, the files are there. And it’s referenced correctly in the style sheet. Please advise.

Hey. They look ok for me on demo. What browser are you using? Make sure your social networks are entered in theme settings.

Is there a way to eliminate the title redundancy on blog posts? For example: this blog post title shows up 3 times. Nav tree, page title and blog title. That’s a little silly. Can we modify this so it doesn’t show up 3 times? Maybe eliminate the blog post title that shows up under the Nav tree??

I tried removing the page title in the blog post and saving it but it still shows up. I can modify it there of course to say something else but that’s not the goal. I tried just using a space so its blank but that doesn’t work.

Thank You!

Hey, well you can easily remove form example the lowest of blog titles. Just edit templates/article.liquid and delete 8th row, that contains “{{ article.title }}”

Great theme! But… Shopify says here that it’s doable to use drop down menu with other than english chars. As the theme has this feature (drop down) i hope to get an answer on how to do this with Greek chars cause it keeps ignoring me :D

Hey, check you e-mail. ;)

Hi! I’m trying to build my site, but for some reason the back end isn’t working correctly. The “select all” option doesn’t do anything for adding shortcodes, and when trying to add my sites logo there are no checkboxes for doing so.

Hey, please check your e-mail ;)

Hi there!

I just bought this theme and I love it so far. However, I would like to center the logo/header and make it larger. How easy would this be?

Edited to add: in the documention under F) Uploading your custom logo, the screen shot shows a dropdown for logo size and style, and that dropdown doesn’t seem to be there anymore.


Centering the logo will be tricky, since it will require you to relocate the cart/checkout links. You can start of by editing ”.main-header .logo” in assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid.

Changing the size for logo image is easier. Edit config/settings.html and look for “logo.png”. Edit the attributes data-max-width=”400” data-max-height=”120”

Will the checkout links be shoved down if I just change the size of the logo? And will changing the overall size of the logo have a super effect on it’s responsiveness?

Depends on the size you’re using, but that could happen. And it will have effect on resposiveness, but that can be easily fixed by adding couple of lines of CSS.

Is it possible to get editor for the shopify theme like the one you did for woocommerce. I really want to change the background to one of the options you gave over there.

another question. I have downloaded the theme to my website. and I understand the default is green. how do I change it to the pink one?

Hi. We’re planing to update the Shopify demo site in near future. You can switch to the ruby by selecting different preset. On left hand side of theme settings there is a select box that allows you to do that.

My product options such as Color and Size only show up on my storefront if my product has more than one variant. How do I change that?

see we have to put in 2 variants min

It’s that way by purpose. If you wan’t to add a label or something like that, you can edit templates/product.liquid and insert the HTML you need after “else” on line 54.

can you explain the benefit of this design as Im finding hard to see why its on purpose

Majority of shop owners sell products with single variant. Customers don’t have to pick a variant (there really is nothing to pick), they just pick the product. This is a reasonable default for 95%. It might not be optimal for case when there is a product with, for example, small/medium/large size and only one variant has been left in stock, but it’s better to have it this way. Why do you want to show the variant? We can figure something out surely, that solve your specific case best.


how do I change the appearance of the pictures slider to changing every few seconds instead of changing only when pressing the numbers circules buttons?

Thanks, Karin

me again. missed me? I was trying to find Hebrew fonts resembles to the one you have chosen for Pandora theme and found 2 nice ones. I have downloaded them and got the zip files. After few frustrating tries including the freelance who’s doing the RTL code changing for me (lucky him he’s over see so he is safe from me cause I’m :X ) I’m here asking help from you, willing to pay ofcourse for this service. pls help me change the font :(

Hey. If you can wait couple of days, then I can probably help you. Perhaps you can e-mail me with the fonts you found, and we can discus this in more detail there. The email address is

check your inbox ;)

is there a quick way to mod the main menu, we have a lot of items and want to change the menu size, style and colour. Need the menu to be bolder (strong) too.

No, you have to edit the CSS for that. Menu styling is located around line 230 on assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid

Hi, I’m having a slight issue with the second checkout screen in the theme. The first one displays fine as so: But the second one looks like this:

Do you know why the product images are resizing on the first page and not the second? Also I’ve even gone back to the original theme before I started changing it and it has the same issue. Please help!

I can’t seem to replicate this. What browser are you using? Is this still happening? Perhaps, that was a glitch in shopify’s system. Checkout is entirely on their end, and themes only have the option to edit colors etc with CSS.

Hi, this is just to prove I have in fact purchased the theme but it was under another account. This in regards to question above from my other account (gauthier5) with the image problem in the checkout. Thanks.