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I liked the way your theme works, however, before buying the theme I’d like to know if this theme can be used for creating an amazon affiliate website using a plugin like – Thanks in advance.

Hey, as far as I’m aware no one has ever attempted this, so I simply do not know. It looks like an extensive plugin, so it’s possible that some issues may appear, but it’s impossible to know without giving it a go.

Hi, how do I remove the target=”_blank” attribute from the banner images? What file do I edit?

Hey, the file in question is theme/templates/banner.php


We have just updated Woocommerce 2.3.5 and to the latest theme 1.1.10 and get this error

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WooCommerce::attribute_label() in /wp-content/themes/pandora/woocommerce/single-product/product-attributes.php on line 52

Also there is an error when viewing an image from the media libary.

Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Error could not be converted to string in /wp-content/themes/pandora/core/template-functions.php on line 273

Hey, I believe that I e-mailed you. It seems to me that the error is due to issues with upgrade. The new version does not override the woocommerce file in question any more.

Yes you did many thanks! Problem resolved down to user error.

Hello There,

On 3/1/2015 I downloaded the latest version of the theme … however, after updating the theme, I am getting a message telling me that I need to update the theme to the 1.3.2 version…

If the version I updated from my 3/1/2015 is version… why am I getting this message?

Best Regards, Digital Chica

Are you reffering to the WooCommerce asking you to update? Latest version of Pandora – 1.1.10 will support WooCommerce 2.3.5. Make sure you have the latest of both.

We’re on two different pages. The screen I see says the following:

Pandora for Woocommerce – Premium Wordpress ThemeVersion: 1.1.10 By Planetshine

Update Available There is a new version of Pandora for Woocommerce – Premium Wordpress Theme available. View version 1.3.2 details or update now.

Oh, that’s interesting. It looks like there is another theme called Pandora, that’s available from Your wp-admin mistakes it for our theme and offers you to update it. Simply ignore this message. It is in no way relevant to your theme.

This is an urgent problem! We have installed the theme and spent many hours developing the Home page. Now your theme appears to be corrupted and has destroyed our website, making us lose all of our work.

When we log into the backend of WordPress where the themes are displayed, even the version of your theme that is displayed is corrupted. We need to get this fixed immediately. We tried to restore to a previous backup and the site still looks the same, we can’t restore it. Please help us with this issue ASAP!

Hey, Can you give me a link to your so I can see this problem in action? Also an access to your wp-admin probably will be helpful. You can send these over to

Hi, is there any way to stop the website being responsive? I’ve made some changes and it no longer looks good on a mobile so I’d rather just remove the responsiveness and allow the user to zoom in if using their mobile. Thanks

Hey, in theme/assets/main-stylesheet.css find this part:
@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {

Then delete/comment out it and everything below it till the end of file.

Then do the same for theme/assets/woocommerce.css and theme/assets/checkout.css

Great, thanks!


Can you install the demo content. It’s not working properly.



Hey, what was the problem? Did you try importing the sample content XML file from theme files.


During checkout the coupon entry field does not show. I checked your demo also. I have checked settings and coupons are enabled. Please advise.

OK – I see it on cart but if you go directly to checkout it’s not possible to enter one. So it looks like we need to make sure a user always go to cart before checkout. Please advice.

Also cart page is messed up with Woocommerce 2.3.8 it seems to duplicate content.

1) Hey we have just submited an update that will fix the cart compatibility issues with 2.3.8. It should be available within next 24hrs.

2) We have disabled the checkout coupon by default because a) e-commerce research says that coupons in checkout can decrease conversion % because people might leave the page to google for coupons. Also it does not look that good. If you want this, then you can enable it by editing pandora/theme/woocommerce.php. Remove this line:

remove_action( 'woocommerce_before_checkout_form', 'woocommerce_checkout_coupon_form', 10 );

When it is compatible with the latest version of WooCommerce (2.3.x) ???

Hey, the current version – v1.1.12 is compatible with 2.3.8. You can download it from Downloads section of your Themeforest account. Here is more info about updating:

Actually I’m sorry, just lost my temper there. It’s ok now

Ok, let me know if you have anything we can help you with.


The “read more” tag that automatically occurs at the end of blog posts

Such as

How do I use the postion “read more” tage so it will show up after a snippet of my blog post ?

Because if I used the ‘more’ tag option that means I’ll have a ‘more’ tag and a ‘read more’ tag at the end of my blog posts as can be seen by the link and that does not look right.

