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Planetshine does not currently provide support for this item.

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very nice Planetshine, good work

Thanks! :)

Beautifully, clean and well executed, good luck!

Thanks, a lot! :)

Hi , When I look at a product with the smartphone, behind the image of the product remains a big white image giving visibility problems. You can solve this problem? I want to buy your template. thanks

Yes , is OK now ! thanks You have to make me a discount now :))

Sorry, Themeforest does not allow us to give discounts… :( Thanks.

Thanks, a lot!

Can the background square patterns be changed on the “pop up” as well as the background?

Also, I can use the visual composer to completely change around the homepage correct?

Awesome thanks for the quick response. Also, whats the type of slider? Can I change it out with revolution slider or the other carousel sliders offered as plugins?

Also, I noticed that when going to the product description page, I don’t see multiple pictures underneath the main image. Can you add more than one picture with each of the products?

About slider: It’s jQuery cycle. You can. Changing slider might not be too straightforward if you wish to have a full width type of slider. If you attempt to do that, we will answer any questions that you might have along the way.

Product images: Yes, you can add as many as you like. Products can have either a gallery of images, or an image to each variant (Color – red/blue/green etc.). Images are scrolled using a carousel script, so it’s all pretty. See this: http://planetshine.net/demo/pandora-woo/product/striped-colorfull-dress/

Really good. I wish you many sales ;)

Thanks! :)

Nice Theme, question…can a single product page have a sidebar?

Not without making very serious changes in the code.

Good job…. Good luck with sales

Thanks a lot! :)

Hey i have a question before buying, the products i will be selling i dont want it to be delivery i want it so they can order pay then collect in store or reserve it and pay in store is this feature available on this?

Yes, you can select Local Pickup as the only enabled shipping method. Same goes for “cash on delivery” as payment method.

Thank you for the quick reply I will be purchasing this theme hopefully today or tomorrow

Hi, i got this theme. But when i active this theme, there has a error:

Warning: htmlspecialchars_decode() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given in /home1/damien/public_html/wp-content/themes/pandora/core/lib/settings.class.php on line 156

How can i fix this problem?

Please write me to support@planetshine.net I will send you a file to replace. Otherwise it will take some time before a fix can be available in Themeforest.

Hi, i sent a email to you from abcfrog@163.com


what’s the font used in the main menu ?


Hi, does this support retina display graphics?

Some of the design elements like slider buttons support high resolution, but in general retina resolutions are not supported. This, however, affects only a small number of icons.


Is it avaiable in dutch?

Hello! The theme comes with POT language file that can be used to easily translate it. Here are some instructions for that: http://www.solostream.com/blog/tutorials/translate-wordpress-theme/

Great theme can be adapted for WPML plugin ?

Hi, currently the theme is not tested with WPML, but that’s the number 1 thing on our improvement list. The support should be added hopefully during the next week, but not later than 2 weeks from now.

ok let me know, i’ll buy it for sure ;)

The theme is the coolest of all, a pity not work in IE8 which unfortunately is still a reality for many users! Only I will not buy it because of that! But congratulations!

Thanks, I’m glad you like it :)

I like this theme but I have a couple quick questions before I buy.

1. It looks like all the product pictures run vertical, can the also run horizontal?

2. Each individual product will be charged for shipping, can this be done?


Very nice job on theme, btw.

Hi. I’m glad you like it!

1. If I understand you correctly, the product image size can be changed, but that will require some editing of both CSS and theme PHP code.

2. By default you have the option to add certain amount of money for each added product etc. But if you want to define the money for each product individually, you might need to acquire this plugin: http://www.woothemes.com/products/per-product-shipping/

Good work…

1. Could it be darkned? – Everything! :) 2. Could we add videos (Vimeo/Youtube) to the slider?



1. On the demo site you can play around with the colours presets. That might give some idea of colour editing options. If you added a dark background image and changed font colors, you would get a pretty dark result

2. No, the theme does not support videos in slider.

Will you eventually add IE 8 support with this beautiful design? Many people still use this browser type. I would like to purchase if that happens.

Sorry, full IE8 support is not quite possible since, that would require to completelty rewrite large par to the theme and drop HTML5 and CSS3 support, that makes it as good as it is.