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Hi Planetshine,

I purchased this theme and I love it! Can you please tell me why my favicon and logo don’t show. I upload them as the documentation says but it doesn’t work. Please let me know details how to do it. Thanks in advance.

Hey, the favicon upload works well on our end. The last time a customer had a similar issue, the fault was with incorrectly from .ico to .png converted image. Maybe you can send the image you’re trying to use to and we’ll check it out?

Demo has a fallen photo, just giving you a head up

Thanks, a lot! :)

Hi Where do I change the height of the homepage slider so that it is all visible to a homepage visitor? Thanks

Edited height to 462px in 1st line after /* Main slider */ and then in 2nd and 3rd lines edited height to 450px and then uploaded main-stylesheet.css back to theme/assets/css/. Had no effect? Plse help. Thanks

Oh, sorry. Forgot an important detail. in theme/settings.php there is a variable called ”$image_sizes”. You have to edit the values for “slider_image”. The first one is width, the second is size. This will require you to remove and re-add the slider images. Let me know if there are any more problems.

Sorted, thanks so much.

Hi, does this theme support videos in pages/posts? If not, can you give me the code to edit so I can play videos. Thanks.

Don’t worry, sorted I think.

I believe, that I just email you.

Thank you.

The standard twitter feed doesn’t work, When i insert my widget id it automatically changes it to something else

Hey, make sure that you have the latest version of theme. In wp-admin on Appearance section it should say “version 1.0.2”. If you already have the latest version, perhaps you can email me your twitterfeed details – what the id should be and what it is after saving. The address is

Thanks Email sent

Hi there,

I installed the theme into wordpress and got all these Warnings. This is one of the many.

Warning: htmlspecialchars_decode() expects parameter 2 to be long, string given in /home4/cr8mob/public_html/dev/admin/wp-content/themes/pandora/core/lib/settings.class.php on line 156

What do I need to do to fix this?



I’m building an affiliate site. All I’d need really is a place to create a landing page for product details. Then I’d add a button that goes to the affiliate link. Do I need all the wooTheme stuff? Or can that be achieved with what I have right now. Also, didn’t I purchase the wootheme?

I got it to work with woo ecommerce. Thank you though. However, how do you change the current symbol?

Go to woocommerce -> settings on your wp-admin. There you will find a currency selector. Screenshot:

I purchased this theme and like it a lot – but it is not compatible with the newest WooCommerce that is out there and I had a great deal of issues that a friend of mine fixed so that it is compatible. Just a heads up for you – this file: themes\pandora\woocommerce\single-product\add-to-cart\variants.php

Here is the corrected script for you (it was an issue with the variable drop down function):

<?php /** * Variable product add to cart * * @author WooThemes * @package WooCommerce/Templates * @version 1.6.5 */

if ( ! defined( ‘ABSPATH’ ) ) exit; // Exit if accessed directly

global $woocommerce, $product, $post; ?>

<?php $loop = 0; foreach ( $attributes as $name => $options ) : $loop++; ?>

<label for=”<?php echo sanitize_title($name); ?>”><?php echo $woocommerce->attribute_label( $name ); ?>:</label> <select id=”<?php echo esc_attr( sanitize_title($name) ); ?>” name=”attribute_<?php echo sanitize_title($name); ?>”> <option value=””><?php echo __( ‘Choose an option’, ‘woocommerce’ ) ?>…</option> <?php if ( is_array( $options ) ) { if ( empty( $_POST ) ) $selected_value = ( isset( $selected_attributes[ sanitize_title( $name ) ] ) ) ? $selected_attributes[ sanitize_title( $name ) ] : ’’; else $selected_value = isset( $POST[ ‘attribute’ . sanitize_title( $name ) ] ) ? $POST[ ‘attribute’ . sanitize_title( $name ) ] : ’’; // Get terms if this is a taxonomy – ordered if ( taxonomy_exists( $name ) ) { $orderby = $woocommerce->attribute_orderby( $name ); switch ( $orderby ) { case ‘name’ : $args = array( ‘orderby’ => ‘name’, ‘hide_empty’ => false, ‘menu_order’ => false ); break; case ‘id’ : $args = array( ‘orderby’ => ‘id’, ‘order’ => ‘ASC’, ‘menu_order’ => false ); break; case ‘menu_order’ : $args = array( ‘menu_order’ => ‘ASC’ ); break; } $terms = get_terms( $name, $args ); foreach ( $terms as $term ) { if ( ! in_array( $term->slug, $options ) ) continue; echo ’<option value=”’ . esc_attr( $term->slug ) . ’” ’ . selected( $selected_value, $term->slug, false ) . ’>’ . apply_filters( ‘woocommerce_variation_option_name’, $term->name ) . ’</option>’; } } else { foreach ( $options as $option ) { echo ’<option value=”’ . esc_attr( sanitize_title( $option ) ) . ’” ’ . selected( sanitize_title( $selected_value ), sanitize_title( $option ), false ) . ’>’ . esc_html( apply_filters( ‘woocommerce_variation_option_name’, $option ) ) . ’</option>’; } } } ?> </select>