Is the custom CSS box in the Appearance – Editor ? Because if it is, just tried and still there

It’s in wp-admin > Pandora. Scroll to bottom of page.

Brilliant ! Works a treat, that’s been a real pain in the ass for me that. Nice one.

Hello. Your theme working fine up until the latest update. The variation select box is not changing, even after user select an item. Can you please take a look at this? I sent an email about this couple of days ago too.

Hey, check your e-mail ;)

Near like 0,0 CSS Erroros i find – verry great! Is it available in this theme to make easy a boxed layout? Or your demo has a boxed transparent “color”?

Hey, unfortunately Pandora does not have boxed layout feature. If you want this you will have to make this modification yourself. The easiest way to do this probably is with CSS pseudo classes. Something like this:


rennas Purchased

how to put Retina Logo? looking my website from macbookpro is awful :(

Hey, unfortunately the theme does not support retina by default. Generally what you need to do to retina-fy the logo is upload a 2x larger version of it and downscale it with CSS. You can paste something like this in the assets/main-stylesheet.css.liquid file to edit the image size. Just replace the px values with your specific sizes.
.main-header .logo img { width: 100px; height: 50px; }
Also the logo size is limited to 400×120px. To change that limitation edit this in config/settings.html
<input type="file" id="logo_image_upload" name="logo.png" data-max-width="400" data-max-height="120" />

rennas Purchased

I did some tries, its right and working!!! :) and i can suggest, that its better to put that code directly in CSS CUSTOM CODE, so its easier to modify, instead of oing in ftp…. opening the main-stylesheet. :D

Another thing, woocommerce is saying that pandora integrated woocommerce template is out of date :/ how to fix that? need to wait next update? It will work properly the website in any case right now?

Oh, sorry I accidentally gave you edit instructions for the Shopify version. The markup is similar, but in WooCommece case you can paste the CSS in custom CSS box in theme settings page.

We have an update coming out in the next 2-3 days that will fix the WooCommerce issues (depending on Themeforest approval speed)

What about compatibility with multi store plugin like WC MARKETPLACE? and what about if I insert woocommerce into Android and iOS App?

The theme is not tested with WC Marketplace plugin. None of our customers have ever informed us about attempts at doing an Android/iOS app. I believe that the theme does not play a large part in how the app works with WC. The app should supposedly be like another “theme” running in parallel.

Hi there,

I have two problems with your Pandora Woocommerce template:

1. Cannot be updated automatically coz the following template is downloaded instead and installed:

On the ther hand admin gives error messages when istalling throuth ZIP package as the folder already exists and quits installation.

2. Please tell meg how set up color dropdown lists fo my items in the shop.

Many thanks


1) check the e-mail I sent you.

2) Add product variants. See this:

I’ve imported sample data. How can I use Home II instead of I?

I don’t need a reply. I created a new page with Visual Composer.

How can I edit the item info on single product page? I need to get rid of some of the details and add to cart button.

Hey, what details exactly do you wish to remove? It’s probably easiest to hide them with CSS. If you let me know the specifics I can help you out with that.

If you do no need the add to cart button anywhere along with cart/checkout , then you should make use of the “Catalog mode” plugin that’s bundled with the theme.

Thanks for your reply. Please let me know where I can download ‘Catalog mode’ plugin.

Oh, sorry, I misread the name of the theme. Pandora does not have catalog mode plugin. To hide the add to cart button paste this in the custom css box in your theme settings page in wp-admin.

.item-info .buy { display: none; }

When Support Expired – All is gone! I like the template, but don’t like that, unless I renew support Pandora is unusable.Visual Composer is OUT!!!

$41,30 – every 6 monts is not good for me !!!

Hey, You do not need to renew support to get updates. They are available for everyone all the time. You can read more about themeforest support policy here:

Oops sorry about that , VC had several updates and my other templates are updated , but Pandora does not want :) . And I decided that it was because of the support leaked . I apologize for the statement, this template is truly very loving to me And my clients. THANKS

Hello. I absolutely love your theme and the overall design. It’s worked great for me, but I’m suddenly having a problem with the selection box for my products. The list of variations is in the dropdown, but regardless of which size you select, it only shows the default option. WooCommerce says it’s on your end. Help?

Hey, Please create support ticket on our forum ( ), add link to product which doesn’t work correctly and provide you wp-admin details as well.