<?php endforeach;?>

ALSO – It would be great if when you do an update you change the fact that your responsive picture of laptop, tablet, etc right below the slider to the left is not hard coded into the theme.

Overall your theme is fantastic. I love it the it looks. Looking forward to your update!!


Hey, we are currently working on an update. It somehow took longer than expected. Anyway, thanks for the code, will check it out.

The image is not hardcoded, just not very well documented. Sorry about that. The shortcode has more params [welcome title=”Welcome to Pandora, responsive Wordpress theme” image=”LINK-TO-YOUR-IMAGE”]

does this theme has any working social login like using facebook/google+?

It offers social sharing options, but no login.

I seem to have a problem that the image resizing isn’t working and so I have images that are not fitting the various sliders and being just cropped to fit rather than resized.

Is this something to do with a certain setting that I need to contact my ISP about. The reason I say this I remember some years back having to do this for a wordpress them, something like having it white listed for read/write by the program.

Any help? URL is petal(dot)com

Hey. For some reason Wordpress does not allow to edit files with deeper folder hierarchy, that’s why you won’t find assets/css/main-stylesheet.css. You can only edit this file localy on your computer afterwards using a FTP software to replace the original.

You however can also add style rules in style.css that you can find on WP editor. Here I reduced the height by 100px.

.main-slider { height: 416px !important; }
.main-slider .item { height: 402px !important; }
.main-slider .item img { height: 402px !important; }

Thanks, but to be honest isn’t this supposed to be a dynamic template that adjusts for different screen resolutions? As per the advert?

Otherwise I’m getting your template and completely rebuilding it to fit a 1024×769 px resolution. Which won’t look any good with the larger screen resolutions.

Hence, as before my question really is why didn’t this template simply autosize? Or am I missing something?

Yes, this is a responsive theme. That means, it changes it’s size, layout etc. according to the width of the browser that you are looking at it. Try resizing your browser window and you will see all that in action

Changing the height of slider according to what you want it to be is not a part of responsiveness. That would be magic. Now that you have changed the size to which WP will resize the slider images and updated theme to reflect that, everything should be working as ok.

Is there the possibility to translate the template into other languages easily? For example the dutch language?

Yes. The theme features all the necessary language files for translation. Here you can read a quick overview of the translation process in general.

Hi, I have a few questions before I buy :)

1) In the quickshop-view, does it work with variations and does it show a different picture for the variation you choose?

2) is it possible to use a lightbox plugin for the image in the quickshop-view? Or can I disable the link to the full image? I don’t want people to fo outside of the browserwindow to view a productimage

3) Can I make the entire colored box with text clickable so it goes to quickshop-view instead of just the button?

4) Can i easly translate the template-only language stuff?

Thanks for your answers!


1. It works with variations, but it does not provide picture switching in this view.

2. You can easily remove the link to full sized image. Adding lightbox sollution is something that might be done in a future update.

3. Yes, but that will require some additional Javascript to be written. If you buy, this I can give you more detailed instructions.

4. Yes. Theme features all the necessary language files for translation. This is a quick overview of the process.

Do the layered PSD’s come with the WP version or just the HTML version?

Just the HTML.

Hi there is any way to add video in the products page


Hi, You can add anything like you like to the Description tab right below product image. There it shows all the content you add into wordpress text editor.

Hello what slier is used on the home page? Just need to know before I buy. Wanted to change the speed of the slider.


That’s jQuery Cycle. You can edit it’s speed, cycle duration and effects from theme settings in wp-admin.

OK Great! Thanks. I noticed the quick Shop doesn’t work on mobile and ipad. Can this be changed?

We feel that the quickshop is far too large and has too much content for it to be convenient to use in mobile and tablet versions of site, so it’s disabled. Besides the activation relies on hovering the product image so it’s impossible to make it convenient to use on touchscreens. In theory it’s possible to activate and style it, but the overall usability of site will suffer from that.

How do I change this? This field says “New Password” but it should say “Username”

Update: You can download the update NOW.

Thanks, dumb question but how do I download and apply an update? Will it affect the work I’ve already done on the site?

If you have modified any files, then yes it will affect. The settings will and content however will not be affected. Generally you apply an update the same way you installed the original theme. If WP says, that the theme already exists, delete the old one.

Hi, Im looking to build a wordpress website for a friend who runs her own womens shoe shop and I was thinking of purchasing this theme.

How does the shop work in this theme? Would it be easy for her (who has very little technical knowledge) to manage the products/stock? Just wondering how it works? Is there a spreadsheet/database that you update with new products? And also if somebody buys an item on website products/stock get updated? Alternatively, I could look after it for her initially and then hand it over..

Thanks Dave

Hey, the theme uses Woocommerce plugin that provides management of products, that each can have their stock count etc. There is a short video here, that show the process:

Hool, Love the theme, however I’m tryng to add variable products and i have all the atribute and variations set but when i preview all the dropdowns are blank. I seen the user: dweisenburg seem to have a similar issue and posted code to fix.

I tried to update with that code but I get :

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘an’ (T_STRING) in …wp/wp-content/themes/pandora/woocommerce/single-product/add-to-cart/variable.php on line 15

Any updates on this code? Also, the formatting of the dropdown menu is different.

Hey, check your email! ;)

Hi is there a way to change the width of the product images on the main shopping page? I tried changing the size in the Woo-commerce Catalog setting but nothing changed.


Hi, It’s possible but will require quite a bit of work. Changing the settings to resize the images differently is not so hard, but adapting the theme to display everything correctly with different width in 3 different version – pc, tablet, mobile will take some time, and good knowledge of HTML and CSS.

1. The quickshop feature does not display the variations I have set.

2. The ‘Featured Products’ widget in the footer looks terribly awkward.

3. Is there a way to display social media icons somewhere near the top of the page?

4. On the product pages when you click one of the variable drop-down menus (such as size) it seems like one of the options is “Select pa_size”. Is there a way to remove this option? On this page for example:


The quickshop feature is not displaying the price either.

Also, in Firefox all the drop down menus are now black so you can’t see the options. Here’s a screenshot:

The dropdown menus are fine in Chrome and IE though.


Both quickshop and product page only show price and buy button only when you have selected a variant that has price and can be bought. I tried it on your site and works fine

Yeah, it looks like latest firefox versions have a bug with select backgrounds. Weirdly I can’t replicate this on my end.

Can you try to change a value in your theme/assets/css/main-stylesheet.css and check if it works? search for “div.selector select” and change “background: none;” to “background: none #fff;”.

Let me know if any more problems arise.

Great, that did the trick! Thanks – great template by the way :)

Hey! Awesome theme, we are using for a big online music competition, so exciting! I am wondering how I can add the review stars that people are putting on each product (aka contestant’s) page onto their little thumbnail on the homepage, under their name. is this something I can do via the theme or does it come via woocommerce settings? I can’t seem to find out how to do it.

Thanks! Christy

Hi. Do you mean, these product reviews here: ? Once you click “add review” it gives you option to add stars. Or did I get you wrong? Btw, these can be enabled in woocommerce settings -> Catalog -> Product Ratings.